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Neighbours Episode 3621 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3621
Australian airdate: 18/09/00
UK airdate: 08/11/00
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Daniel Fitzgerald: Brett Tucker
Abigail Hartley: Kayla Smyth
- "Life Without You" by Chris Pettifer
- "Wont You Be" by Chris Pettifer
Summary/Images by: Miriam
The Scullys discuss the dog they've found - he appears to be homeless.
Tess tells Steph that she fancies Daniel. Oh joy.
Cue fabulous pool credits.
The Scullys'
Steph asks Tess if she's tried to tell Daniel, and she said she tried to but he was so busy talking about Steph he never listened! Steph feels bad, but she never tried to make Daniel feel that way. Steph sympathises, but doesn't let on about Drew; Tess thinks she's talking about a guy called Larry.
Backyard of somewhere - maybe No 24, but it would make more sense if it were Number 30
Toadie and Lance can't find Bob - he's managed to escape from the backyard by diggina hole under the fence. They begin to fill the hole in, and Toadie thinks he'll find out soon who has been sending the love notes. Lance wonders if the notes are meant for him, not Toadie, but Toadie is sure that they are for him, from a gorgeous babe, wanting to fall into his arms.
The Scullys'
Chelle suggests calling the dog Jake after the guy from Boy4. Joe suggests Mutt. Lyn thinks he probably has a name with some owners somewhere, and she refuses to keep someone else's dog; but Joe says he's been wandering round the building site for days - he has to be a stray. The girls really like him. But Lyn insists on advertising that they've found him.
Number 30
The phone rings and Toadie answers - Bob is at the pound, which Lance thinks is good. Apparently his registration has lapsed and they need to pay a fee of $100. You have to register a dog in Australia?!
Toadie suggests that Lance goes to get Bob, and Toadie will put pepper around the fence in their backyard so Bob won't be tempted to sniff and try and escape. Lance thinks they should sue Sarah, the amount Bob's cost them.
They should sue her for breaking up Karl and Susan if you ask me.
The Scullys'
Chelle is cuddling the dog and really likes him.
LYN: Pasta or steak?
JOE: Fish.
CHELLE: Chicken schnitzel.
Lyn thinks that the family feel she's the bad guy for wanting to advertise the dog, but Joe and Chelle really want to keep him. The dog starts to like Lyn, but she thinks he probably likes his real owners better.
Number 30
Bob is collected from the pound with another note attached to him! "Jealousy is a curse." Toadie is delighted that she has responded to his note, and Steph can't believe that whoever it is has kissed the note, too!
The note also asks Toadie to meet her at 0900 in the park! Lance is thrilled, but Toadie says he can't come. Steph just thinks he's tragic - this could be a whole joke; Toadie knows his life will change as a result of this.
Cut to later on. Toadie tells Lance he's sorry that he broke up with Lisa, but Lance is okay about it - she was in love with the idea of him, and he doesn't really care now. He and Toadie and Bob are eating chips from paper around the table - what a great night in! And I really mean that!
Lance reminds Toadie that he's about to meet a girl who may or may not have a crush on him, Toadie, Joel or Bob - isn't that surreal?
Number 32
Chelle turns up at Tess' and asks if she has any books on how to look after a dog. Tess doesn't but suggests the library. Chelle doesn't look as if she's about to leave so tells Tess that she's still reading that book she suggested, but she's only about a tenth of the way, and she gets confused with the characters. Tess congratulates her on pursuing it just as Daniel walks in.
Chelle leaves and Daniel asks if Tess wants to join them at the nightclub. She says no but adjusts his collar for him and has a 'moment.' She says she knows she's boring but Daniel reassures her she isn't.
Tess asks if he's thought about moving back with his mates, but he hasn't - there was never a moment's peace there, and he had no privacy. He pecks her on the cheek as he leaves.
The Scullys'
Lyn is coochie-cooing the dog on the sofa and being all loving just as Joe and Steph quietly creep in and watch her. Michelle also creeps in and they crack up laughing just as Lynnie turns round and can't believe she's been sprung! Chelle promises he'll be a good dog, and Steph thinks Lyn's lost the argument and leaves the house.
Lyn says she won't feed or walk him. And one false move and the dog's out.
The phone rings and Joe answers it - he asks to call whoever it is back. Lyn asks who it was and he tells her it was a mate from work and takes the dog out to the backyard. Lynnie looks a bit suspicious about the phonecall.
