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Neighbours Episode 3608 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3608
Australian airdate: 30/08/00
UK airdate: 20/10/00
UK Gold: 11/08/05
Writer: Ben Marshall
Director: Simon Palomares
Guests: Lisa Ryan: Tania Lunson
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Toadie telling Lance that telling the truth doesn't hurt and Lance replying that as soon as he tells Lisa the truth, then she will dump him.
Steph telling Drew she has something to tell him which is long overdue.
Steph starts by telling Drew that people should be honest even if the timing isn't convenient and he replies that he knows what she is getting at. A surprised Steph says "you do" and it is compounded when Drew adds that he knows how she feels. Steph now thinks all her Christmas' have come at once but...
DREW: You think that I've been a bit of a wimp about the break up. That I should have been standing tough but I've never stopped being open about my feelings for Libby. I love her...but you can't be pushy. She's got things she has to sort out and all I can do is wait. (Pause whilst Steph wants the ground to open up and swallow her) You can't let yourself lose hope can you?
Drew lies back in his sleeping back and Steph looks like she wants to be a million miles away as she tries hard not to cry.
No. 26
Tad is telling Flick and Lyn about Paul's date and Lyn asks if he is jealous, he is because Cheyenne is a babe, so Lyn tells him he is becoming one too! Tad lets slip what Paul was cooking but they were rather occupied when he popped over and wouldn't be surprised if nothing is eaten. Tad thanks Lyn for her hospitality before he leaves.
No. 24
Harold arrives home and complains about the mess and surprise, surprise like Tad predicted, they haven't eaten the meal Paul cooked. Tad comments though that someone has been eating Paul instead! Paul tries to play it cool and said they were busy talking and as Harold goes to get a shower he gives Paul a tip - use some of Madge's make up to cover up the marks!
No. 30
On her way out, Lisa thanks Lance for a great time at kickboxing and wonders where he gets the energy from as she is shattered. At the door, Lance continues to play it super cool and tells her he is off for a run and kisses her before she leaves. She tells him she'll plan something special for the next day - something he hasn't done before! Once inside though, Lance shows a different side by showing he is in pain and walking very gingerly.
Steph is packing her things as Drew wakes up, wondering what is going on. Steph lies and she isn't very well and can he give her a lift into town so she can catch the bus home. Drew offers instead to go into town to get some medication for her but Steph replies that she'd rather be home. As Steph finishes packing, Drew insists he takes her home looking puzzled as to what is happening.
The Coffee Shop
As Madge yawns her head off, Lou comes in with the recipe book hot off the press and she is mightily impressed. Harold comments they could sell them in TCS and Madge replies that Lou has that covered by the launch party at the pub.
At a table, Paul gloats to Flick and Tad about his date with Cheyenne. Flick snidely comments that Cheyenne would pash anyone.
Back at the counter, Harold asks if he's had anymore postcards from the gnome and Lou quickly replies that Scobie isn't a gnome and adds that he is going to have a surprise inspection at No. 30 to see if it is there as they are the chief suspects. Harold tells Lou that a surprise inspection isn't right as the boys have rights and Lou responds that kidnappers don't!
No. 26
A teary Steph is being consoled by Lyn and a cuppa. Lyn says she was lucky that she didn't say anything first to Drew and wishes she could take away the hurt for her. Steph replies that a cricket bat over the back of the head may help! Lyn suggests that she doesn't see Drew for a while but Steph doesn't see how it can be avoided since she is friends with both and adds that she wishes she didn't feel the way she does about him as it is all a mess. Lyn tells her it will pass.
No. 30
Whilst caressing Scobie, Toadie and Lance discuss the note left on Bob's collar and Lou's inspection when Lisa calls round. She tells him of their next adventure - kart racing and notices a street sign (Lisa St) which he acquired for her. Whilst she takes a call from her dad, Lance asks Toadie if kart racing is dangerous. Toadie tells him it isn't as bad as kickboxing then has a go at him for stealing the sign until Lance explains a friend made it for him. Lou arrives for his inspection looking for Scobie but they are one step ahead of him. Toadie places the statue in front of Lance and he uses his jumper to cover Scobie's head and Toadie positions himself too, to aid the cover up before taking Lou on a tour of the house.
