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Neighbours Episode 3763 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3763
Australian airdate: 09/05/01
UK airdate: 11/06/01
Writer: John Upton
Director: Paul Rogan
Guests: None
- "Comical Tuba" by Paul French
- "Weightlessness" by Skunkhour
Summary/Images by: Emily
- Flick quizzes Tad, asking where Joel is. Tad tells her that he's got some bad news.
Number 30
Tad tells Flick that he wouldn't be home for at least another week as he's coming back via Cambodia. Flick says that she knows; the Kennedys told her. Tad is a little hesitant and reminds her that he could make more stopovers on the way back. Flick wonders why he didn't ring her, but Tad reminds her that phone calls cost money. He tells her that Harold is coming back today and he need to make the house tidy first. Flick doesn't give up, and Tad mentions that he is possibly with a girl named Simone who he met at Mal's wedding, but isn't sure of the details. Flick storms off.
Number 26
Lyn walks into the lounge telling Joe how it was amazing, and she felt free and impulsive. He asks if there was another bloke involved, she tells him there were several. Flick comes back through, but goes straight to her room. Joe feels upset that he was at home looking after lovesick teenagers, whilst she was off enjoying herself in a country pub. Lyn tells him she feels much better for it, and he takes on a challenge to win her back.
LYN: Oooh, you dangerous, damn romantic fool. You're on.
She tells him she has a surprise for him, but not until he's told her about Flick. He tells her he's had enough of banging his head against a brick wall and it's all Joel, Joel, Joel with her! Michelle comes through complaining of her chicken being sick.
JOE: What makes you think that pumpkin?
MICHELLE: Dad, can you please not call me pumpkin, it's humiliating.
Flick leaves the house again, and Michelle takes the opportunity to grab Lyn, leaving Joe wondering why Lyn is so impulsive!
Number 30
Flick catches Tad in the doorway with all his stuff in boxes. She asks him what Joel sounded like on the phone, and Tad tells her he sounded normal, like she was a friend. She still questions why he didn't ring her. Tad gives her a clue - J O E. He asks if she can help him take his stuff across the road. Flick is still lost in loveland and continues to bug Tad. He tells her if she helps him get his stuff across the road then he can give her his e-mail address. It takes him a few attempts, but she finally agrees.
Lou's Place
Lyn, Joe, Toadie and Matt joke about whether the food is 'on' or 'off' the menu. If it's 'on' then it's not 'off' and if it's 'off' then it's definitely not 'on'. Lou tells them he'll leave them to Laurel and Hardy and disappears into the office. Matt tells them he is secretly pleased about getting to the final stage of the pub competition.
Ramsay Street
Harold gets a taxi back, and the taxi leaves. He stands looking up at Number 24 looking very quiet and reflected. Tad watches from the window. Harold slowly picks up his case and walks up to the house.
Number 24
Tad puts on some tuba music and welcomes Harold home. Harold spots the clean room and flowers and thanks Tad. Tad offers him some tea and his favourite biscuits, but Harold tells him he's just had people in suits offering him food for the last 24 hours. He tells him Paul changed flights in Sydney for Adelaide and would be arriving about now. Tad asks him what Paris was like. Harold tells him it was great, everything he'd hoped to see. Everything Madge would've hoped to see.
Number 26
Michelle comes through to the lounge and starts to read the e-mail Flick is typing to Joel over her shoulder. Flick goes to minimise the window but ends up sending it instead (pretty amazing since there are no cables coming out of the back of the laptop and wireless internet doesn't exist!). In frustration she gives Michelle the computer, so she can research about her sick chickens. Michelle reminds her that one of the chickens is called Joel, and she wouldn't want him to get sick. Flick tells her to get off her case, and storms out.
Lou's Place
Lou excuses himself to the boys and goes to visit Harold. Joe gets a call from the building site saying they've been broken into. Lyn agrees to leave the meal and they head off. Behind the bar, Matt gives Toadie an envelope that was pushed under the door addressed to him. It turns out it's from a girl at the university offering him a drink sometime.
