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Neighbours Episode 3586 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3586
Australian airdate: 31/07/00
UK airdate: 06/09/00
UK Gold: 27/07/05
Writer: Elizabeth Packett
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Tuong Phan: Trent Huen
Summary/Images by: Shona
- Pete tells Flick he hopes he will see her out with his postie round
- Tad tells Paul that he's got the DJ trial
- Lance is confronted with Sandy Swimmer
Eden Hills Uni
The crowd cheers 'Sandy' as a figure emerges through the crowd. Who should it be but Toadie, shouting 'Vote for Me' shamelessly as Lance stares at him in disbelief. Lance asks him what's going on. Toadie says it's time for Sandy Swimmer to shine and Lance grunts that he's a mongrel.
Number 26
Outside Flick is trying to practise her soccer skills. Michelle tells her she's hopeless (and she's right). Joe comes down the steps and decides to tutor his daughter, happy that she's taking up some sport 'Terry Venables, eat your heart out!' One might fear that Joe's football knowledge is not as up-to-date as he might hope.
Number 24
Harold is still raging (well, as much as Harold Bishop is capable of in his own way) at Paul and Tad for their 'Flick's letters to Postie Pete' prank. They admit that they think Flick hates their guts now. Harold has a letter for Tad (from the Siberian night club) that he won't give to him until he's sure Tad understands the full 'impropriety of his actions'. Tad does and thus gets the letter.
Madge is in the kitchen sorting through a shoebox of old recipes and tells Harold that she might make some coconut fingers for him, to his delight.
Reading the letter, Tad finds he needs a chaperone due to being under 18, and it can't possibly be Harold - someone closer to 18 and who knows how to party.
Eden Hills Uni
Meanwhile Toadie is telling the crowd that a vote for Sandy isn't just a vote for someone who knows how to party but someone caring, sharing and honest. Lance wrenches the mike away and asks where the real issues are (which he gets booed for). Toadie thinks they need parties for stress relief. Lance's response is drowned out by the crowd.
Number 24
Madge gives Lou some of her recipes to pass onto Merridy and they muse how awful it is when people have to move away for work purposes.
Number 30
Toadie asks where Lance's sense of humour is. Lance tells him that he's been so stressed about Sandy and he had no idea who Sandy really was. Toadie points out that there always pranks played at election time and he might have even done him a favour - his campaign certainly picked up after Sandy came on the scene. Lance doesn't accept that. In fact he thinks that it's all a big conspiracy (he's been watching too many X-Files...) - Toadie pushed him to run so he could get Steph to himself! Well, he never could get a nice girlfriend. Toadie tells him he wasn't going to run but if Lance is going to be so uptight about it, he just might! Lance says go ahead.
Lou's Place
Joe gets an OJ and talks with Lou about Flick playing soccer, to all their surprise. Lou tells him Lolly is into horse riding and shows him his jockey mascot that stands in the corner, which he likes a lot despite having never mentioned it before today.
Toadie comes in and asks Lou for a word. He tells him that he knows about the deal he has going with Lance (discount drinks) and tells him that he can do one better. Lou tells him he doesn't want to know - it wouldn't be fair on Lance. Toadie says Lance wouldn't have to know and Lou says he just might. 'Why?' asks Toadie. Because he's standing right behind him...with an award-winning scowl on his face. 'How low can you go?' he asks.
UK Gold Commercial Break
Number 24
Paul hangs up and tells Harold and Madge that Flick is still not talking to him. When Paul has gone away they muse over what a shame it is, but nevertheless Paul and Tad were in the wrong. Madge thinks that one of her coconut fingers may cheer him up. Harold thinks that she hasn't made some of these things since they started courting and comes up with an idea. These recipes are far too good to go to waste - why not make a cookbook? Madge isn't sure but Harold is convinced that people would look for something like that. Madge promises to give it some thought.
Tad comes back and tells Paul he couldn't find Toadie to ask him about chaperoning him. Paul says about Flick - he doesn't like people hating him. He decides to go over and talk to her in person - maybe that'll work.
Number 26
On the doorstep Michelle tells the boys that Flick won't see them. Joe appears with some pizzas and suggests they get going.
Number 30
The next day and Lance and Toadie are in the kitchen in total silence. Toadie asks if Lance isn't speaking to him. Lance says he is. Toadie says he has the feeling he doesn't like him any more over the whole election thing. Lance wishes he would apologise but Toadie still insists it was a good joke. Toadie asks whether he should pull out but Lance doesn't think that people will vote for someone who's been so devious anyway. Tad comes in and asks Toadie to chaperone him. Toadie agrees - 'he can count on the Toad.'
Ramsay Street
Paul lingers until Michelle and Flick come out and falls into step with Flick, saying he's sorry about the whole letter thing. Flick tells him to stop stalking her. Tad comes out, fills them in on the gig, and tells Flick that she should come to the club with him. Flick brusquely says she's busy. Joe stops and asks whether anyone wants a lift. Fick goes with him and Tad wonders if she's going to be like that forever.
Eden Hills Uni
Toadie and Lance are campaigning. Lance's 'Wilko is the Man' badge allows half-price drinks at Lou's Place and this seems quite popular. He tells them he also cares about the serious issues. Toadie responds with a dance raising money for women's charities. Lance says this is a shallow gesture. Toadie says they'd like to see Lance dance at one of his dance parties.
Coffee Shop
Lou comes in and Madge tells him that she's putting together a cookbook. Harold appears and suggests she do a whole chapter on tofu, but Madge thinks that might be overkill. Harold tells Lou that the proceeds would go to the Sally Army. Lou thinks that he might be going into desktop publishing and theirs could be the first book he publishes. They wonder where the catch is but there's nothing - beyond Lou getting his share of the profits!
Eden Hills Uni
Toadie's fans are holding him upside down. Lance looks upon them with disdain. Then he stands on the stage, and tells them that Toadie is a moron - 'Give Lance a Chance!' 'Give Nance a Dance!' Toadie retorts to peels of laughter. Lance says he'll make student's lives easier.
Number 26
Joe checks that Michelle isn't on any chatrooms on the net. He has to use the phone and this leads him to this month's extortionate phone bill. Michelle notices that the bill is actually a final notice - they'll cut them off! Joe says they'll pay them - they just have to give up a few of the luxuries like the 'net. 'And your beer?' says Michelle as Joe reaches into the fridge.
Eden Hills Uni
Polling is underway. Toadie thinks that it's obvious everyone is on his side and Lance asks if he's noticed that his alter-ego is a woman. Lance is kidding himself, but Lance thinks Toadie is a hoax. Toadie (obviously forgetting all about the Lance-used-to-have-a-gambling-problem thing) thinks that if he's so confident of victory then they should put a wager on it - the loser does anything that the winner wants. 'Very Brady Bunch' thinks Lance, but he agrees and they shake on it.
Ramsay Street
Paul catches Flick and she tells him she's going to soccer training (not like it's any of his business). Paul thinks the silent treatment is getting boring. Flick tells him that it was no joke. Paul thinks she's being dumb thinking Pete and her would ever get together. Nothing could ever happen between them. Flick thinks the age gap is irrelevant and she doesn't care what he thinks. He likes her and it's only a matter of time until they get together!
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