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Neighbours Episode 3587 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3587
Australian airdate: 01/08/00
UK airdate: 07/09/00
UK Gold: 27/07/05
Writer: Noel Maloney
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Pete Redman - Franko Raco
Cheyenne Rivers - Angelique Meunier
Tuong Phan - Trent Huen
Tony Simpson - Stan Tsitas
- "Teenager Of The Year" by Lo-Tel
Summary/Images by: Shona
- Lance and Toadie make a bet
- Flick tells Paul that she and Pete will get together
- Lyn tells Steph that she knows that she's fond of Drew but she should remember that he's on the rebound
Field (Soccer Practicing)
Flick arrives for soccer practice. Pete tells her that she should maybe wear something different (everyone else is in football gear while she's in the type of 'sports' gear that's more suited for shopping than physical exercise) and take off her earrings. She looks a little disappointed at his mild telling off and takes her earrings out.
Eden Hills Uni
Toadie tells Lance that he thinks the result will come in about an hour and Lance goes all Fox Mulder on him and demands to know how he knows. Toadie thinks he should see someone about that paranoia. Tuong appears and takes some photos of them.
Number 28
At last - some sanity at the Kennedys. Susan wonders whether she should wear her hair up more often and Karl thinks that she'll look beautiful whatever. She isn't sure how she feels about being Lyn's guinea pig and Karl thinks that there are always wigs, if it all goes wrong. Susan inspects her husband's bald spot and says it is growing back - it's not reflecting as near as much light! Libby comes through the door just as Karl goes for Susan and they flock to her instead, doing the whole smothering how-did-it-go thing. She tells them that her lecturers were all really great. Libby's so happy to be out the house - everyone's been so nice to her. Karl warns not to overdo it.
Number 26
Drew is over, telling Steph about the things he has fixed on her bike, while Lyn oversees them. Steph is so happy that the bike is ready to go. Lyn notices that Drew looks tired, and suggests malted milk, as he isn't sleeping well. Steph invites him to dinner and Lyn agrees - there's plenty to go around. Lyn asks Drew to pick up Flick from soccer and Steph warns that this will be the first of many small favours that will lead to him doing the plumbing and fixing wires...Lyn thanks him and they all wonder why Flick has taken up soccer. Lyn looks worriedly after them as they leave.
Field (Soccer Practicing)
The girls are shooting at goal - Flick misses. She tries to dribble around some cones but is useless at that too. Steph and Drew see this and notice that postie Pete is standing by and both know the true reason for her doing soccer. A girl comes up to Flick just after Pete has wished her well for her none-existent important evening event (which she conjured up to explain her outfit) and tells Flick she'll have to do more to get Pete. Flick denies that's what she's trying to do but the girl isn't buying it.
Number 28
Karl tells Susan that she'd better make sure Lyn doesn't chop off all her hair - or else it's divorce. Susan thinks that it's a good job she loves Karl for his mind and not his tufty locks...Libby appears and asks for Susan to drop some stuff off to Drew. Susan refuses and Karl won't do it either. If Libby wants to break up with Drew she has to deal with the consequences. Susan leaves and Libby says she didn't want to rub Drew's face in it. Karl asks how Drew will feel when he gets that stuff back - she thinks as good as she'll feel giving it to him.
Eden Hills Uni
Lance anxiously watches over the election while Toadie is totally laid back, thinking it's a foregone conclusion. Lance grabs his phone off him and tells him if he says that once more, he'll know 'the real meaning of internal phone calls'. Toadie thinks he's taking it too seriously while Lance thinks Toadie's trying to buy people off with dance parties. Tuong tells them to stand forward. He tells Lance that he fought a good campaign and Lance takes this as victory, shouting 'yes'. But, he was a few votes short. Toadie is the winner!! Lance's face falls.
UK Gold Commercial Break
Number 26
Lyn puts Susan's hair up and thinks they should do something that'll make Karl feel he'll have to work a bit harder! Then she asks if she ever thought about going blond, leading Susan to giggle. 'Autumn gold' says Lyn - a nice shade. Steph and Drew appear and Steph asks about Libby. Susan tells them about her being back at uni. Lyn and Steph watch out the window, seeing Flick practicing her soccer skills. Steph says there's a lot at stake here, but won't elaborate.
Once Steph and Drew have gone through to the other room, Lyn apologises for not telling Susan that Drew would be here, but she says she's not avoiding him.
Number 30
Lance makes paper aeroplanes out of his campaign leaflets.
Lou's Place
Tuong, Toad and the gang are celebrating. Toadie gives a speech - promising he won't let them down. He calls Lance and asks him to come down. Lance would rather do anything than party with him.
Number 26
Lyn has finished putting Susan's hair up and Susan is impressed. Lyn says it's such a competitive category - Gino Esposito always wins! Lyn goes to get magazine article featuring 'Autumn Gold' and Susan and Drew are left alone. She asks how he's been keeping. He says that when you build your whole live around someone, and suddenly they're not there... She understands - he's been trying to fill up the time. She tells him she and Karl are still there for him and he thanks her. Lyn comes back and Susan leaves. Time for Drew to look maudlin and the strains of 'If I Had You' to start then...
Number 28
Karl is rambling on in the background as Libby looks at the contents of the box. Karl picks up the shirt from the box and thought it was her's, but she says she can't stand the memories. She says she doesn't understand why she has to take it back - it'll make things worse. Karl thinks she's running away from things - calling off the wedding, etc. He doesn't understand and she says he doesn't. Susan walks in and Karl complements her on her hair. Libby storms off to wash her hands and Susan asks what's happened.
Number 30
The front door bursts open and Toadie and his entourage come in - the party has come to Lance! Lance won't party though. He can't wait to see when the reality of the job sinks in. Toadie tells him he's worked out what he wants him to do for his bet and it's pure genius!
Number 28
Susan says to Karl that there are so many people in magazines who are blond. Karl thinks it would be shallow to care about someone's hair colour. Libby comes over and tells them she's going to bed. She's looking subdued. But Susan is glad that she's not moping around.
Number 30
Toadie wants Lance to steal the jockey statue from Lou's Place (that's why it was mentioned in ep 3586!). Toadie thinks it's so funny. Lance thinks it'll be easy and he should wait and see - two can play this game!
Number 26
Drew and Steph talk about Flick's crush on Pete. Drew says crushes take over your life - you end up doing the stupidest things! Steph laughs and asks what stupid things he's done. As he goes to leave she tells him she'll come by the garage tomorrow. He leaves and she happily walks into the kitchen, from where Lyn has been spying on them. Steph says where would she be without him - he's such a good friend! Lyn stares at her, asking if she just sees him as a friend. Does she hope for something more? Steph thinks this incredulous - it's Drew! She says he's just a friend and that's all - the thought hasn't even crossed her mind.
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