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Neighbours Episode 3592 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3592
Australian airdate: 08/08/2000
UK airdate: 14/09/2000
UK Gold: 01/08/2005
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Daniel Fitzgerald: Brett Tucker
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
- "Sea Of Love" by Ashley Reeder
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Joe tells the family that they're going to pay all their debts off and there'll be some left over so he wants to take them on a family holiday.
Postie Pete tells Flick that he's married.
The Pub
Flick is sitting depressed at the bar while Joe orders champagne for him and Lyn and lemonade for the kids. Flick insists on going home and Steph follows her out of the pub.
Outside the Pub
Steph asks Flick if something has happened with Pete. Flick tells her that Pete is married and she feels really humiliated. She doesn't know how she can ever face him again. Steph is sympathetic but says that Flick must attend the family dinner. Steph promises not to say anything about Pete - she'll just tell their parents that Flick is feeling sick.
Madge and Harold are testing out Lyn's recipe - Madge says it's bland. Tad asks Madge to get some ink off his T-shirt. Tad tells Harold that Doula digs him, but Paul is not convinced. He tells Tad that Doula would be out of her mind to go out with him - he's become such a bighead. Madge agrees - pride goes before a fall.
Daniel drops in to see Tess. They chat about school and Daniel regards a photo of Brendan. Daniel says he's sorry that he hasn't spoken to her about Brendan and feels guilty - if he hadn't invited Tess to the club that night, Brendan might still be alive. Tess reassures him and suggests cooking a pizza.
The Pub
The Scullys are discussing destinations for their family holiday. Joe wants to go to Pelican Point and Lyn suggests a cabin or large caravan.
Tess and Daniel have sent out for pizza. They chat about student escapades. Daniel tells her that his flat is being demolished and he's looking for somewhere to live.
Daniel apologises and tells Tess that he shouldn't have pushed her at this hard time for her, but Tess says it's fine - she'd love him to move in and would welcome the company. She says he can move in tomorrow if he wants.
Joe and Lyn are quite excited at the thought of going to Pelican Point. Flick goes off distractedly to bed. Steph tells Lyn to leave Flick in peace - the situation will blow over.
Paul is practising his guitar but Harold sends him off to bed because it's a school night. Paul is a bit fed up but Harold thinks Paul is a bit jealous of Tad's success with the DJing. Paul says he is pleased that things are going well for Tad, but he's fed up of things going Tad's way and never going his way. Harold says everyone is made differently.
Flick is sitting up on the sofa and Joe comes out to talk to her. She doesn't want to tell him but Joe says it's good to talk. Flick admits that she's made a real fool of herself and tells about the wife situation. Joe says if the bloke is married he's too old for her anyway. Flick doesn't know how to face him, but Joe says there's no need to be embarrassed - men are flattered to be asked out. Joe talks about how all the girls fancied her Uncle Mick when they were young and it was a miracle when Lyn came along and likes him. Joe says that he hopes Flick won't give up soccer because of the situation with the postie.
Ramsay Street
Daniel is moving in as Harold, Paul and Tad look on. Paul apologises for being arsey to Tad last night.
Joe is on the phone rather mysteriously. Lyn comes in and makes him a cuppa and they chat about Flick. Lyn compliments Joe on being a good dad and asks him to be a good husband too - by letting him cut her hair. Michelle comes in and sees them canoodling and says, "Yuk."
Coffee Shop
Flick is telling Tad and Paul about Postie Pete being married. Tad laughs, but Paul is more sensitive to Flick's feelings.
Tess and Daniel come in laughing together. Tad makes smart comments so Tess speaks to him strictly about his homework.
Lyn is practising styling hair on a head dummy. Lyn tells Joe that Gino has entered the hairdressing competition too - in every category. She's sure he will beat her and tells Joe she wants to quit the competition.
The Pub
Tess is telling Steph about her new situation with Daniel - Steph is pleased that Tess won't be lonely. Steph herself is missing Libby. Tess asks about Drew and Steph is rather cagey, saying she hasn't seen him much. Steph is also a bit fed up of her job, she's being made to work very long hours.
Daniel comes in and asks Tess how she feels about pets - he's just bought one. Tess says it's OK with her, but he doesn't tell her what sort of pet it is. Tess says as long as it's not a gorilla!
Joe is telling Lyn off for not even putting up a fight against Gino. Joe says she's one of the best hairdressers he's ever seen and she should go for it. Lyn look touched.
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