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Neighbours Episode 3499 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<3498 - 3500>>
Episode title: 3499
Australian airdate: 30/03/00
UK airdate: 04/05/00
UK Gold: 26/5/05
Writer: Drew Tingwell
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Carrie Clark: Vanessa Rossini
Lloyd Amos: Peter Flaherty
- "Radio Funk" by Endorphin
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Joe telling Lyn that he's planning for all their futures with the surveyors.
Karl and Susan spotting the surveyors as they arrive home.
Paul and Simone realising they'd been set-up by Flick.
Paul telling Flick to butt out of his life.
No. 22 backyard
Lou and Lolly spot Drew reading in the backyard. They talk about Lou's thawing friendship with Merridy.
No. 30
Joel comes off the phone from Dione - she wants Carrie to come round and see Joel about the job. Toadie and Lance start to wind him up, which freaks him out even more but he hopes that Carrie will realise that her friendship with Dione means more than coming round to see him. Karl comes round wanting a favour from Joel - he has a tactical idea he wants Joel to put to Joe, as he is sure that if he suggests it then Joe will dismiss it straight away.
No. 24
Paul is still irate about what Flick has done to him, so Tad suggests he is besotted with her, which of course he denies.
Cricket practice is in full swing. Joel puts forward "his" suggestion - putting slow bowlers in early if there aren't any quick outs. Joe buys this and tells Joel that he should take over as assistant coach next year.
No. 26
Flick is on the phone to a mystery caller when Lyn comes through from the kitchen, so she quickly disguises the call and tells Lyn that it was a friend calling from school about homework when she asks who she was talking to.
Cricket practice is over and Lou presents them all with new caps, suitably emblazoned with 'Lou's Place is ace' on them. Joe invites the team back to No. 26 for a semi-final eve nosh-up to get some carbs in them. Karl tells Drew that he won't be going as he is finding the team spirit hard to swallow.
No. 26
Lyn brings through some food to the lounge as everyone talks cricket. She takes Joe aside to berate him for not asking her first before inviting the tam round, as she wanted an early night. Lyn also asks why Karl isn't there too. Joe says that he isn't sure and confirms that he did invite him. Lance interrupts the conversation to ask for coffee, but there isn't any so Lyn leaves to get some. As she is leaving, Joe asks her for some tea towels, so she politely tells him where they are found before leaving.
No. 28
Susan with the very squeaky voice tells Karl that he should be eating with his cricket mates not her when he comes over to see what she is cooking. Lyn calls round to borrow some coffee and she too asks why he isn't at her house with the rest of them. Karl gives in and heads over to No. 26 with the coffee.
No. 26
Karl comes in to find everyone "meditating" whilst wearing tea towels on their heads including T-Rex! Joe is leading them in an exercise to help them bond by smoking an imaginary peace pipe! Whilst the rest try hard not to laugh, Joe "lights" the peace pipe (Joel thinks he's been smoking something else!) before saying what he is going to do at the cricket.
JOE: I will lead the team with tenacity and fairness.
DREW: I'm going to bowl tightly and sharply maintaining line and length.
STEPH: I'm going to score runs and keep my wicket in tact.
LANCE: I'm going to bring out the drinks without spilling them and hope no-one gets hurt (howls of laughter)
JOEL: I'm going to make more runs than I ever have before.
KARL: I'm going to play with the team for the team.
LOU: I'm going to make sure everyone has a drink after the game. (cue cheering)
No. 24
Flick escapes the cricket madness to see Tad and Paul. Paul has a go at her for humiliating him but she replies that it was the only way he'd get a date with Simone, so he tells her that he will get a real date with Simone by the end of the week.
No. 30
The boys arrive home to find Carrie waiting inside for them. Lance and Toadie subtly leave so they can talk.
Carrie is keeping it professional by talking about the job until he eventually asks why she is really there. She tells him that she was doing Dione a favour. Joel thought it might have been for another reason, but she leaves as she has got a date, which surprises him.
Erinsborough score 187 runs with their overs. Joe congratulates Joel for the number of runs he has scored and hopes that his bowling strategy wins.
No. 22
Paul has set up a real date with Simone and is over the moon. Tad wonders why he is really happy - for getting the date or for getting one up on Flick.
Joe puts Joel's plan into operation and eventually despite the odd bit of dodgy fielding, they get the opposition out for 179 to win the game.
Lou's Place
It's celebration time at the put and Joe starts the speeches. He thanks them all especially Joel for his idea. Joel can't take the plaudits though, and tells Joe that the idea was actually Karl's. Karl confirms this and why he got Joel to suggest it. Joe isn't impressed that everyone knew this except him, so he tells them all that since they obviously don't respect or trust him then they can find a new coach!
<<3498 - 3500>>
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