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Neighbours Episode 3678 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3678
Australian airdate: 06/12/00
UK airdate: 06/02/01
UK Gold: 29/09/05
Writer: John Upton
Director: David Myles
Guests: Allana Truman: Josephine Clark
Larry Woodhouse: Andrew Curry
Kev Kelly: Frank Kennedy
- "A Pop Song Saved My Life" by Lo-Tel
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Karl and Susan asking Darcy to decide who gets the room.
Clementine hinting to Toadie that Allana may have secrets she hasn't told other than changing her name.
No. 28
Karl and Susan are playing a new game (pick up sticks) to decide on who gets the room but Libby scares him and he drops the stick he has just picked up, therefore forfeiting the game. They begin to argue about it and Libby reminds her parents who is supposed to be the kids and who are the adults before leaving. They agree to leave the discussions until later since neither is willing to concede defeat over the bedroom.
No. 24
Lyn pops over to ask Madge if there are any more people coming to the reunion/her Beauty Tree presentation. Lyn is very excited about it, even buying in more products in anticipation of making additional sales. Through Madge's body language/comments we can cell she isn't exactly thrilled to have Lyn there at all and tries to let her down gently but Lyn is so looking forward to it. She leaves and Madge asks Harold why she can deal with a rouge called Lou Carpenter but not a sweet enthusiast called Lyn Scully. Harold suggests that the presentation will add variety to the evening but Madge is worried nobody will buy anything, so he suggests it will be an introduction to market forces for Lyn in that case. Madge is still worried so he tells Madge in that case to tell Lyn but Madge remarks that it will be hard to do that since Lyn is on Cloud 9.
No. 28
Over doing the veggies, Karl tells Susan she can have the room so that generations of future kids can benefit from her words of wisdom. Susan replies that he has made the right decision.
Lou's Place
Toadie chats to Libby and Drew about how defensive she was of Allana when speak of the devil Allana and Lance come in for a bottle of wine. Making small chat with them, Toadie tells Allana her sister was in earlier and that they had a good chat. Almost jumping down his throat, she wants to know what her sister said about her, getting almost irate at him.
Lou's Place
During the conveniently placed ad break, Allana has calmed down and Toadie explains that she said nothing serious to her since he just met her. Allana explains to him why she went irate - she doesn't like people discussing her behind her back. Looking for an escape route, Lance suggests that perhaps her name just came up in conversation, which Toadie quickly says it did, so she apologies to Toadie for going off on one. Lance suggests that the four of them go on a double date since Toadie and Clementine have things in common too (she was studying law) but Allana isn't so keen but won't object to Toadie taking her sister out on a date.
No. 30
Lance is trying to interest Allana about going to the US with tales of how great Los Angeles is but having been there myself; I wouldn't rate it as highly as he did. He says he's also like to visit Death Valley but she takes the Mickey out of him before Toadie arrives home. Allana decides to bail and they arrange to see each other in the morning after saying goodbye to each other.
Lance suggests to Toadie that life is fantastic and they are going to America, even if Allana isn't 100% convinced at the moment. Toadie asks if he has told her about his gambling problem yet, no, so he suggests Lance should tell her. Lance wonders what Toadie is getting at by this, and after the light bulb comes on, suggests to Toadie that he thinks Allana has a hidden secret waiting to be revealed. Confessing, Toadie says yes because Allana is very vague when asked certain questions and after the reaction to her sisters name in the pub earlier. However, Lance gives him a look and Toadie realises he should say no more even if he really wanted to.
Ramsay Street
Toadie pays Karl a visit who is busily cleaning the rust off the barbeque, to talk about Lou throwing them out of No. 30 but quickly stops when Karl points out Bob has run into the street and a car is approaching. He rescues Bob as Allana pulls up with more videos for Lance and her to watch.
Joe and Lyn see Steph off and tell her to take it easy on her bike ride with Stanno. Joe approaches Karl when he sees him holding the grill from the barbeque and they tease each other about who will be the best at the forthcoming Best Aussie BBQ.
No. 30
Remembering his chat with Toadie the night before, he tells Allana about his gambling problem. She confirms it won't be a problem and thanks him for trusting her with this. He asks if there is anything she'd like to tell him but she replies that what happened in the past stays there, look to the future or the present instead, saying the present is a gift. Lance likes that saying and they decide to watch the videos she took round but by the look on her face, she is relieved.
The Coffee Shop
Harold tells Madge she has to tell Lyn that she doesn't want the Beauty Tree presentation when just by chance Joe and Lyn arrive. "Now is your chance," says Harold before escaping to the kitchen but Lyn hands Madge a basket of Beauty Tree products as a thank you and Joe makes a nice speech too before she has a chance to say anything. Begrudgingly Madge takes the basket before they leave and Joe has a little tit-for-tat set-to with Karl who has just walked in with Susan.
Karl asks the now returned from the kitchen Harold if he's had a chance to listen to the tape he gave him. Harold looks for the right words to say to Karl bar your song is a load of rubbish and he says it was "interesting" and a "monadic inventiveness in places". Is that 'posh talk' for you've written a load of rubbish? Karl asks if he liked it at all and Harold's silence basically says yes, and Karl accepts it quite calmly. They decide to join Libby who is having a coffee quietly in the corner.
Warrinor Prison
Steph arrives to see visit and after going through a security check, she meets him but another inmate is watching her closely. When she finally meets Woody, they reminisce about the past and the guy who was observing Steph earlier, says hello to them in passing. Woody apologises to her for the way he treated her when they were going out and for not saying things he should have done too before adding that she is special to him. Steph is very coy about what he has said and quickly changes the conversation back to what they were reminiscing before.
The Coffee Shop
Madge remarks to Harold how hard it is to tell someone the truth when the truth isn't exactly nice, and he can now see what she is up against with Lyn.
Drew comes in and joins Libby and her parents. Karl talks to him about the wedding rings but Drew sees this as his ideal escape time and leaves with Libby. Susan tells Karl that there are more opinions other than Harold's (he's still despondent at hearing them) and she makes a decision - Karl can have the room as a music studio and no amount of persuasion will make her reconsider giving it up.
Warrinor Prison
Woody gives Steph a gift that he has made - a jewellery box with her initial on the top. She thanks him for it and he asks if she'll come back and see him, as he has nothing else to look forward too. Steph replies that she can't promise but she'll try. She leaves and the inmate who was watching her earlier approaches Woody and asks if Steph is falling for it and he replies that it is working beautifully.
<<3677 - 3679>>
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