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Neighbours Episode 3591 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3591
Australian airdate: 07/08/00
UK airdate: 13/09/00
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Pete Redman: Frank Raco
Gabriel Redman: Mugette
Ari Tsobanopoulos: Campbell Smith
- "Blue Moon" by Endorphin
- "Love Sick Fool" by Rob Gray
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Doula tells Tad she loves his music and she thinks that things could work out. Joe gets a cheque from the developer he was working for
The Scullys'
Joe tells her it's all the money he was owed and they will go to the pub to celebrate! Michelle would rather have a swanky restaurant. Drew says he'll be off, but Steph invites him along to the meal - he thinks it's nice but he really has to go. Joe is thrilled that he's debt-free and there's money still left to stay in the bank, and he can also buy Lyn a new pair of scissors.
Ramsay Street
Drew is going back to number 22 when he sees Lib getting out of a cab. He looks sadly at her.
The Bishops'
Paul comes back in the lounge now Doula's gone, and Tad thinks that he's just a star and Doula loves him - after all, he's a talented guy! He thinks Doula's feelings go deeper for him than just management - it's not just a business thing! Tad says Paul that he'll still be his friend. The cheek!
The Scullys'
Lyn has substantially cut Chelle's hair and they're all teasing her about it. Flick wants to spend some more of the money (so selfish) but Steph and Lyn remind her that it's not a bottomless pit - this is money they were owed anyway.
Chelle loves her new hair and hugs her mum to say thanks! Steph says she's going to Drew's, and Lyn suggests that she leave him - he only left an hour ago. Steph says she's just checking up on him.
Joe tells the girls that they can pay all the bills and have a little left over. He thinks they should spend it on a holiday - the family seem to love it! Seriously - I can't believe that these parents tell their kids all the financial details of their lives!
Number 30
Toadie refuses to let Tad borrow his CDs, especially for commercial purposes. Tad thought Toadie would be pleased for him and pushes him about it. Toadie eventually gives in, and Tad hunts through his collection but apparently it's so 90s and there's nothing there he wants anyway.
Number 22
An unshaven Drew is listening to very loud music and then hears a knock at the door - he looks out the window to see who it is - it's Steph, and he decides not to answer it.
So sprung.
Number 30
Tad is still hunting through Toadie's collection and hasn't found anything except one record, but it belongs to Lance and Toadie says he can't have it. Paul finds a Celine Dion CD - My Heart Will Go On (now there's a Karl and Susan MV I could do) and they tease Toadie relentlessly about it
The Kennedys'
Libby is talking to the computer in frustration.
The Scullys'
Joe is on the phone in the laundry and telling someone to get back to him as soon as possible. Chelle is looking at safari holidays, but Joe just wants a little beach somewhere, like at Pelican Point - where they had their honeymoon. Michelle thinks this is a gross idea, and doesn't want to stay in a caravan.
The Kennedys'
Toadie comes over and Lib tells him all her uni work is going wrong, so she needs to have a break! Toadie tells Lib that she needs to get out the house and he had an email this morning from Billy. Lib tells Toadie that Billy should ask her directly how she is if he wants to know that much.
Lib tells Toadie that she hopes he's never in a serious accident (dum dum DUM!) but if he is he might see that you look at things differently. She tells Toadie to tell Billy that she's fine - he suggest that she emails him herself.
She keeps reassuring Toadie that she's fine.
A Football Field
PostiePete is coaching the girls, and he hands Flick the ball and tells her to concentrate. She kicks and.....GOAL! PostiePete is impressed and Flick is delighted!
The Bishops'
Michelle returns some CDs for Tad and tells Paul that she's going out for tea. She asks him if she looks different and he then notices her hair! She doesn't look best pleased! Tad comes out of his room as Chelle leaves and Tad takes his CDs. He also tells Paul that he's always had an affinity with the Greek culture and starts reading an ancient Greek Love Poem which he says he will learn from Doula. Honestly! He's met her once! And she's not a little bit annoying, either!!
There's a knock at the door and it's a guy with "some stuff from Doula." Tad takes it and the guy tells Tad that he's her brother.
TAD: I suppose she talks about me a bit?
ARI: No.
He unpacks the stuff - lots of nightclub T-shirts which Tad is dead impressed with!
The Bishops'
Joe and Lyn are getting ready for their night out and Lyn asks him if he's serious about Pelican Port. Chelle interrupts them, and Joe says he'll go pick up Flick. Lyn tells him that everything's turned around for them and she's so happy about it. Aw, bless. I'm not a Joe fan, but she looks so happy, that's so lovely!
The Football Field
PostiePete reminds all the team that there's a party here next week, and Flick asks him what party? He is surprised that no-one's told her about it, but it's the social event of the year, apparently! He says it's really important to him that she be there!
He also tells her it was an excellent penalty shot!
Joe turns up to collect Flick and tells her to get cleaned up! He's also pleased to see her enjoying herself.
Ramsay Street
Flick and Joe are in the car waiting and Felicity impatiently gets out to see where the rest of the family are. She runs into Steph and says that PostiePete likes her, and she's so pleased - it's so nice to find out that someone you didn't think likes you, actually does. Just as she says this, Steph sees Drew, and her attention is diverted. Steph watches Drew as Lyn and Chelle come out.
Libby and Toadie are getting into a cab, and Drew sees them. Steph watches all of this from the car.
The Bishops'
Tad's on the phone to Doula thanking her for the T-shirts and memberships - that was really nice of her. He really thinks that Doula loves him! What planet is he on? Paul doesn't think that she's remotely interested in Tad, but he's convinced.
Lou's Place
Chelle wants to go on a proper holiday - still! PostiePete's there and the family wave hello - he tells Joe he couldn't manage without Flick. Joe tells the girls to get what they want from the menu. Flick goes to say hello to PostiePete and says she can't wait for the barbecue. She casually mentions that she also really likes restaurants and meals, and would he like to have dinner with her? Just as she asks, PostiePete sees Gabby - his wife - come into the pub.
Ouch and awkwardness...cut to:
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