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Neighbours Episode 3760 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3760
Australian airdate: 04/05/01
UK airdate: 06/06/01
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Veronica Anderson: Monika Karwan
Jess Fielding: Elisha Gazdowicz
- "What Now My Friend" by Chris Pettifer
- "Generic Teen" by Bluebottle Kiss
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Ronnie asks Drew to have coffee with her: he agrees.
Jess telling Tad she loves him...he doesn't respond in kind.
Number 32
Tad tells Jess that things have happened so fast and he thought he loved her, but now she's talking about opening up a club, it's made him realise that this isn't what he wants. Jess is upset and thought everything was good between them. Tad tells her he thinks they should chill out for a bit and still be friends.
Jess doesn't want to talk about it, and leaves.
Medical Centre
Lou talks about having problems sleeping, and Darcy tells him his blood pressure is slightly elevated. Darcy offers to prescribe sleeping pills but Lou refuses - he feels nature will take her course soon.
Darcy mentions to Lou that he's moving to Perth, to a medical practice there, as Karl is coming back tomorrow. Karl and Susan are back! Woohoo!
Number 26
Flick is on the phone to Joel's mum, asking her if she's heard from Joel; from her response, she hasn't, and she has no contact number or details of him at all. Flick tells Mrs Samuels to tell Joel to call her if he's in touch.
Lou's Place
Dee tells Tess and Ronnie that Toadie won the case:
DEE: His defence was the perfect blend of legal argument and Monty Python.
Lou clears up the empty glasses from the girls' table and he teases them about all being single on their own in the evening! Tess asks Dee if there are any movements with Dashing Doctor Darcy? No. Apparently. Dee says Darcy has to sort out his emotional baggage, and Ronnie agrees that timing is everything - she should know, as she's interested in someone, too.
Number 32
Flick is complaining to Tad that Joel hasn't been in touch. Tad tells her to take a cold shower - she's not the only one with problems and should remember that. Flick offers to listen and help - and Tad tells her about Jess. He's tries to do the right thing but he's made things worse. He told her that he loved her, and ever since then Jess has been really serious; but Tad realised that he jumped the gun - and so he was honest with her and took it back and now they're over.
Flick doesn't blame Jess at all and says that all guys are like this and it's wrong. But Tad reminds her that she's talking about her and Joel - not all men.
Lou's Place
Tess isn't asking for much - she just wants someone who's smart, sensitive, devastatingly handsome. Drew comes over and comments on the three single women at one table - he draws up a table and joins them. He's avoiding an empty flat, although Lib has been calling everyday. Ronnie gets drinks in for them all, and drops a photo on the floor from her bag - her mystery man. No-one sees who it is. Dee thinks it's all very suspicious.
Cut to later. The girls are laughing at Drew's lack of domesticity, but Drew defends his position and calls on Lou to help him out. He decides he needs to leave, anyway, and tells Ronnie to come collect her car tomorrow please.
He mentions that he *loves* Clint Eastwood.
Number 32
It's the middle of the night and Dee gets up - Tad is already up and sitting at the table, staring. He can't sleep and so has decided to stay awake. He tells Dee to go back to bed, but she's also happy to listen...Tad isn't sure after Flick's reaction.
Tad tells her the story and thinks he's an all-round dirt bag. But Dee disagrees - if he meant it at the time, then that's okay - things change, and he had just lost Madge. Tad says that Jess doesn't understand and he keeps saying the wrong thing to her.
Dee says it's a risk, but he has to try and talk to her - they both probably need some time.
The Garage
Ronnie has bought a Clint Eastwood film and drops it into Drew's toolbox whilst he's under a car. And that wasn't a metaphor for anything. He reaches into his toolbox and sees the film...Ronnie says she has all Clint's films, and he can borrow them anytime he likes.
He says her car won't be ready til midday, so she says she'll hang around, but Drew tries to discourage her - can't she get coffee or something?? She says she can indeed - he has his white, doesn't he?
Number 32
Flick is apologising to Tad for what she said the day before, and she was taking her frustrations about Joel out on him. Tad then tells Flick that Joel called this morning and said he'll be leaving London in the next few days. She wants every detail - in an annoying way.
She leaves just as Lou comes to the door. Lou tells Dee that he feels they should do a send off for Darcy before he goes to Perth. Dee had no idea and is shocked.
Number 26
Flick excitedly tells Steph that Joel is coming home soon and he mentioned her on the phone to Tad. Steph couldn't look less interested if she tried, and Flick realises that she's being insensitive. Steph tells her that she's ahead of herself, and not to get too excited, but Steph doesn't believe he's with someone else.
Number 32
Dee tells Tad there must be some explanation - Darcy wouldn't make plans to move without telling anyone, surely?? Oh, but he has, and she knows it really - after all, he's done it before. She realises that he obviously just doesn't love her...although Tad suggests that he's just really bad at expressing himself, like Tad is!
Dee admits that she's just really hung up on him, and if he moves to WA, there's no chance for them. Tad suggests that she talk to Darcy about it, but Dee says they've done so much of that already. But she knows she has to do something.
The Garage
Ronnie is still hanging around, trying to get Drew to talk about his favourite films. Drew suggests that he bring the car to her when it's ready, rather than waiting, but Ronnie ain't having any of it.
Lou comes along with Lolly to say goodbye whilst he goes on his mountain trip.
Number 32
Jess arrives to say hi to Tad and talk. Tad says he just wants to explain. He tells Jess that when Madge died, he was in so much pain, and the only thing that ever made him feel good was Jess. And it wasn't just Madge, there was lots of stuff going on, and Jess was the only thing that wasn't bad - she made him feel great...like the time he told her he loved her. He genuinely believed that she was making him happy. But when he realised she felt the same way, he knew something was wrong.
Jess admits that he was a distraction from all the bad stuff in her life, too. They were there for each other, but it's still hard agreeing not to see each other. Tad wants to still be friends and do the same stuff together, but without the strings attached. Jess agrees and they hug.
Medical Centre
Darcy is saying goodbye to a patient and Dee comes in. Lou has told her about Perth and she has to say something...
That something involves grabbing Darcy and kissing him.
A lot.
Ewww. Where are the:
End Credits
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