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Neighbours Episode 3731 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3731
Australian airdate: 26/03/01
UK airdate: 24/04/01
Writer: Ben Marshall
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Matthew Hancock: Stephen Hunt
Nathan Tyson: Luke Hemsworth
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Flick opens a letter with cut out newspaper writing, "He thinks he's so cool, doesn't he" and a polaroid photo from the fashion show.
Paul tells Nathan they could train together. Nathan says all he needs is the right partner and shows him some steroids.
Outside football training
Nathan reckons that you only hear the bad things about steroids. Paul says he's heard that they can make you go psycho. Nathan says they're just to help you reach your full potential quicker. Paul says that side-effects are a fact. Nathan says the only side-effect is having a bigger chest size. He reckons as long as you do it right, you're fine. Paul asks if it's not cheating. Nathan says he's just topping up what his body makes naturally. Also, the club will turn a blind eye - they just want their players to win.
Tad is on the phone cancelling his gig. Madge is sitting on the sofa reading a magazine. She doesn't want Tad not to have fun on account of her. Tad asks Madge if she can take him to Paris with her in her suitcase. They chat about Paris. Madge asks Tad to explain modern music to her - she doesn't understand how playing records can be an art form either. Tad decides to show her and goes off to get some equipment.
Coffee Shop
Karl asks Harold how he and the boys are doing. Harold says that they are doing OK. Paul comes in with Nathan. He asks if there's anything he can do for Madge. Harold tells him to have a nice dinner on the house and one for Nathan too. They sit down at a table.
Paul asks Nathan how avoids the team doctor seeing the injection sites on his arm. Nathan says he is just careful when he injects. Paul also wants to know how he explains the muscle gain. Nathan says that he doesn't go overboard, so it's fine. Paul is not convinced - steroids have a very bad press. Nathan says it's just hypocrisy - you use drugs to cure illness after all.
The Pub
Karl tells Lou that he and Susan have entered him for the Perfect Pub competition. Lou isn't too enthusiastic - some things seem a bit petty now between his back and Madge's illness. Lou tells Karl that he hopes Madge knows how much she's loved. Karl says she's not telepathic - Lou might have to spell it out for her. Lou doesn't want to do that - Harold might throw a wobbly or he might fluff it up. Karl says that he should try, perhaps put it down on paper - it will help during the grief ahead.
Flick gets another letter. It reads, "The Yellow Beach Hut, Sunset Bay, you and me". Flick assumes it's from Joel and smiles.
There's a knock at the door and it's Paul. She shows him the letter and tells him it's really romantic. Paul asks if he can have a chat with her about football. Flick is off-hand and Paul goes to leave. But she sits him down and says it's about drugs. Flick immediately gives him her full attention. Paul tells her about a bloke at the football club and how he thinks he could be even better than him with training. But he wants to know, "Should I inject steroids?"
The Pub
A guy tells Lou that he'll give him some information that'll improve his profits in return for a free round. He tells Lou that his beer stinks - his lines need flushing. Lou says he cleans them regularly, but Matt says that they need periodic flushing with a special solution - 6 parts water, 3 parts vinegar, 1 part honey. Lou is disbelieving, but the guy reckons that his uncle runs a pub. He says if Lou flushes his lines and he's right, he gets a free beer. Lou says he'll consider it but he is very doubtful.
Lou goes to clear some tables and the guy wanders over to him. He insists that it really does work. Lou asks if he's moved to the area, and the guy says his father has moved to Erinsborough for work. He's finished school and is taking time out while he decides what he wants to do. He introduces himself as Matt Hancock and they shake hands. Matt tells Lou that if he ever needs a barman, he's his man!
Flick is telling Paul that calling him stupid is an insult to stupid people. She can't believe that he'd even consider it - sports is supposed to be about fitness and dedication. Paul says he's the smallest on the team and no matter how much he trains, he'll always get knocked around until he bulks up a bit. He repeats the things Nathan told him - that the body makes steroids naturally and injecting them is a top-up. Flick can't believe what she's hearing - it's illegal, dangerous and just wrong. Paul says that they all do it and it would only be for a little while - to make a name for himself and get into the seniors. He says Madge would be really proud of him. Flick says that she wouldn't be if she knew he was doing drugs. She tells him to talk to Harold or Dr Kennedy. Paul doesn't want to. Flick says he only talked to her because he wanted to agree with him - but she won't.
