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Neighbours Episode 3607 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3607
Australian airdate: 29/08/00
UK airdate: 19/10/00
UK Gold: 10/08/05
Writer: Linda Stainton
Director: Simon Palomares
Guests: Daniel Fitzgerald: Brett Tucker
Cheyenne Rivers: Angelique Meunier
Betty O'Brien: Meg Elkins
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
- "Psychic Cats" by Automatic
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Shona
- Cheyenne buys Paul at the footy auction
- Mr Rivers wants a word with Susan about his computer donation
- Lyn sees Steph and Drew off on their trip
Number 26
Lyn comes in from the street to Flick. Flick asks for 'Rainbow Alley' back and manages to find it. Lyn asks what she likes about the book - Flick likes how it's so real. Lyn thinks it's rather bleak, but tells her that it doesn't shock her as much as Flick might think. However, at her age, there are some things she doesn't need to be exposed to - doesn't the talk of all those drugs make her want to find out more about them? Flick doesn't think so and promises they'll talk more about the book later.
Number 28
Karl thinks that the job would be a terrific opportunity. Susan is more worried about whether they should tell Libby that Steph and Drew have gone away together. Karl thinks that they shouldn't. Then they start to talk about the job. Susan asks about his priorities - didn't they use to be with his patients? Karl turns to her principles and talks about the book, but Susan says she has to make the school her priority. She thinks he just wants to mix with the corporate high-flyers, but Karl disagrees, saying that he wants an opportunity to see what he can do.
The Coffee Shop
Flick, Tad and Paul come in and see Cheyenne. Flick makes disparaging comments about her and Tad wonders what happened - they used to be mates not that long ago. Cheyenne comes over and asks when she collects her prize (dinner with Paul). He thinks they should do something that night and promises to call later. She tells him to remember he didn't come cheap.
The Country
Drew and Steph admire the view and Steph asks if he came here with Libby, but he came fishing before he started seeing her. He meant to bring Libby but it never happened. They go to unpack and do so fishing.
Erinsborough High
Cheyenne sits beside Paul, elbowing Flick out the way. Then she asks to look at Paul's book over his shoulder as she's left hers at home. Flick wonders if she could *be* any more obvious. But Tad can't see the problem. Flick thinks the only reason she's after him is because he's on the footy team.
Tess comes in and proposes to read more 'Rainbow Alley'. Susan calls her out the class and announces that the book is off the curriculum.
Erinsborough High
After an Aussie ad break, Susan tells Tess that she had no choice. Tess asks if it's down to pressure from parents. Susan says it is and Tess thinks the students are due an explanation but Susan isn't able to give them one. Tess is angry but Susan won't talk any further about it - that'll be for later. Susan asks for her support, and Tess agrees but wishes she had based her decision on her own principles.
Erinsborough High (Classroom)
The class are in deep discussion about the book. Tess returns and announces that the book is withdrawn from the list - they can still read it but they won't be studying it.
The Country
Drew is building a fire, but Steph wants them to camp closer to the river. She wants to keep an eye on the rods. But Drew thinks he knows best. She tells him that she comes from a big fishing family and therefore knows what to do. They have an argument on what's the best bait to use and decide to use what they brought and see who gets the best results. After some arguing about the barbecue Steph decides it's better not to argue with the boy from the bush.
Closer to the water Steph spots a good spot to fish. Drew thinks it isn't a bad guess. She asks if he's glad he came and he nods.
UK Gold commercial break
The Coffee Shop
Karl and Susan are sitting and talking about Karl's job offer. He admits that he would miss the face-to-face contact with his clients, just like she would miss teaching pupils. Tad and Flick appear and ask why 'Rainbow Alley' was ditched. Susan says there are very good reasons but she won't elaborate. It isn't open for discussion.
They leave and Susan is upset that she's even talking like a politician now.
Tad and Flick sit down, musing how parents and teachers think students don't have minds of their own. Cheyenne thinks they should get over it and Flick says that would be right, given it was her dad who got the book removed. Cheyenne leaves and Paul thinks he could cook dinner at number 24.
Lyn comes over and Flick tells her the 'Rainbow Alley' news.
The Country
Drew goes to see about getting some drinks and a ranger comes up and talks to Steph. She goes to pay for the camping spot and then Drew returns. When Steph realises she hasn't enough change the ranger says they can have a special discount - she wouldn't want to ruin their romantic holiday! Steph tries to protest that it isn't that way but she's gone. Drew hands her a drink, laughing.
Number 26
Tad is sorting through some new records Doula gave him - they're hot imports. Flick wonders how she can get these records and still not afford to pay Tad, but he wishes she would drop it. Lyn comes in and has a look, asking for them to play some for her one day. Flick thinks she would have them banned. Lyn says she's genuinely sorry about the book, and that it was tied at the meeting. Tad and Flick exchange glances.
Lou's Place
Susan is still on about the book. Karl thinks she should take the consequences, to her disappointment. He muses that it's unlike her to be held to ransom. She argues that the school desperately needs the computers and she hates not being able to tell the staff the real reason behind the ban.
Tess and Daniel come in and Susan waves them over. Karl makes himself scarce, and Tess says she hated not giving the kids answers. Susan asks if she can't work out what's going on here - who initiated the discussion in the first place and who's donating a whole bunch of computers? Tess realises it was Garth River's doing.
Number 26
Tad is over again as Paul kicked him out. Flick asks for her notes back - she's curious to see what he might interrupt. She promises to let him practice his latest DJ spiel on her if he does, so he goes.
Lyn asks about Paul's new girl, and Flick explains that Cheyenne bid for him in the footy auction just like Steph did for Drew. Lyn had forgotten about that.
Number 24
Paul wanders about, nervously, and then Cheyenne turns up. He's grilling chops for dinner. She tells him she's too excited to think about food - her friends would kill for this chance! She pushes him back onto the sofa, kissing him, just in time for Tad to come in. Paul motions for him to go back out again and he leaves.
Number 26
Lyn asks if Flick holds the 'Rainbow Alley' thing against her but she doesn't. Flick wonders what Steph and Drew are doing now - gazing up at the stars, probably. When she realises Lyn is looking worried she quickly says that they're maybe doing a rock spinning comp - Steph's such a tomboy! Tad returns and tells her, in the living room, about what he saw. Flick wants all the dirt.
Number 24
They're still at it. Cheyenne thinks he's the most amazing kisser she's ever known. He asks if her dad knows she's here and she says he doesn't know that they're by themselves. The smoke alarm goes off - Paul had forgotten all about the chops!
The Country
Drew talks about stargazing and Steph lets out that the last time she was looking at the stars like this she was with Libby. Then she realises what she's just said. Drew tells her not to walk on eggshells all the time. She looks at him and says that there's something she needs to tell him - something that she's wanted to say for some time...
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