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Neighbours Episode 3495 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3495
Australian airdate: 24/03/00
UK airdate: 28/04/00
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Cath Roden
Guests: Dione Bliss: Madeleine West
Cecile Bliss: Molly McCaffrey
- "Drunk Times" by Automatic
- "Keep On My Side" by Ammonia
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Michelle having hassle at school
Joe telling Karl that he hasn't made the team for the next cricket match
Kennedys, that evening
Karl is ranting about Joe. Susan says they're carrying on like kids. Drew says for what it's worth, he thinks Joe is in the wrong - the land boundary dispute shouldn't bleed over into cricket. Karl says he thinks the rest of the team will support him.
Joe is telling Lyn that he thinks the rest of the team will support him(!) Lyn just can't believe that he got into a fight on his birthday - cricket is meant to be fun! Lyn says maybe he should keep Karl on the team for the sake of getting along with the Neighbours - they'll be run out of town at this rate(!) Michelle says she wouldn't mind - she hates it in Erinsborough. Joe threatens to go down the school and sort things out but Michelle begs him not to. She says if he comes down the school she'll die of embarrassment and he'll only make things worth. She can handle it herself.
The Pub
Karl is ranting to Lou about being dropped from the team. Lou says that Karl has his support and he'll withdraw his sponsorship if necessary.
Dione is telling Joel that Carrie is still mad about Dione trying to set her up with Toadie. She says she'll try to make it up with Carrie if she can.
Michelle is lying on the sofa with a stomachache. Joe thinks she's trying to avoid the girls at school. Michelle says maybe she's got a grumbling appendix(!) She insists she can deal with the bullies herself.
The Pub
Libby joins Joel and Dione at their table with a business proposition for them. She wants to cover the story of Joel and Toadie humiliating themselves in tutus! Joel says that he can't see it happening - they need a hundred subscriptions to do it, and noone ever gets anywhere near that number. Libby says he'd better hope that history repeats itself and giggles at him.
Drew comes to see Joe to talk about the cricket team selection. Drew says that the team was supposed to be a community team and Joe is turning it into World War Three. Drew says if Joe drops Karl there'll be no team spirit, and without team spirit they won't win, however hard they train. Lyn congratulates Drew on talking sense and thanks him for coming over.
When Drew has gone, Lyn tells Joe that he'd better reinstate Karl or else.
Karl is eating his dinner while Susan is on the phone to Bill. She is telling him that she hopes he's not eating takeaway pizza for dinner(!) Karl shouts that Bill can eat as much pizza as he likes, then takes his own slice of pizza out of a takeaway box(!)
Susan tells Karl that Bill still hasn't been paid for his work at the Salon despite sending four invoices.
Joe calls for a word with Karl and says he's been hasty in his decision to drop him from the team. He says he's reinstating him. Joe walks off before Karl can crow.
Karl tells Susan that now the pressure is really on - Joe will be waiting for him to mess up.
Cricket field, the following day
Our Heroes are fielding but not doing very well with Karl dropping a catch. Joe sends him out to the boundary as punishment.
The Salon
Lyn is cleaning up after doing the hair for a wedding when Susan and Libby come in. Susan asks gently about the invoice for Billy. Lyn says she has told Ivan, but she'll ring him again. Susan says if Lyn gives her Ivan's number she'll ring him herself. Lyn writes it down.
Lyn apologises to Susan for going off at Tess and admits that Tess was in the right.
Libby picks up a leaflet and says she likes the sound of the "Indulgence" package which includes a facial and a massage. Susan innocently asks what a "French Wax" is. Libby and Lyn look embarrassed. Libby hints gently to Susan what it is and Susan makes a face and says she'll pass on that(!)
Cricket field
Our Heroes are batting and Joel hits a six, but is then bowled out. The team is 178/9 with a target of 198 and Karl is the last batsman. Joel wishes Karl luck.
Dione comes up to talk to Joel and congratulates him on his innings. She tells her that Carrie is still cross with her.
Joe tells Karl he hopes he can do better with the bat than in the field(!) Karl steps up to the crease.
Karl is still batting and the score stands at 197/9. The pressure is on as Karl hits the ball and goes for two runs. He throws himself across the crease and for a hairy moment it looks like he has been run out, but then the umpire shakes his head and Our Heroes have won!
Joe shakes Karl's hand and pats him on the shoulder saying he never doubted him(!) Karl is chuffed to bits.
The Pub
Our Heroes are having a post-match drink and Lou says he bets Joe is pleased that he put Karl back on the team. Joe looks awkward and tells Karl that it was a top effort. Karl says that it wasn't just him, it was a team effort and they all cheer.
Libby and Drew head off, but Karl remains to savour his victory. Libby tells him to enjoy it because it'll never happen again(!). Karl says that today proved one thing - they can get on together if they want to. He tells Joe that they should put the aggro behind them and they shake hands. Joe tells Karl that the surveyors will be around next week to check out the boundaries(!)
Dione suggests to Joel that they watch a video at her place. The film is about a guy that strings two girls along(!) Joel looks uncomfortable and says maybe it's not his thing(!) But Dione drags him off anyway.
Susan is pleased that Karl won in the cricket but Libby says he's more happy that he can "shove it up Joe Scully"(!) Drew says that his mum wants a copy of the photo that Aunty Minnie is going to take. Libby says the photo will be cheesy - all draped in silk and dopey expressions. Susan says they should just enjoy it(!)
Ivan calls Lyn and tells her that he wants to meet her. Michelle wants to take theday off school, saying that her stomach is hurting. Joe says that things are getting beyond the pale - he's going down the school to sort things out. Michelle says there's no problem, but Joe is resolved. Lyn asks Joe to be a bit sensitive and not make things worse for Michelle. Joe says he will be sensitive.
Michelle and Joe arrive at school and Michelle is greeted by some girls. They act friendly but when Joe has gone they turn on Michelle. One of them, Cecile, pushes Michelle to the ground. But Joe has come back and sees what has happened. Susan comes up and Joe tells her about Michelle being pushed over, but Michelle insists that she tripped. Joe says it has all been going on for weeks. Michelle begs Joe to leave it alone.
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Susan Kennedy, Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3495
Susan Kennedy, Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Joel Samuels in Neighbours Episode 3495
Joel Samuels

Michelle Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 3495
Michelle Scully, Lyn Scully

Drew Kirk, Lyn Scully, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 3495
Drew Kirk, Lyn Scully, Joe Scully

Karl Kennedy, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 3495
Karl Kennedy, Joe Scully

Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3495
Drew Kirk

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3495
Karl Kennedy

Lou Carpenter, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3495
Lou Carpenter, Drew Kirk

Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 3495
Joe Scully

Joe Scully, Cecille Bliss in Neighbours Episode 3495
Joe Scully, Cecille Bliss

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