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Neighbours Episode 3622 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3622
Australian airdate: 19/09/00
UK airdate: 09/11/00
UK Gold: 22/08/05
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Daniel Fitzgerald: Brett Tucker
Cheyenne Rivers: Angelique Meunier
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
- "Teenager Of The Year" by Lo-Tel
- "Sea Of Love" by Ashley Reeder
- "Wont You Be" by Chris Pettifer
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Karl tells Dione that he'll talk to his friend on the fundraising committee.
Tess tells Daniel that she's going to move out. He wants to know why.
Tess tells Daniel that she can't explain - she just needs time to herself. Daniel answers the phone to someone at that moment - he has to go out to talk about football. He tells Tess he wants her to be honest with him about her reasons when he gets back.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Karl runs into Dione and she tells him her fundraising ideas. He shoots down her ideas. Karl suggests getting a paediatrician involved and he'd help as well. Dione says she'll think about it. She ropes Karl in to helping out. Karl tells her that Libby is going to see another specialist. As he walks away he hears Dione mutter, "Arrogant pig!"
The Coffee Shop
Cheyenne tells Paul that she's heard through her father that he's going to be back on the football team.
Tess tells Susan that she thinks she's going to move out. Susan is surprised but Tess says she needs some time to herself.
The Coffee Shop
Cheyenne is being stroppy and bags out Flick. She says petulantly that she doesn't want to go to the movies after all. She suggests going back to his place.
Paul and Cheyenne are having a pash on the sofa when there's a knock at the door. It's Daniel and he doesn't look pleased. Apparently Mr Rivers is insisting that Paul plays tomorrow. Daniel is not pleased at all and says that Paul has used his influence with Cheyenne. He storms off.
Karl comes in and asks Susan if she thinks that he's arrogant. She wants to know who called him arrogant. Karl admits that it was Dione. Susan laughs as Karl goes on to say that nurses always have it in for doctors. Susan says that he's not arrogant - pushy, bossy, sometimes a bully, but NEVER arrogant(!)
Karl explains about Dione's fundraising ideas. Susan teases him that he is now sounding a little bit arrogant(!) She tells Karl to prove his humility and invite Dione over to discuss her fundraising ideas. In fact, she picks up the phone, dials Dione's number and hands the phone to Karl(!)
Tess is feeling Daniel's lizard when daniel comes in all steamed up. He tells Tess that he'll move out himself - he's going to stay at his friend's house. He goes to start packing.
Dione comes in and sits down with Karl. He apologises for offending her earlier. Susan is cleaning and clunks the piano when she thinks Karl is saying something arrogant(!) Dione suggests Pointed Ears Day, but Karl doesn't think people will pay to wear alien ears to work. Susan says she'd do it if she could colour-coordinate them with her clothes(!)
Karl suggests that he hears some other fundraising ideas.
Daniel tells Tess that everything is arranged for him to move out. Tess says she feels guilty about Brendan because she has feelings for Daniel. Daniel looks shocked. Tess goes on to say that she's attracted to Daniel. He's still speechless.
Paul is fed up with Cheyenne's interference. But she flatters him saying that he'll be a major footy star one day. Paul wishes he'd got back on the team on his own merits though.
Tess says that she's really embarrassed, but Daniel says he admires her for having the courage to admit her feelings. Tess says she's shocked at herself because it's so soon after Brendan's death. Daniel says there's no shame in caring about someone.
Dione is suggesting a bed-making competition. Susan doesn't think there's much money to be made if Karl's bed-making skills are anything to go by. Karl doesn't think the fundraising committee would go for that idea and Susan says that sounded very assertive(!)
Dione suggests a trolley pile-up with doctors, but Karl thinks doctors need to spend their time better.
Dione thinks Karl doesn't like any of her ideas. Karl goes off to the toilet. When he's gone, Susan tells Dione that she knows she's winding Karl up, she's just never seen anyone enjoy it as much as she does(!)
Daniel tells Tess that he was attracted to her when he first met her, but he knew she was married, and later he was hardly going to make a move on a grieving widow. So he gave Steph a try instead. He thinks in another time and place they might have had a chance.
Daniel says he thinks Steph is in love with someone else. Tess thinks so too, and if it's who she thinks it is, there's not much fun in store for Steph either.
Daniel tells Tess that there might be another time for them, but for now he thinks he should go.
Dione says she's run out of ideas. Susan says she likes the doctors in trolleys idea(!)
Dione suddenly says that they could get people to wear wigs. Karl looks thoughtful and says they could make it a community project, and not just the doctors. If they opened it to the general public, they'd make more money. Karl suggests calling it "Wigs For Kids"! Dione is very pleased.
Cheyenne is leaving. She says she can't wait to leave home when she's 18 to get away from her father(!) She says all that matters now is that Paul's playing football again.
When she's gone, Paul looks worried.
Ramsay Street
Flick sees Cheyenne on the pavement waiting for her father. They bicker and Cheyenne says that Flick is jealous of her. She thinks Flick likes Paul. She says it's pathetic, obvious and tragic. Flick tells her not to be ridiculous. but Cheyenne says that she knows it's true and so does Flick.
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