Number 30
Toadie, Steph and Lance taste some beer at the kitchen table. Lance tells Steph that Toadie was insulting him earlier about his love life, but Toad denies it. However, he has a great idea to brew the beer and use it at all the parties he's going to host. If he charges a fee of $5 for entry, they could make a packet. Lance sees some problems and tries to pick it apart, but Toadie is convinced the party will go off, and they'll make so much money for so many things!!!!
Lance asks how he's feeling about meeting dog lady. He can't believe that she's advertising herself on a dog collar.
Toadie asks whether he should go Casual or Cool tomorrow.
Ramsay Street
The dog is with Joe as he's putting out his dustbin.
Joe spies Tess across the road as the dog runs ahead and they meet in the middle of the road.
The Scullys'
Lyn thinks Joe has been ages with the rubbish, then spies him with Tess in the road. Chelle comments that Tess is great - as well as being really pretty. I really don't get it, but okay. Lyn agrees. Chelle thinks she's also intelligent, and she likes her hair - she'd like it to be blonder. I think she meant 'more blonde' but I won't nitpick.
Lyn is distracted as she sees Joe take Tess' hands and laugh about something. Chelle asks what's wrong as Lyn's voice cracks, but she says she's fine.
Cut to later.
Lyn tells Joe he was ages with the garbage. He says the bag broke and he had to clean up the mess. Lyn goes to say something then changes her mind and asks if he's going to work that night. He says he is, and she thinks he's doing it to avoid her. He reassures her that he'd rather spend the night with her.
Her chin goes - although he can't see it - and then he suggests he doesn't go to work, but they fill the spa, lock the door and have some fun. She says no - Joe should go to work, they need the money. He asks her if she's okay, and she says yes - after all, she's got the dog.
Number 32
Tess is asleep - and on the pillow behind her crawls a HUMUGOUS lizard.
Cut to Daniel on the sofa, half asleep.
Cut to Tess in bed.
Cut to Daniel asleep on the sofa. Tess screams and Daniel leaps up as she runs out the room holding the lizard. "He walked over my face." Shame he didn't cover it with a pillow if you ask me.
Daniel denies that he's a scary lizard, and Tess says she almost had a heart attack. Damn. So close.
DANIEL: (To the lizard) Barney - no. Bad boy.
Tess loses it and tells him to shut the lizard away and turn the music down. Daniel thinks she's being really ratty, but she said the lizard scared her. Hopefully someone will let two lizards out tomorrow night.
The Scullys'
Lyn asks Joe how his night was, and he says it was fine. He tells her to put down the sandwiches she's making, to slap on a bit of lippy (so romantic, Joe) and to come with him. He's taking her out to breakfast - there's a little French patisserie in Eden Hills. Lyn thinks it's wonderful.
The Park
I suppose it must be 0900. Toadie is walking Bob, and looking out for mystery lady. He sees a girl in bright pink standing by the lake and approaches her, but as he's almost there another guy comes along and walks away with her. Lance has followed Toadie and looks delighted at the outcome!
The Scullys'
Just as Joe and Lyn are leaving for breakfast, the phone rings and Joe tells her to start the car - he'll just take this call. He shuts the door on Lyn who looks really upset.
The Park
Toadie is still hunting down the woman, and Lance is still following him. Toadie lets Bob go and he runs at a young girl, aged about 12, holding ice creams. Toadie grabs Bob and apologises - until she tells him that she's bought him an ice cream. With horror, he realises that this is his mystery woman. She apologises for being late - her mum made her clean her room before she was allowed out...!
She asks if he's okay. He can't believe that she wrote the notes, and she tells him she was delighted that he wrote back. She asks him if he remembers her - he doesn't. But he helped her when she fell off her bike. Her friend Emma had the idea about the notes.
Toadie tells her he's a cool guy which is why he wrote back, then glances away and sees Lance falling about laughing.
Number 32
Daniel is drinking coffee as Tess comes in the lounge, and she tells him that she slept okay. She apologises about her mood. He apologises for letting Barney out, and says it won't happen again.
She says that she's decided to move out, and he's welcome to take the lease over. Daniel can't believe what he's hearing - why is she leaving? Don't complain! Let her go! If she wants to be so self-pitying and self-indulgent, let her!
He tells her to sit down and asks why she's moving out. She says she needs some time and space on her own. But he won't listen and says that there's more to it. He won't move from the sofa until she tells him.
I so don't care, and thankfully cut to:
End Credits
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