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Neighbours Episode 3759 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3759
Australian airdate: 03/05/01
UK airdate: 05/06/01
UK Gold: 24/11/05
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Cassandra: Elizabeth Shingleton
Genevieve Murdoch: Julie Campbell
Edward Rogers: Paul Comber
Sgt. Ralph Walker: Paul Collins
Magistrate McQueen: James Cahill
Jess Fielding: Elisha Gazdowicz
Aleks Rama: Dean Ali
- "Treacherous Head" by Skunkhour
- "Generic Teen" by Bluebottle Kiss
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
- "What Now My Friend" by Chris Pettifer
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Jess giving Tad the tickets for the DJ play-off's in Sydney and Tad telling her she is great.
Toadie practicing his speech for the trial.
No. 30
Maggie is thrilled with the angle Toadie has come up with for his defence especially as it worked when used in the UK. She brings him back to earth though by reminding him that he's just got to convince the magistrate!
No. 32
Evan lies to Alek's dad over his whereabouts as he hasn't got a clue where he or Leo is.
The Coffee Shop
The boys are in TCS admiring Jack's autograph on their football. They get a bit rowdy and Cassandra has to interrupt them.
No. 32
Maggie is telling Evan about the breakthrough with Toadie's case as they slowly set out the living room. Alek's dad phones back looking for his son just as the boys come home.
The Coffee Shop
Jess tells Tad that they can use her mum's car to travel to Sydney (they still have to pay for petrol) and that she's arranged accommodation with a cousin too for the night. Jess admits to Tad that she likes him.
No. 30
Toadie is practicing what he is going to say in court as Tad arrives home. Tad tells Toadie he'll get off as Toadie asks how things are going between him and Jess. Tad replies that things are good and that Jess may even be the one as they get on so well but Toadie is rather sceptical. Toadie heads off for an early night and Tad sits pondering.
Court (outside)
"Don't cane the Toad", "Freedom speech" "Toad vs. Tyrant" and "Free speech a right" are just some of the banners being paraded as Toadie meets Maggie outside the courthouse. He is naturally very nervous but pleased to see his supporters. Maggie suggests they get a new date if he isn't ready but Toadie wants to go ahead. Maggie then gives him the bad news on who the magistrate is and Toadie replies that "he's dead!"
Court (inside)
The police prosecutor (Sgt Walker) is questioning the first witness (Mr Rogers) as to whether he understood what Toadie said - to go out and steal. Toadie objects to the Sgt's line of questioning but the judge allows it.
No. 32
Evan is being driven mad by the boys being bored, so suggests they all play cricket instead of paying to go ice skating (too expensive Evan cites). Matt comes off the phone to his mum to tell Evan they're going to meet up for coffee to talk about going to Switzerland.
Toadie is now questioning the witness and his interpretation of what he said on the air - would he have jumped off a cliff if Toadie had said that. The witness replies that he wouldn't do that because it is a stupid idea. Toadie explains further to the judge that everyone should be responsible adults and accountable for their own actions ie the witness went into the shop and stole something and did that by his own free will and therefore he should be the one facing prosecution! Unfortunately, this line doesn't go down well with the judge, who obviously isn't impressed with the round of applause Toadie got from his supporters either.
No. 30
Jess calls round to give Tad some vinyl records she has bought for him and he is a bit surprised with her generosity. She kisses him, which Tad appears to like before he tells her that they should go to the court to see how Toadie is getting on.
The Sgt finishes summing up and basically wants the court to come down hard on Toadie for suggesting that people steal. The judge asks Toadie if he wants to call any witnesses in his defence and he says one - him.
Lou's Place
Genevieve wants to know if Matt has told his dad about going to Switzerland and he replies that he has before Genevieve bad mouths her ex for not having ambition.
Toadie tells the court that this case boils down to a joke, then describes the different types of jokes you can get before going on to say that "dying is easy but comedy is hard" (judge doesn't laugh). After apologising to the judge he tells the judge about a saying in Australia - what's wrong mate, can you not take a joke? Toadie then goes on to say that he hopes one day to become part of the law system and hopes that it can't be accused of the same thing (what's wrong mate, can you not take a joke?) before saying that the prosecution have failed to prove intent in their case and cites examples of precedents of being a larrikin as part of the Australian character in the movies, the pub, at home - as long as you can take a joke before resting his case.
The judge asks Toadie to stand as he delivers his verdict. The judge begins by saying that people in broadcasting have an obligation to consider their audience especially if they are young, foolish and impressionable ie the typical Uni FM listeners! Eventually the judge says that the prosecution have failed to prove their case and the case is dismissed! One greatly relived Toadie! Before the judge leaves, he tells Toadie that he hopes to see him one day professionally in the court system.
Lou's Place
Genevieve is gushing on about Switzerland while continuing to have a dig at Evan. Eventually Matt tells her he's heard enough and she was the one who left them before telling her that he isn't accepting her offer. He also adds that Evan has always been there for him unlike her.
No. 32
It's celebration time at No. 32 as Toadie treats the Hancock's to fish suppers in celebration of winning his case and for Maggie's help. Matt comes home to hear the good news and tells Evan his meeting with his mum was 'interesting' and that he's not going to Switzerland. Evan looks mightily happy at hearing that.
No. 30
Tad and Jess arrive home talking about the case. Jess tells Tad he'll get a great profile if things go well in Sydney and they could open a club! She says that her daddy will put the money up to finance it. Tad wonders where this has come from and that things like that won't be easy to achieve. Jess picks up on the negative vibes and she thinks he's making excuses before asking him what she has done. Tad replies with "nothing" but Jess doesn't believe him. She tells him that she loves him and him likewise...but Tad doesn't confirm this, so she again picks up on the negative vibes. Just as he's about to say something, the credits come up!
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