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Neighbours Episode 3498 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3498
Australian airdate: 29/03/00
UK airdate: 03/05/00
UK Gold: 26/5/05
Writer: Roger Dunn
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Dione Bliss: Madeleine West
Carrie Clark: Vanessa Rossini
Merridy Jackson: Suzy Cato
Lloyd Amos: Peter Flaherty
- "Life Without You" by Chris Pettifer
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Steph telling Toadie and Joel that the West Warratah biker club is coming to the pub tonight with all his mates and confirms the bad reputation he has.
Joel thinking that the ladies are winding him up until he and his mates arrive at the pub and he and Toadie begin to panic.
Duke of Essex pub
Joe is now getting cold feet especially after the leader spots them nicely dressed in their tutu's and calls them girls. He was actually referring to Dione, Tess and Steph wanting to buy them a drink. Tess takes Joel and Toadie away and the ladies remind them that despite how much they don't want to perform, they have to. Toadie wants to postpone it to another night but Steph reminds them that there are bikers in every night, so to get on and do it.
No. 26 (late)
Flick quietly lets herself out of the house without waking anyone up.
Duke of Essex pub
Steph introduces Joel and Toadie to the crown. They begin to sing 'Mary had a little lamb' but aren't exactly showing some effort but getting a lot of laughs. That is until the leader asks them if they are making fun of his mum who is called ...Mary! Steph and Dione offer encouragement but they quickly change the song to 'Twinkle, twinkle little star' after seeing him stare at him.
No. 30
The change of song obviously went well as Joel and Toadie come home in a jubilant mood. Joel asks why Steph goes to such a rough pub but she says that it isn't usually that bad.
No. 26
Flick quietly lets herself back into No. 26.
No. 24
Harold asks Tad if he has heard anything from the adoption agency and he says no but he knows that she is out there somewhere. After a little prompting, Tad reveals that when he is out he is starting to look at certain women and wonder if they are his Mother, and that one day he will see someone and just know it is her. Harold also asks if he has been in touch with 'Vanish', a self-help group for those affected by adoption but Tad isn't keen on that. Paul comes out of his bedroom and the two of them badger Harold into sponsoring the Extreme Sports and again Harold says no.
The Coffee Shop
Lou and Lolly pop into TCS for muffins before heading off to the school (Lou is going to be helping out in class). Paul and Tad come in but before they can ask Lou about the sponsoring, he tells them no. Simone comes in and Paul acts all weird so Flick asks why he won't talk to her. It turns out he's still feeling stupid from trying to talk to her before.
Primary School
Lolly drags Lou over to her desk and after getting acquainted with the little chairs he joins in with the art session.
No. 30
Dione calls round to invite Joel to a weekend away in the snow (they get snow in Australia???) Joel wonders where he'll get the money from for it, so she suggests using his voice by doing market research, as Carrie has been doing that. Toadie encourages Joel to give Carrie a call to get the info.
Primary School
Lou is helping Lolly with some art at the school. Merridy suggests that he comes more often, to provide a 'father figure', in particular to the pupils that come from one-parent families.
The Coffee Shop
Flick and Simone are discussing cute men ie. Paul. Flick gives him an 8 whereas Simone only gives him a 4 because he ignored her earlier that morning and she doesn't think he likes her. Flick tells her that Paul likes her more than she thinks.
Flick has arranged a date between Paul and Simone on her behalf and passes on the details to a very excited Simone. Tad comes over and wonders what she is up to, as it turns out that Paul hasn't agreed to the date...yet, but she is sure that he will thank her for it in the end!
The Coffee Shop
Lou is telling Harold about his time at the school and how much he enjoyed it. Just as he is telling Harold that "Mrs Jackson isn't the dragon he thought she would be", she comes into TCS and hears this. She comes up to the counter and Lou apologises for what he said and invites her down to the lake with them.
No. 30
Dione is back - she forgot her bag and wanted to kiss Joel too, much to Toadie's disgust. He eventually asks her if she has spoken to Carrie yet, and Dione replies that she will but later on. When she leaves, Joel berates Toadie for continuing to mention Carrie's name whilst he is trying to forget about her!
The Coffee Shop
Simone is waiting for Paul to arrive when he comes in looking for Flick! They start talking to each other before realising they've both been set up and are equally ready to kill Flick.
Lassiters Lake
Lou and Merridy chat whilst Lolly plays near the water. She tells Lou about her husband dying in a boating accident and that it took a while to get over it, and that she has two grown-up sons who are studying away at University. Lou tells her about how Cheryl died and how Lolly doesn't really remember her and how she will react in the future to growing up without a mum.
No. 26
Joe is looking for a survey, which hasn't arrived in the post and this sets Lyn off on one. Thankfully Paul's arrival to talk to Flick interrupts her.
Outside No. 26
Paul still isn't happy at being set up and when she asks how it went, he tells her that it was embarrassing and not to set them up again.
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