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Neighbours Episode 3610 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3610
Australian airdate: 01/09/00
UK airdate: 21/10/00
Writer: Marieke Josephine Hardy
Director: Simon Palomares
Guests: Doula Tsobanopoulos: Katherine Halliday
- "Star Machine" by Jebediah
- "Wont You Be" by Chris Pettifer
- "Hardcore Adore" by Felicity Hunter
Summary/Images by: Miriam
- Michelle telling Flick that she won the Boy 4 Competition, and Flick asking how she's going to explain to their parents that she spent $200 in doing so.
- Tad confesses to Paul that he still hasn't been paid for the DJing gigs that he's done, yet.
- Joel telling Dione that what she did wasn't fun at all.
Number 30
Flick doesn't understand why Joel is so upset and wants to break up with her - just for making a joke. He tells her that he was serious when he proposed to her and she made fun of it - he's not happy about that! She says that she heard him on the phone to his mother saying he was pleased that Dione had said no; Joel said his mum was hassling him so he was trying not to make a big deal out of it.
Dione said that before tonight she had no idea that he was so upset about it, because he had said that everything was fine - how was she supposed to know it wasn't if he didn't tell her? Good point, there, Dee. You're not a psychic so if someone lies to you, why should you think any different?
Dee says that obviously neither of them are in the mood to resolve anything, so she's off.
The Scullys'
Chelle and Joe are making breakfast, and Michelle is going to work with her father for the day. The phone rings and Chelle gets it - it's for her so she tells Joe she'll meet him out the front. She tells the person on the end of the phone how much she loves the band and why, and who's her favourite.
The Bishops'
Harold asks Tad if he'll be playing any Village People music at his gig tonight.
HAROLD: Mind you, I don't know what sort of village they live in, eh?
Tad says he won't - they're too mainstream. Harold then praises Tad for having an edge and being so good, and thinks it's great that they've kept him on for so long.
Tad gets upset and confesses that Doula (once again, the name of someone who helps a woman through labour...) hasn't paid him anything for the gigs that he's done so far. Harold looks cross and does his "I'm very cross" face.
The Coffee Shop
Lou is asking Madge how Harold feels about not being on their website. Madge says that Harold was so excited about being involved, so she couldn't tell him. Lou offers to tell him.
MADGE: I don't think so. The last time you broke bad news to Harold you were grinning as if you'd won the lottery.
Joe and Chelle come in and Joe tells Madge that Chelle's helping him out for the day. Joel also comes in and asks for a "breakfast with everything." Joe also asks for two doughnuts - but don't tell Lynnie! Chelle offers to do more odd jobs for Madge - and Joe asks why. Chelle says that it's Bianca's birthday soon and she wants to buy her something good.
The Bishops'
Tad tells Harold how much he loves DJing, and that he makes him feel so good. He never thought he could do it, but now here he is. But he feels like such as idiot because Doula has taken him for a ride. He can't believe that he hasn't been paid once, and that Harold must think he's so stupid for being sucked into it all, which Harold denies. Harold also says that Tad should look at this a different way - and he has some ideas to help him.
Number 30's garden
Bob brings a note to Joel in the garden:
"To the really cool guy - now I have seen you and you're very cute."
The Bishops'
Tad tells Harold he's a legend with his ideas, and he'll meet Doula on mutual ground. Harold also tells Tad to be firm - he must show that he won't be pushed around, and offers to speak to Doula himself, but Tad says no, thanks - he'll do it.
The Coffee Shop
Dee is talking to Madge and drinking a LOT of coffee. She asks Madge why blokes don't show their feelings - saying one thing one minute then showing something else. Madge agrees - she says that men don't talk, they like visual things, which gives Dee the perfect idea.
Lou's Place
Joel is talking to Lou and has a gift in his hand, saying it's for Toadie. Lou snatches it away - it's some sexy lingerie, so Joel confesses it's a present for Dee. Lou laughs - he says all blokes do this - have an argument then buy presents to make up for it, whilst women just want to have an in-depth discussion about their feelings.
Lou thinks it's a genetic difference beyond his comprehension.
Joe's Site
Chelle is making tea for everyone on the site, and asks if they can change the radio station from 105 FM to something else...but Joe says no - this is the builders' station. Chelle wants Uni FM instead.
Number 30
Dee arrives and Joel admits that he should have said something to Dee straight away about how he felt, and he's decided that he'll be more open about his feelings from now on. Dee knows it's not easy for him to do that, so she's proud of him. She also has something for him - a cubist painting of Dee. Not that you'd know it.
Joel doesn't look so thrilled - he doesn't really get it. Neither do it.
DEE: It's when he was in his cubist period, you know, the Picasso influence.
Wow - I was right! It was cubist! Go me! Dee confesses it's not easy to part with it, and Joel says he'll put it in his bedroom so he can look at it every night. Joy.
Dee offers Joel a massage which he looks more pleased about.
Joe's Site
Joe is listening to Chelle on 105 FM - where she's confessing that she bought 200 chocolate bars. Joe asks where she got the money and she tells him that it was the money her parents gave her for the school camp. Joe is furious.
The Coffee Shop
Doula comes in and tells Tad she's late because she had a meeting at Hemisphere club - she's organising a rave next month and Tad's going to be the main DJ. He asks where his money is so far, and she hands him $50, telling him the rest went on the deposit for the rave. He asks to be excused and goes to speak to Harold and tells him what happened.
HAROLD: She owes you more than that!
TAD: Hell, yeah!
HAROLD: Language.
Harold tells him that she's having him on - he has to demand all of his money now.
The Scullys'
Joe tells Chelle that she knows they don't have that sort of money to spend, and that Chelle was out of control. She says that she thought she could fix it, but Joe is really cross about her deception saying that she stole from them. Joe will have to talk to Lyn and find some way for her to pay it back, but she can still go to camp because it's a school thing.
If she were my kid she'd be grounded for a month for that stint - honestly, they really don't discipline their kids enough in number 24. It's just not on.
Chelle tells her father that she wanted to meet Boy 4 so that she wouldn't be a dork at school. So Joe tells her she's a gorgeous kid.
What happened to good old fashioned smacking?
Number 30's garden
Dee is massaging Joe and he's making enjoyable noises, saying that it feels really good. She apologises for what happened the other day - she's always been the practical joker in the family.
JOEL: Really? Well, two can play at that game.
The Coffee Shop
Doula tells Tad that she'd help out more if she could, but she can't - she has no money. Tad says she leaves him with no choice. If he's not paid, then he's not employed by the club. Which means he's been on the premises - and underage. Go Tad! He asks her to reconsider the payment. She says she knows everyone in the industry, so if he plays this game then his career as a DJ is finished at every club in town.
Quick, where are the:
End Credits
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