Number 24
Tad pours them each a cup of tea. He tells Harold that living with him has taught him standards as opposed to living with Toadie, but Harold's mind has drifted over to the wedding photo of him and Madge. Tad sits down and they start to talk about Paris. Harold tells him how Paul got lost and was very resourceful in using his Metro ticket to get back to the airport to ask for the tour package information and find the hotel again. Tad reckons it was stupid and questions why he didn't just attempt some French. "S'il vous plait, telephone Qantas, pour moi!" Harold changes the subject and asks how Tad's been, he tells him he dumped Jess, but he's OK with it. There's a knock at the door, which turns out to be Lou.
LOU: (In pirate voice) Arrr, Ahoy there shipmate, home is a sailor, home from the sea. (dropped pirate voice) I should know what comes next, but it escapes me.
Lou welcomes him back, and Tad heads out. Lou asks Harold how Paris was, and he admits it was very hard without Madge, but life goes on as they say. He asks how Lou is. Lou admits he's feeling the same. Harold nods in understanding.
HAROLD: Oh, I miss her Lou. I don't know how long this pain is going to go on for, but it feels like forever already.
LOU: Yes, I know mate. Falling in love is a wonderful feeling, but we've got no idea what it's going to do to us.
Number 26
Michelle comes through and asks Flick if she can use the computer again. Lyn asks her how her chickens are but Michelle recons they are practising learning to crow, and are probably male. Lyn says they thought they were going to be getting eggs. Flick mentions they're probably living up to their male names. Michelle asks about the laptop, and Flick tells her she's logging off, but asks her not to hog the phone line as she's expecting an important call. Michelle asks if that's why she was sitting on the internet waiting for a non existent e-mail from Joel. Flick leaves to go and see Tad. Joe returns and tells Lyn that most of the ply-wood from the site went and he was up the station for a good few hours, but the police don't have the man power to do anything. Michelle tells him it was probably the same people as last time, and Joe agrees. She says she might know how to find them.
Number 30
Flick comes round while Tad is on the phone; he agrees to take the number for Toadie and hangs up. She asks if it was Joel, but Tad tells her it wasn't. She continues to fret about Joel, and asks if he's had e-mail from him. Matt and Toadie arrive back and Tad tells Toad about all the e-mails and calls he's being fielding from girls for him. Flick begins to question Toadie over Simone, but Tad makes her leave. Toadie and Matt go to check the computer.
Number 26
Flick arrives back and announces to Joe that he was right all along. That Joel is traveling around Cambodia with another girl. Joe tells her that he doesn't hate Joel and he does hate to see her unhappy. She claims she isn't unhappy, but on spotting Michelle is still on the internet, starts to throw another tantrum.
FLICK: She's got this entire house around her little finger, no one else matters.
Number 30
Toadie has e-mails from 5 girls from the law school, 2 girls from Uni FM and 2 girls he's never met in his life. Matt asks what he's going to do. Toadie recons he'll try to research them and then from that he can knock two or three out and pass them onto him. Matt tells him not to bother as he's got his eye on Dione. Toadie warns him that Dione is still after Darcy, but Matt recons with Darcy leaving he'll be in with a chance.
Number 24
Tad is up late listening to his DJ tracks. Harold comes through and tells him that he needs to get to bed. Tad tries to protest that late at night is the best time to listen to tracks and pick out the new good ones that others aren't yet promoting. Harold gives him the 'I know best' look, and he agrees to get to sleep. Tad asks if he's still jetlagged, but Harold tells him he can't get comfortable getting to sleep in such a big bed. Tad recommends he uses Paul's bed, telling him he needs a good nights sleep too.
Number 26
Lyn comes through to the kitchen to find Flick cutting up all the photos of her and Joel. Lyn warns her not to cut up her copies as she'll regret it later. She tells her that life may feel tough now, but it will get better. Michelle comes through and tells Joe she's found an internet chat room, and she may know where the timber is, but they have to go now.
Number 24
Lou arrives to find Harold has spent the night on the sofa. He tells him he managed to get a few hours sleep. Lou recommends seeing the doc about some sleeping tablets, but Harold tells him it was probably just jetlag.
LOU: ...and memories.
HAROLD: Yes, and memories. Plenty of those, but as dawn came up the answer was abundantly clear.
LOU: And what was the answer?
HAROLD: I have to sell this house.
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