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Neighbours Episode 3690 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3690
Australian airdate: 26/01/01
UK airdate: 22/02/01
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Tim Bailey: Darcy Bonser
Hung Nguyen: Ferdinand Hoang
Larry Woodhouse: Andrew Curry
Kevin Kelly: Frank Kennedy
Judging Chef: David English
- "Live Through This" by Felicity Hunter
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Harold tells Lou and Joe that he's preparing a meat-free BBQ for the BBQ competition. Joe offers Tad a job on his building site; Tad is really grateful.
The Bishops'
Madge is unhappy that Tad has been offered the job with Joe and is concerned it's too much hard work for him, physically. Tad's really pleased with it, Harold backs him up and then Tad leaves. Harold confesses to Madge that he set this up - after all, surely a hard week's work with Joe is the best way to get him back to school. Madge hopes that Tad doesn't get too used to the money...
The Scullys'
Lyn is packing her wardrobe for the Sales Conference - Joe can't believe how much she's taking, and thinks she's trying to impress people with her clothes. Lyn defends herself and says it will do her good. Joe calls someone and ensures he's still coming to the BBQ - he asks his friend to call by on the way to the competition and they can ensure everything's okay.
Lyn doesn't understand why Joe's so obsessed - here she is trying to slave to make some money for the family, and Joe wants to have a BBQ.
Steph comes in and asks Chelle if she's told Tim she's not interested, yet. Chelle hasn't, so Steph says she'll drop Chelle off at the hospital, on the way to pick up Woody.
The Kennedys'
Susan wants to talk to Libby about the wedding speech - but Karl says no. Susan says he's putting on a brave face; she knows how desperate he is to do this speech even though Libby isn't interested. Madge comes to the door and the two women complain about the BBQ competition, just as Karl's cooking.
KARL: Hey - have we got any fresh mint?
SUSAN: That'll be next to the fresh parsley out the back.
Karl wanders off and Madge tells Susan that Tad's decided to leave school, which Susan thinks is a stupid idea. She offers to talk to Tad, but Madge says he's working with Joe first.
Madge has an idea about the BBQ - Susan wants to join in! What is it? What can it be? All will be revealed in the next few scenes...
Number 30
Tad wants Toadie's help to tell his parents why leaving school is such a good idea. He thinks that his parents are more likely to be okay with it if Toadie tells them! His cousin refuses - he thinks this is a really bad idea...even though Tad is prepared to write the whole conversation down! But Toadie has too much on his plate with Lou, so Tad offers him a deal - he'll help Toadie bring Lou down if Toadie will call his parents...
The Scullys'
Hung - the husband of Tina whose baby Joe delivered - turns up at Lyn's just as she's finished packing. He's here for the BBQ and Joe is delighted! Just as they're talking, Madge and Suse come to the door and Lyn tells them she's going to watch the boys cook. Joe doesn't like that idea and says he'll show Hung the BBQ first.
MADGE: We're not on an espionage mission, you know!
Madge and Suse tell Lyn that they want to join forces...
The Hospital
Tim tells Chelle that he gets it - now he's not dying, she's not interested. Chelle tells him that she does really like him - she just doesn't want a boyfriend full stop at the moment. It's not his fault, and she reassures him that even if he hadn't been sick, she would still have been his friend.
He doesn't want her to stick around so she leaves; Tim's really upset.
Some Prison, someplace
Larry is waiting for Steph, and chatting to Kevin. Larry doesn't want Steph getting in over her head, and Kevin promises that it won't come to that if everyone does as they're supposed to.
Steph turns up and signs Larry out - and he gives Kevin one hell of an ominous look as he leaves...and the piano "dom dom dum dum" music plays. Wow - this is scarier than "Prisoner!" Exclamation Mark!