The Coffee Shop/Lou's Place
Harold is rushed off his feet so he phones to get Madge to come back as she is over at the pub discussing the book and the website with Lou. She is quite impressed with the book and the people Lou wants to invite to the launch.
Drew comes in a Lou wonders why he is back so soon, so he explains that Steph took ill and they came home. Drew's face lightens up when Lou mentions a letter arrived from Libby for him and he leaves to go get it.
Paul bemoans lack of planning (and foresight) when choosing his subjects so he could go to more classes with Cheyenne. Flick asks him to forget about her so they can plan how to get Rainbow Alley back on the book list, as the replacement isn't enthralling. She also tells him that she has an idea that will put a rocket up a few people and can they meet up later. Tad agrees to attend and so will Paul as long as Cheyenne hasn't got anything planned.
No. 26
Lyn has found the perfect cure to Steph's blues - making bread! She tells Steph to keep kneading whilst she answers the door. It's Drew with some herbal tea to help Steph and some chocolates for when she feels better. Steph thanks him and Lyn asks if he wants a cuppa but he turns her down as he is babysitting. Before he goes, he tells Steph that he received some good news - a letter from Libby apologising for being so horrible to him and comments that it is a step in the right direction. Steph tells him that is good news and once Drew leaves, Lyn consoles her and tells her she handled it very well and adds that Steph knows now what to do.
STEPH: Yes, keep my mouth shut and hope my two good friends get back together. Hooray for love.
No. 30
Lance and Lisa are back from kart racing and the news that the staff were impressed with him, as they'd never seen anyone flip a car before or that it was possible! Luckily the x-rays came back clear despite him sitting with his head at a funny angle. Lisa leaves so Lance can attend his Tai Kwan Do lesson and she'll make arrangements for their next adventure - rock climbing! Toadie asks how he is going to cope since he gets vertigo changing a light bulb! As he takes some painkillers, Lance replies that he is hoping to have a heart attack first!
The Coffee Shop
Madge is relieved the rush is over and apologises to Harold for spending so much time lately on the book and adds that he'll leave the website stuff to Lou. At Madge's ribbing, Harold admits he is jealous of how much time she has been spending with Lou on this project. Madge agrees to let him off because if proves that Harold still loves her and just as they are having a romantic moment...Lyn walks in. Quickly breaking apart, Madge asks what she can get for Lyn. Lyn says she's wondering if she can borrow a bread tin and whilst Harold goes to get one, Madge gives Lyn one of the books and turns to a page on chocolate muffins. Lyn is a bit miffed until she realises that it is her recipe. Madge apologises for how she reacted earlier and also shows another page to Lyn where she credits Lyn for donating it to her. Lyn is now flattered and they agree to a truce.
No. 24
Paul is on the phone to Cheyenne when Flick arrives. They're finishing their call with a 'you hang up first' routine, so Flick decides to end it for Paul much to his annoyance. She wonders where Tad is since they were supposed to be having a meeting about the book. Her mood isn't helped either when Paul says he's off to meet Cheyenne and that Cheyenne doesn't care much about Flick's meeting either. Eventually she tells him she has an idea - a petition, which everyone (pupils, parents and teachers) will sign and needs his help to get it organised. Paul reluctantly agrees to lend a hand after Flick has a go at him, and he has a go at her back asking what her problem is.
FLICK: Football and chicks with silicone brain implants. That is about it for you nowadays isn't it? I can see it in a few years - telly, beer, Cheyenne reheating the pizza in the microwave.
PAUL: You are really losing it.
FLICK: And you are turning into an 'A' Grade bore.
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