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Neighbours Episode 3669 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3669
Australian airdate: 23/11/00
UK airdate: 24/01/01
UK Gold: 22/09/05
Writer: Marieke Josephine Hardy
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Cheyenne Rivers: Angelique Meunier
Katie Wilcox: Karen Rippon
Jessica Pedrioli: Nicole Tancredi
Greg Adams: Michael Wong
Sasha: Jolene Ton
John: Stephen Paxino
Denis Farrington & his band
Special Guest appearance by: "Human Nature"- Toby Allen, Phil Burton, Andrew Tierney & Michael Tierney
- "Wont You Be" by Chris Pettifer
- "Careless Love" by Dennis Farrington
- "Lily Of Laguna" by Dennis Farrington
- "He Dont Love You" by Human Nature
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Flick being told to ask Human Nature what she wants them to do.
Toadie telling Madge & Harold that Tad will be staying longer at Number 30.
No. 24
Tad calls by to pick up more of his things and the atmosphere is frosty to say the least, despite Harold trying to make a joke with him.
Paul is on the phone to Cheyenne trying to get her transport organised for the ball.
No. 26
Lyn finishes off the final touches to Flick's dress as Paul arrives to request Flick's help. He explains that things are going so good trying to get transport for Cheyenne to arrive for the ball without the aunt she is staying with getting suspicious. Flick suggests getting someone to pick her up and almost throws him out of the house to take a call and is delighted by what the caller has said.
No. 32
Dione and Tess discuss the house rules as Joel pops in to ask a favour - sewing a button onto his shirt. Dione volunteers and asks what the shirt is for since she is impressed by its quality. He tells her about escorting Flick to the deb ball and she is happy for him as long as his dancing has improved! Dee comments that she'd love to see Joel at the ball, so Tess gives her the good news - because she is a chaperone, she has two tickets and invites Dione to come with her.
Lou's Place
A miserable Drew tells Lou that Libby hates the car, so Lou suggests that they could sell the car to Jack to sweeten the contract they are after. More bad news as Drew explains that they didn't get the contract, which surprises Lou as he thought they were up for it. Drew wonders what he can get Libby for a wedding present since she rejected the car he's spent hours on. Joe pops in to get a bottle of wine and to see if Lou has seen Mick, he hasn't, so Joe asks if Mick does call can Lou let him know he wants to talk to his brother.
No. 32
Flick decides to pay a visit to tell Tess that Human Nature are confirmed for the ball. Joel and Dione wonder what they are talking about since their initial conversation was done in code and are mystified by what has been organised. Flick isn't impressed to hear that Dione is also going to the ball.
No. 30
Tad is on the phone to his mum promising to come home if he can't find anywhere to live in Erinsborough. Paul arrives wanting a favour from Joel - to pick Cheyenne up - but he's out of luck as Toadie is away on a fishing trip with the car. Paul suddenly has an idea and rushes out. Joel asks Tad who he is taking and Tad replies that he isn't sure he is going yet.
Deb ball venue
The preparations for doing the hall up for the ball are ongoing and Dione confirms to Tess that she wants to come, as she has nothing else to do. Tess makes a quip about Joel being pleased to see Dione, which she isn't pleased about.
No. 26
Lyn finishes off Flick's hair and she is most impressed with what her mum has done as Lyn reminisces about her deb ball and escaping so she could pash Joe. Lyn comments that Joel will be knocked out with her and asks how she feels about him now. Flick confirms that she did have a crush on him but is over him now because he is too old for her and has a feeling that he is going to be getting back with Dione, which is news to Lyn.
No. 24
Madge in a smart trouser suit and Harold in his penguin suit have a trial dance when Tad pops round to say Paul will be late getting to the ball, as he has to do something first. Madge thanks him and then asks who he is taking to the ball but he replies that he is still weighing up his options.
No. 26
Joe in his penguin suit opens the door to Joel in his penguin suit (they both look really smart) in time to hear Flick call out for her mum. After taking a quick photo, Lyn who is also dressed in a smart trouser suit, rushes to see what her daughter wants. Joe reminisces about his deb ball as Lyn comes back to update them on Flick - she's put her heel through her dress and she needs to repair it along with her make up (Flick's been crying) - and tells them to go ahead to the venue.
Road somewhere
Paul thanks Drew for helping him pick Cheyenne up for the ball and if there is any fallout from it, he'll sort it.
Deb ball
Tess announces the couples to the audience. Madge and Harold wonder where Paul is when Tad appears not exactly dressed for the ball (trousers and an open shirt) and are even less impressed with his date (someone a lot older than him dressed in an extremely low cut shiny blue top and silver shorts!) Tess continues to announce the couples and Joe wonders where Flick is to Dione who is sitting beside him but Lyn appears and signals to him that she has arrived. As Flick and Joel are presented, Joe tells Dione he is going to be the happiest father on the Earth! Lyn looks mightily impressed with her daughter too.
Lou's Place
Lib escapes from the ball (she's been taking photos) and tells Lou it won't be long until Lolly is that age too and going to balls, so he promises to send her in Libby's direction for advice! Getting onto serious matters, she asks him what is up with Drew, as he's been acting odd. Lou tells her that the car she didn't like was actually her wedding present from him and he's spent a lot of time on his 'labour of love' for her. Lib is annoyed and rushes off to talk to Drew.
Deb ball
The couples are all dancing formally and Joel tells Flick she looks beautiful and she gives him the same compliment. Lou decides to make an appearance now after changing into his penguin suit. The formal dancing finishes and Flick announces to the audience that they have a mystery group about to perform - Human Nature. The group comes on and sing, well mime, to the song you can obtain on the official Neighbours CD.
Whilst they are miming, sorry singing, Paul and Drew arrive to pick Cheyenne up and after a bit of tonsil hockey they head to the venue with some more tonsil hockey on route after he gives her a flower arrangement. And Libby calls round to the garage, spots the Beetle sitting there, and smiles to herself.
Back at the venue, Flick after making eyes at Joel drags him up for a dance and Dione sits in her seat looking miffed; Tad's date abandons him and Paul and Cheyenne eventually arrive. Next Libby turns up and after kissing Drew, drags him out of the venue before the rest of the guests decide to get up on the floor for a boogie.
<<3668 - 3670>>
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