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Neighbours Episode 3512 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3512
Australian airdate: 18/04/00
UK airdate: 23/05/00
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Daniel Fitzgerald: Brett Tucker
Brendan Bell: Blair Venn
Connie O'Rourke: Val Jellay
Henry O'Rourke: Charles (Bud) Tingwell
Summary/Images by: Pete
Flick overhears Joe saying she's like a stranger to him
Joe argues with Lyn's boss and gets her the sack
Lyn is still reeeling from the shock of being sacked and asks Joe how this could have happened. Joe says he can't do this and he felt like slugging him. He says the job wasn't worth everything she's had to put up with. She wants to go back into the salon, but Joe wants her to go home, and suggests suing him for unfair dismissal. Michelle comes along and tries to find out what's going on, but Joe won't tell her. She asks him for money for a Tshirt, which she takes before he has a chance to say anything.
Tess and Daniel are trying to enjoy an afternoon at the beach, but feel the presence of Tad and Flick and can't get away from their teacher roles, so they leave, but not befroe Flick asks for a lift home for her and Tad.
NO 26
Steph asks Lyn about the circumstances behind her sacking, and suggests that Ivan can't just sack her with no notice, and maybe didn't really mean it. Lyn agrees and wants to go and find out. Joe says she should just take a day off and relax. Flick comes in and Steph takes her off out to explain what's happened.
NO 30
Lance comes in whearing a shocking blue suit/silk shirt combo, much to Toadie's amusement. They discuss what Steph might be wearing, and she's unlikely to have anything dressy. They think maybe Lance should dress down.
Steph, Flick and Michelle discuss how things have to change at home, now it looks like Lyn's lost her job. Steph says no-one is to hassle them for money. Michelle decides to take back the Tshirt she bought.
NO 26
Joe asks Lyn how long things with Ivan have been bad. Lyn tells him that she's been paying wages. Joe says he's got some news to tell her she won't like.
Outside, the Scully girls are excited by the arrival of Nanna and Gump.
Inside, Joe and Lyn realise they're broke, because Joe's developer went under. Joe thinks they'll manage, which sets Lyn off. They begin to row until she looks out of the window and sees Nanna and Gump have arrived. They come in the front door shouting 'surprise!' and Lyn embraces them.
Joe helps Gump in with a freezer box full of Flathead and Lyn and the girls chat with Nanna. Gump suggests a BBQ. We find out it's Steph's 21st birthday in a few weeks. Joe asks how long they're staying and Lyn says they can stay as long as they like.
NO 30
Toadie is on the phone doing Joel's phone canvassing. Lance comes in wearing a blue shirt and cream trousers. Toadie makes fun of him again, and says he thought he was going casual, but he's worried that Steph won't. He says he can't afford anything new, and suggests using the rent money till Lou gets back, but Toadie won't let him.
NO 26
Joe hides out in the bathroom while Lyn cleans, having called off her strike while her parents are here. They're stressing out about how to afford their new guests. The grandparents come in with Flick and Michelle who've got new presents.
NO 30
Toadie is on the phone again. Lance comes in wearing a smart tux, which he's hired using the rent money. Toadie isn't impressed, and hopes he gets the deposit back. Toadie says the phone canvassing is stressful because customers keep yelling at him. Lance makes him see that he always yells at phone canvassers, so it sounds like poetic justice.
NO 26
Everyone is busy chatting. Lyn makes a phone call and suddenly shouts 'What?' which gets everyone's attention. Lyn is forced to tell her parents that she's been sacked, although she's 'kindly been given one weeks' notice.
Later Gump tells her she should be suing for unfair dismissal and Nanna tells her to look into it. Lyn wants to go back, but Joe tells her she shouldn't and Nanna and Gump agree. After all, they've got Joe's income to fall back on for a while. Joe tells them that things are going great with his business, which they're very happy about.
NO 32
Daniel and Tess are busy cutting up some apples, when Brendan arrives at the door. Daniel makes his excuses and leaves. Brendan says they need to talk. Tess says she thought they had, but Brendan says there's much more to say, and could she at least here him out.
NO 26
Flick is on the phone to her boyfriend, hiding in the bathroom. She tells him something has come up at home and she can't meet him tonight.
NO 32
Tess asks Brendan how the anger management is going. He says he's never done anything so hard, facing things about himself and he needs to apologise to her to make amends. He's been a mongrel and he's ashamed. Tess says he frightened her. She remembers how good it was when they first got together, and then she remembers him hitting her. He says it would be different this time, he's changedand he wants one last chance. He loves her and he always will.
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