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Neighbours Episode 3709 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3709
Australian airdate: 22/02/01
UK airdate: 21/03/01
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Allana Truman: Josephine Clark
Bianca Nugent: Jane Harber
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lou picks up a computer and hurts his back.
Libby and Drew take their vows.
Libby throws her bouquet and Steph catches it.
An aeroplane comes into land - it's Libby and Drew arriving on their honeymoon.
A road
Libby and Drew are looking for their hotel. They pick up a car and on it find an envelope with tickets to things and a treasure map. Drew thinks Karl is mad. They drive away.
Erinsborough Hospital
Lou is in bed. Dee and Karl are tending to him. He asks Karl how the wedding went and he says it was brilliant - only Drew's cousin was weird. Dee says that Steph caught the bouquet and Lou doesn't know if that's good or bad!
Lou has to go for an MRI scan - he's got tingling in his legs and might have slipped a disc. Lou is disappointed to have missed the wedding and grills Karl for details.
A road
Libby and Drew are driving along happily and arrive at the Hyatt hotel - they're not sure if they have a booking but the doorman confirms it. The hotel is very grand.
They look round the leafy ground which have a fountain and are then shown to their room - it's a whole suite with a grand piano to boot! Also, there's a great view of the sea. They hug happily.
Allana calls round. She says things are going quite well with her mum. Lance says she seems a lot calmer and is even being nice to him! Allana thanks him for everything he's done to help her with the situation.
Lance opens a letter from the American Science Fiction Association - there's a convention five weeks from now in Roswell. Lance thinks they should go, and make it the start of their trip. Allana says it isn't enough time, but Lance site down to work out a budget.
Erinsborough High
Tess is teaching an English class on "To Kill A Mockingbird". But Michelle and Bianca are chatting amongst themselves and Tess pulls them up. She moves Michelle to another seat.
Honeymoon Suite
Libby and Drew are drinking guava juice. She suggests watching a movie, but Drew says they didn't come all this way to watch a movie. Libby looks at a list and says they can also go swimming, sailing, diving, fishing, bushwalking...(!) Drew says he'd rather do something else and writes something on the bottom of the list. Libby reads it and laughs that that's an indoor activity(!) They kiss.
Erinsborough High
Michelle is passing notes to Bianca. Tess sees and asks to see the note. Bianca has to read it out. It's a note about Flick seeing Joel. The bell goes at that moment and Tess keeps Michelle and Bianca back. She can't understand what's wrong with them today and Michelle shouldn't be spreading rumours about her own sister.
Dee is turning Lou in bed. He's still asking for details of the wedding and is interested to hear that Drew's secret tradition was a song. Lou tells Dee that he's made it up with Toadie. He thinks Toadie will do a good job of running the pub while he's in hospital.
Lance has worked out the budget - they don't have enough. Allana says she could sell her Star Trek collection - some of the pieces are worth a lot. They used to be her security blanket but now she's got Lance she doesn't need it anymore. Lance is impressed and says that maybe he could sell some of his collection too.
A pool
Drew and Libby swim with dolphins.
Erinsborough High
Bianca and Michelle are gossiping after school. Michelle says they'd better go in case they're caught hanging out together. Bianca asks her if anything is going on with Flick and Joel. Michelle says Flick will kill her about the note. Tess sees Michelle and pulls her to one side - she's worried about her and wonders if she's OK. Michelle tells her about her and Bianca being banned from hanging out together. She asks Tess to talk to Bianca's mother but Tess says it's none of her business. Tess tells her off again about the note. Tess also tells her that she'll be in senior school next year and she should start acting her age. Then they get on to happier topics and start talking about the wedding.
Karl has brought Lolly in to see Lou. He's spoken to Drew on the phone and tells Karl they love the hotel. Lou doesn't think they'll see much of the outside of the hotel(!)
Lou is worried about the MRI scan - he hopes his back isn't irreparable. Karl reassures him and says they'll get the results back later that afternoon.
Lance and Allana are going through their science fiction collection. Toadie thinks it's a load of junk!
Toadie tells Lance and Allana that Lou's back is pretty bad. But he's had a talk to him and they don't have to move out anymore. He expects Lance to be ecstatic, but he is indifferent. He tells Toadie that he and Allana are off to America and they don't know if they're coming back! He tells Toadie to consider it his notice as a tenant. Toadie is stunned.
Drew and Libby are walking along. Drew has organised a surprise for Libby and keeps looking at his watch.
Karl has come back to see Lou - he's got the MRI results and there's nothing nasty. Lou is very relieved. He will have to have an operation for a bulge on the disk though - to remove a little piece of bone. Lou asks him to tell him straight what the after-effects will be. Karl says he'll be as good as new after a lot of physiotherapy. Lou signs the consent form. He asks Karl to look after Lolly, "just in case". Lou is visibly worried.
A river
Libby and Drew are on a gondola. Libby says she's never felt so happy. Drew promises her that there will be many, many years of happy moments for them. Libby is impressed at the way Karl has organised the honeymoon. They clink glasses, "to us". Libby thanks Drew for not giving up on her.
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Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3709
Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3709
Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Dee Bliss, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3709
Dee Bliss, Lou Carpenter

Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3709
Drew Kirk

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3709
Libby Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3709
Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk

Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3709
Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Tess Bell in Neighbours Episode 3709
Tess Bell

Bianca Nugent in Neighbours Episode 3709
Bianca Nugent

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