Lassiters Grounds
The BBQ is all being set up, and all the blokes of Ramsay Street are piling in with their BBQ equipment. Toadie is using an old BBQ of Lou's, and Lou is not happy about that! The Chef asks the contestants to light their BBQs, and in doing so Karl gets smoke in his eyes and frantically blows at a little flame on the coals, Joe laughing at him! Bless
The Scullys'
Lyn isn't sure they should take part in the BBQ comp, but Madge persuades her - they'll have her back in time for her flight. The girls grab food - and Steph and Woody come back home. Lyn greets him with a hug then introduces Larry to Susan and Madge. He tells them he's visiting from out west. Oooh - Madge knows the west well, whereabouts? Warrinor Prison.
That's a conversation stopper.
The girls leave and Larry and Steph make themselves at home with a coffee...Steph wants Larry to help her in the kitchen, but he's obviously quite keen to use the phone. He doesn't tell her.
Lassiters Grounds
The girls turn up and get ready to prep the BBQ - the men are furious that the girls weren't registered. Lou wants to lodge a protest. The Chef declares the BBQ comp open and they all start cooking their meat.
The Scullys'
Larry doesn't want to finish his coffee - in fact, it seems like he doesn't really want to leave the house, even though Steph is keen to go to the BBQ comp. Larry thanks her for having him - he's so grateful. She persuades him to come out to the comp, after all, she's the family photographer.
Lassiters Grounds
The Men Of Erinsborough throw insults at each other - Joe thinks Karl's copying him; Karl thinks Joe's cheating by having a third party help him; Joe thinks Harold's silly for trying a veggie dish; Lou is cross that Tad has put music on whilst their cooking; Toadie tells Lou take his BBQ and go home; Karl tells the women to stop laughing.
KARL: You're being totally disruptive!
Then there's this really cute bit where the camera is just panning off the women, but you catch Jackie taking the big pincer things (you know, that you serve meat and salad up with) and pincing them at Alan, so he does the same back to her with his. So sweet - and it looks very unscripted to me! The look on Alan's face is great! Aw. Love the Kennedys; love Jackie and Alan.
Lou shouts at Madge that BBQing is men's business - he has an apron on which reads "Le Chef De BBQ." PMSL! Steph comes to take pictures and Lou makes a grimacing face...
The Scullys'
Chelle is confessing to Bianca that she feels awful about Tim, but that he needs to be more mature about it. Just then, Tim knocks on the door and says that he's on his way home from the hospital now, but needs to talk to her, so Chelle says her goodbyes to Bianca.
Lassiters Grounds
The Chef ends the session - it's tasting time! Woohoo! He thanks them all for turning up and making it a great day - the top BBQ will be automatically entered into the State Finals, and the winner will receive a great BBQ package, so, the 'steaks' are high!
Boo! Hiss! Groan!
The Chef sniffs Harold's dish and ignores it. Steph takes a photo of Harold. The Chef sniffs Lou's meat - and walks on. Toadie laughs at Harold, until his BBQ sets on fire, and his charcoaled meat is ignored by the Chef.
The Chef sniffs the women's dish and has a taste - he likes it! Suse and Madge are really pleased with themselves. Karl puts a piece of his dish on the Chef's plate, and he sniffs it and tips it back into Karl's BBQ. Susan smirks!
The Chef moves to Joe's dish and tastes it - grabs his hand and holds it up...Joe's the winner! Steph takes a photo of Joe with the trophy. Karl comes up to Joe.
JOE: (About the trophy) Wanna have a hold? See how it feels?
Karl tells him that next year, he'll win it fair and square. Joe and Karl want some beer, so Larry offers to go to the shop, and Karl gives him some cash.
The Scullys'
Tim tells Chelle that he's able to go home because he's well enough, and he also apologises about the hospital. He was mad at her and he shouldn't have been, and he thanks her for being so nice, and for the scooter that she gave him. He confesses that there were times when he was so depressed and Michelle's visits really kept him going. He wants them to still be friends, and she's really pleased. They hug, then Tim has to leave.
Lou's Place
Larry's on the phone to someone saying it shouldn't be a problem - if they take out the security camera first. He wants to know when the shipment will be in, and says that Steph's cool about things. Lou overhears his conversation, but Steph comes in an interrupts the conversation. They grab the drink and leave.
Lou watches after them, in a "ooh, something's going on" sort of a way.
End Credits
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