Dahl is throwing Karl's papers around and Karl is playing his old band's tapes loudly. Harold comes round. He has seen an article about a miracle cancer treatment that is being trialled and asks Karl what he thinks. Karl says he does have some information on the trial. He gives Harold a leaflet and he starts to read it.
Tad is telling Madge about records. He talks about the trends of the 70s and how they threw out the rule book. Madge is surprised - that was before Tad was born, but Tad says you have to know where you come from to know where you're going.
Paul comes in. Madge says that Tad has been telling her all about the music scene. She comments that she can't understand why people in the music scene get involved with drugs. Tad says that's only some people, the smart ones don't do drugs.
Madge tells Paul that he did well in the match this morning. Tad says he'll be a famous soccer star one day. Madge asks if that's Paul's dream and he says it is. Madge says she just wants him to be happy.
Paul goes off to do some laundry and Madge asks Tad if he knows why Paul seems a bit down. Tad says it's probably just "teenagers these days"!
Karl is explaining that the newspaper often sensationalise medical developments. Harold says that the treatment would be able to help Madge. Karl says that maybe it would - one day. The medical journals are less optimistic than the newspaper though. Harold asks if Madge could be part of the trials mentioned but Karl says it's only small numbers with inconclusive results. Harold says the article reads as if the whole thing is a success. Karl explains gently that press releases such as the one he's read are used to raise the profile of the company and get more money for research. Karl says that if anything did turn up that was in the pipeline, Harold would be the first to know. He goes to make Harold a coffee.
The Pub
Matt is telling Lou that the restaurant he was working for went bust. He asks Lou if he has any work going. Lou offers him a couple of hours behind the bar for a trial. Matt is pleased and goes behind the bar. Lou is writing a letter and Matt asks if he needs any help. Lou says he doesn't. Matt says the KISS principle is always a good one to stick to - Keep It Sweet and Simple.
Flick answers the door to Tad. He has come to pick up a CD. Flick asks if he's seen Joel and Tad says that he was heading out. Flick is pleased. She tells him they're off to Sunset Bay and he mustn't tell anyone. Tad says that seeing as everyone knows about Flick and Joel except her parents, it gives him quite a lot of scope of who he can talk to!
Office of The Pub
Lou is looking through some old photos of him and Madge. Matt comes in and says he's talked some punters out of drinking cheap whisky. Now they want his finest single malt. Matt bets Lou's got some around somewhere. He suggests some malts and Lou is impressed - Matt knows a lot. He gives Matt some whisky he keeps for personally-served customers. Matt says that he'll get the single malt brigade to recommend Lou for Perfect Pub!
He asks how the letter is going, but Lou says so far it's nothing but cliches. Lou sends him back to the bar. He tells Matt when he comes back he can bring two glasses - to celebrate Matt's new job. Matt is pleased.
Paul and Tad are telling Harold that they'll look after everything while they're away in Paris. They just want Harold and Madge to have a good time. Madge warns them off wild parties - if they have any, she'll rip their heads off! Tad says he's sure she means that in a loving way(!)
Paul goes off to footy training. Tad tells him to walk away if it gets too serious and it stops being fun. When Paul has gone, Madge asks Tad if Paul is still being bullied but Tad doesn't think so - he's friendly with Nathan these days. Harold says that Nathan seems like a nice young man. Madge says it's nice that Paul is making some friends on the team.
Football training
Paul is telling Nathan that steroids is cheating and wants to know how many people use it. Nathan says he trusted Paul by telling him in the first place, so he's better not break that trust. Nathan says that the team are going to win the season - at any cost. Nathan tries to persuade him that steroids are a good thing. Paul does not look convinced. Nathan tells him again that he's better not say anything - if word about the steroids gets out, the team would be busted and kicked out of the league.
Sunset Bay
Flick is walking on a deserted beach. Someone is watching her from a distance. Flick spies the yellow beach hut and goes up to it. She knocks on the door calling to Joel. Then she opens the door and enters the dark hut, still calling for Joel. Then she is shocked to find a large poster of her own face.
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