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Neighbours Episode 3529 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3529
Australian airdate: 11/05/00
UK airdate: 16/06/00
UK Gold: 16/06/05
Writer: John Upton
Director: Anna Johnson
Guests: Dione Bliss: Madeleine West
Brendan Bell: Blair Venn
Patricia McKay: Carole Browne
Merridy Jackson: Suzy Kato
- "Flowers" by Janine Maunder
- "Be There With You" by Human Nature
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Brendan telling Tess he's enjoyed their recent meetings but is off to PNG on business.
Drew and Libby getting their wires crossed as to how they are getting married.
Joel telling Dione he has something to tell her and he hopes he isn't too late.
Joel is just about to tell Dione something when her mobile rings and interrupts them. It's Marcus (who she cancelled to go out with Joel). He doesn't like it when she refers to him as a friend to Marcus and when she gets off the phone, Joel has lost his nerve about what he was going to say but eventually he tells her that he enjoys being with her.
No. 28
Lib shows Karl how much it is going to cost per head for the wedding ($80) which he accepts a little too well for Libby's liking. Susan asks her how many heads is it though and Libby shows her the list and Susan regrets asking to see it!
No. 30
Lou lets himself in to collect the rent money from Joel and lays down the law as to how many can live in the house.
The Coffee Shop
Drew is telling Libby to fess up and tell Karl exactly how much the wedding is going to cost and to do so today. As a diversionary tactic, she tells him that she tried on her wedding dress today. The subject then gets round to what Drew will wear for the wedding.
DREW: Would you mind, eh, when we get married if I wore a dress as well?
Drew explains that the "dress" is actually a kilt, which his parents want him to wear since they now have their own tartan. Lib can't wait because it's sexy to see a bloke in a kilt! Karl pops in quickly and Drew wants her to tell Karl but she chickens out.
Joel comes by to moan at Drew about the phonecall Marcus made when he was out with Dione last night and he wishes he'd told her how he really feels about her. Drew tells him about wearing a kilt for the wedding but Joel is more concerned about Dione, so Drew tells him to tell her that he loves her.
Lou's Place
Lou mentions to Karl and Susan that he has his Driving Skills test later on and since he passed the quiz part no problem, the driving one will be a doddle. Karl winds him up saying the examiner will be a dragon but Lou says his examiner is nice.
The examiner (Patricia) comes in and Lou says she is 10 minutes early and she tells him he is 15 minutes late! And off Lou goes with her.
Susan asks Karl if Libby has talked to him yet about wedding costs. Karl replies only about the dress, so she tells him that Libby will talk to him later then.
No. 28
Libby is fretting about telling Karl the cost of the wedding. Drew tells her to calm down and that Karl won't have a heart attack (he's another 5 years before that one!) when he sees the cost.
Karl and Susan come home and after the chitchat is out of the way, Libby shows him the cost. Karl is absolutely stunned and tells her that he's glad he's only got one daughter! Drew and Libby leave, relieved that Karl took the news very well ... until they're out of the door and he resembles a man on death row at the cost - $20,000 (about 9,000)!
Road somewhere
Lou is chatting away to Patricia on his test. He spots Merridy and as he waves to her, he loses control of the car and mounts a pavement.
LOU: Do you think this will affect how I do?
Lou says the damage is minimal and nobody has been hurt either. He tells her that he's never had a bump in 40 years of driving but Patricia reminds him about his earlier bump. Since time is money and Lou is paying lots of overtime, he starts to get into the car to continue the conversation with Patricia back at the pub. Patricia firmly tells Lou that she isn't recommending him to get his licence due to his unsafe driving before getting into the car herself and driving off!
Lou's Place
Libby is relieved that Karl took the news very well. They spot Tess and Brendan having a great time but spot a depressed Joel at the bar until Dione comes in and joins him.
Dione wants to know why he contacted her as she's in a rush to meet a friend. Joel plucks up the courage to tell her he loves her. She is stunned at this and says she does have feelings for him but wants him to put words into action later on since she has someone to meet. Joel correctly guesses it is Marcus, so he tells her to have a nice night and they'll talk later.
No. 28
Karl is still in shock and he's now lying down with a cold compress on his head citing a migraine. Scrooge Kennedy comes out and he suggests that Pippa could make the dress but Susan tells him to get used to it (the wedding) and the costs!
Lou's Place
Joel, Libby and Drew dissect how he told Dione and her reaction to the news. Libby says it is good news.
Merridy and Lou talk about his failed driving test and he worries how he is going to get Lolly to school in the mornings, so Merridy volunteers her services since she passes there anyway. Lou is grateful as Tess and Brendan comes up to pay the bill before heading home and Brendan volunteers to walk her home.
No. 32
Tess and Brendan arrive safely home and she invites him in for a coffee. They talk about the great evening they've had and he tells Tess that he loves her. Tess replies that she loves him too and asks him to say the night.
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