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Neighbours Episode 3764 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3764
Australian airdate: 10/05/2001
UK airdate: 12/06/2001
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Aleks Rama: Dean Ali
Toby Dawson: James McLean
Luke Dawson: Adrian Foley
Christina Ray: Kim Rapson
- "Monochrome" by Ammonia
- "Hudson N.Y." by Lo-Tel
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Harold tells Lou that he has to sell the house.
Michelle tells Joe that she thinks she knows where the timber is.
Skate park
Michelle and Joe arrive at the skate park. Joe wonders if some of the ramps being used to skate on are made from his timber. Joe admires the kids' skateboarding prowess but Michelle remind him they are theives!
Lou tells Harold that is being too hasty in selling the house - he'll miss Madge wherever he is. But Harold says that there are too many memories in the house. Lou says he may appreciate the memories in the house one day, but Harold says he just wants to concentrate on the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal.
Lou tells Harold that he needs his friends around him at a time like this, but Harold won't listen. He gives Lou some Salvation Army collection tins for the pub and the garage.
Leo and Aleks are playing with a ball and Evan tells them to be quiet. Leo and Aleks moan that they have nothing to do, but Evan says he's had a brilliant idea.
Coffee Shop
Toadie tells Matt that he called one of the girls back - Christina, a political sciences student. He's organised a date!
Harold comes in and Toadie asks how the trip was. Harold says that he and Paul had a good time. Then he asks Toadie and Matt to volunteer to collect for the Salvation Army. They agree.
Maggie comes in and asks Toadie why he isn't studying. Matt says that Toadie is thinking about chicks too much. As they talk, Toadie looks worriedly at Harold who is standing behind the counter, absent-mindedly stroking Madge's apron.
Hancocks Front Garden
Evan has erected a tent for the boys to play in. They want to sleep in the tent! Evan starts putting up a hammock.
Skate park
Joe and Michelle approach the skaters. They start to run when Joe challenges them about the timber, but Joe grabs one of them. The lads say that they tried to do the right thing - they went to the council, but they wouldn't listen. Joe says it's no excuse for theft. But just then he looks at the skateboard more closely and asks if he can have a go. Apparently he skated as a kid! He does a few tricks.
The Coffee Shop
Toadie and Matt are still talking about Toadie's date. At the counter, Harold admits to Lou that his heart isn't in his work. He still wants to sell the house, and he's even thinking of selling the Coffee Shop. He can't take the constant reminders, and thinks it is the best thing to do.
Skate park
The kids are impressed with Joe's tricks even though they're out of date. Apparently modern designs of board allow more tricks now. Joe says that they can settle the timber situation by calling the cops, or by finding some other way.
Hancocks Front Garden
Maggie, Evan and the boys are having a picnic on the front garden. Maggie says that Emily might feel left-out.
In the tent, Aleks says to Leo that they could cause mischief during the night. They go off to find a torch.
Coffee Shop
Harold has written an article about the Red Shield appeal for the newspaper. He shows Lou some poster too.
At a table, Joe and the skater kids are planning a proper park and Joe says they can get sponsors from local businesses. Joe says he'll contact some mates and see if they'll donate materials. In return, the boys can do a couple of hours' work on the building site. They agree.
The Pub
Lou and Matt are laughing at Toadie who is waiting for his date. Just then she comes in and turns out to be utterly gorgeous. She asks Toadie what he wants to drink with Lou and Matt standing stunned in the background!
Joe is on the phone to a mate getting him to donate some materials for the skate park. Michelle is surprised that Joe can skateboard and asks him to teach her a few tricks!
The Pub
Christina (Toadie's date) is talking animatedly about politics. Toadie tries to change the subject, but she won't be diverted! Then she starts flattering Toadie about his court victory and asks him out on Saturday night. But it turns out she wants him to join her for a hunger strike. Matt and Lou stifle their laughter.
Lou comes to see Joe. He's worried about Harold - he can't talk him out of moving. Joe agrees that this isn't a time for Harold to act rashly. Joe says he'll try and talk to Harold.
Joe comes to see Harold, who is putting stuff into boxes. Joe offers to assist Harold with collecting for the Salvation Army. He reminds Harold that there are always friends around in Ramsay Street. Harold asks Joe if he knows a handyman - he needs some things doing.
Matt is telling Evan and Maggie that Toadie's date was gorgeous, but he wasn't so into going on a hunger strike! Matt says he's off to Toadie's to check out his other girlfriend options! Maggie thinks Matt is hoping to see Dee.
Matt asks Toadie where Dee has got to. Apparently she's gone to buy a dress for a date with Darcy. Matt perks up when he hears that Darcy is leaving. Toadie laughs and says that Matt has no chance! Matt tells Toadie that all his girlfriends are false - they're only going after him because he's become a minor celebrity. Matt says he could help Toadie to screen the girls. TOadie gives him all the letters.
The Garage
Ronnie comes buy to see Drew and asks him out for a drink after work. He is not at all pleased to see her and tells her that his wife is expecting him home. Ronnie says he knows he doesn't want to hurt Libby, but Drew says he loves Libby - there is no "us". Ronnie goes a bit mental and starts shouting that Drew is living a lie. He tells her she needs help, and she storms off.
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