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Neighbours Episode 3665 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3665
Australian airdate: 17/11/2000
UK airdate: 18/01/2001
UK Gold: 20/09/2005
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Joel tells Flick that he'd love to go to dancing lessons with her.
- Tad sneaks out despite Paul's pleas. Harold comes out and finds Paul in the lounge seconds later. He asks him if everything is OK.
Paul tells Harold that he's feeling a bit sick and is getting a glass of water. Harold says that maybe he should have accepted the medical certificate, but Paul says he'll be fine.
Lyn comments to Joe that Mick is out late and won't be in much condition to look for work the following day. Joe thinks that Mick has lost the will and thinks it's Di's fault. Lyn won't have this - she says that Di has supported Mick through thick and thin.
Flick gets up to get a glass of water - she can't sleep for thinking about the exam.
JOE: (to Lyn) This thing with Joel. It's just mates isn't it.
LYN: Oh yeah, of course.
Joe says that Flick has always liked older men, but Lyn says that Joel isn't interested in Flick.
LYN: Joel's just doing it as a favour to her. Which is good for us because he's reliable, sensible...
JOE: He's a bloke, Lynnie.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Joel is out jogging and sees Tad returning home. He claims he's been out delivering leaflets(!)
Joel sees Flick getting the newspaper in her dressing gown. She's embarrassed that he's seen her, but they agree to meet that night for dancing lessons. Joel wishes her luck with her English exam and Flick looks pleased.
Tad sneaks in and asks Paul where Harold and Madge are. He said that he had the best night at Hemisfear, but Paul isn't impressed that Tad has been out all night before his exam. Tad manages to sneak into his room before Madge comes out of the bathroom.
Madge and Harold make Paul some breakfast and reassure him about the exam. They ask if Tad is up yet. Harold tells Paul that he's got a surprise lined up for him and Tad after the exam, but Madge shushes him. Paul goes off to "get Tad up".
Lyn is fussing over Flick's breakfast. They comment that this is the last exam and then they can concentrate on the Deb Ball.
Joel calls round to take Lyn for her jog and Joe looks at him suspiciously. He sends Flick off to get ready for school. Joe asks Joel if he's looking forward to the ball. He tells him that he's pleased that Flick will have a responsible chaperone, but warns Joel that there'd better not be anything romantic going on. Lyn cringes at this, but Joe continues that young girls sometimes get the wrong idea and sometimes older blokes give yonger girls the wrong idea.
JOEL: I assure you now that when I think of Felicity, I think of her like my little sister.
Flick overhears this and looks upset.
The Coffee Shop
Tad is trying to wake himself up with coffee while Paul and Flick do some last-minute studying. He insists that he's fine, but Paul says he looks stuffed. Harold says that Tad doesn't look well but he says he's OK.
Joel answers the door to Lou in a towel (he's just been having a shower). Lou says that he wants the rent money. But Joel says he won't give him any money until Lou has repaired the problems in the house. He says he knows his rights and Lou as landlord must sort things out. Lou says he'll send someone around. Joel looks pleased.
Outside the school
Tad, Flick and Paul have arrived at the school. Tad looks exhausted.
Lou has engaged Joe to look at the house. They chat about the barbecue competition and Joel says he'll win because his father is sending him a copy of his secret barbecue sauce recipe.
Joe apologises for being so heavy with Joel earlier that morning, but Joel says he understand why Joe is being so protective - he's a father after all. Joe is pleased.
Tad and Paul have arrived home and Tad is asleep on the sofa when Madge and Harold come in. Madge asks if he's OK and looks concerned, but then she sees a Hemisfear stamp on his arm and realises what he's done. Tad tries to explain but Madge is very angry that he defied them. Harold is also cross with Paul for not telling them the situation. He tells them about the car they were buying them because they were so proud of them. Tad says that it's not a big deal and he can run his own life. Madge says that they're a family, and if he doesn't want to play by their rules he'll have to stop living under their roof.
MADGE: I've had enough! It's time that Tad went back to his mother. We've done everything we can for him and we've failed.
Lyn is sewing Flick's dress for the Deb Ball and Flick is watching her, greatly impressed. Lyn tells her about her own Deb Ball and how conservative the clothes were back then. They chat about Lyn's date that night - Gavin Blight, who now works for the tax department and has seven kids! Lyn says it's a pity people think Deb Balls are out of date - traditions are important. Lyn tells Flick that she's grown into such a beautiful young woman and she and Joe are both very proud of her.
Madge and Harold are having a conference. Harold says that maybe he's been too weak with Tad, but Madge says it's not his fault. Harold says that he'll miss Tad and Madge nearly wavers, but then says that maybe it's best that Tad goes back to his adoptive parents. Maybe Tad staying with them is preventing them from reconciling. Harold is worried about the bone marrow donation though - Tad will have to be near the hospital for that. Madge says he can stay with them when the time comes, but right now they have no choice but to send him back.
Tad apologises to Paul for his actions because they mean that Paul missed out on the car. Tad regrets his behaviour saying he always thinks he's invincible. He says he'll have to do some serious grovelling if he wants to change Madge and Harold's mind about sending him back - he doesn't think they were joking.
Flick is trying to get the rest of the family to make themselves scarce so she can practise her dancing with Joel. But it seems Michelle has a long-standing arrangement for her mates to come around tonight. Joel suggests that they go over to No.30 since it's empty and Joe readily agrees, much to Flick's surprise!
LYN: Who are you, and what have you done with my husband?
JOE: What do you mean?
LYN: Felicity and Joel alone at his place?
JOE: Well, you don't seem to mind.
LYN: I don't.
JOE: Neither do I!
Tad offers to help Harold with the dinner, but he tells him that everything's under control. Madge says that she's spoken to Coral, Tad's mother and she apparently agrees that Tad should go home and the sooner the better. Tad says that it won't achieve anything. He says he's really sorry about what has happened, but Madge says they haven't been able to teach him any discipline and maybe Coral will have better luck.
Paul tries to speak up for Tad saying that this will put Tad over the edge.
HAROLD: It wasn't an easy decision to make, Paul.
PAUL: Yeah. That's 'cos it's the wrong one.
Joel and Flick are practising their dancing. Flick tells Joel that she hopes that the ball isn't too much of a hassle for him, but he reassures her that he's looking forward to it. He tells her that he's told Joe that his intentions towards her are honourable.
Tad tells Paul that he's not going home and he'll revert to Plan B if necessary. Paul looks worried.
Joel and Flick are dancing and staring into each other's eyes.
Joe is pacing saying it's after ten o'clock and the dance lesson should have finished by now.
Lyn comes in and shows Joe the teddy Michelle bought Flick - apparently she found it at the bottom of Flick's washing basket.
LYN: It's terribly expensive. Someone must have bought it for her.
JOE: Joel?
<<3664 - 3666>>
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