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Neighbours Episode 3467 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3467
Australian airdate: 15/02/00
UK airdate: 21/03/00
UK Gold: 04/05/05
Writer: John Upton
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: None
- "Live Through This" by Felicity Hunter
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Shona/Shona
Anne asks Amy how long she's been seeing Damien. Amy says that she loves him.
Lyn and Susan tell their respective spouses that as long as the land dispute goes on they can forget about 'it'.
Number 32
Amy, in her airline uniform, hasn't told Lance yet but she's just back. Anne finds out that she hasn't told Damien yet either. Amy uses her work as an excuse. Anne tells her she has to sort it out fast. Amy says she'll tell Lance in a minute, but she thinks it'll be awful, she'll feel like a Nazi. And she doesn't want to feel like a Nazi, she hates war movies. Anne smiles at her Amyism and tells her it has to be done.
Outside number 30
Amy walks slowly up the street to see Lance putting stuff in the ute. He tells her he has something to give her. She asks if they can talk for a while. He tells her yes, after he's done some errands. She isn't happy by the sound of the present he's giving her.
Number 28
Karl asks Bill if he's alright, but he's a bit gloomy about the apprenticeship with the master craftsman. Libby appears and tells them that she isn't going to be going overseas. Karl can't believe it - he bought the ticket. She tells him she's sorry and they can't get a refund. Bill says he'll take it but it's non-transferable. Libby's scared about losing her job - Geri wants it. Karl says there are other papers - the Erinsborough News isn't the Times of London. She tells him she'll pay him back but she's not going and that's the end of it. She storms off. Karl says they'll sort it out and puts his arm around Susan's shoulders. She takes his hand off and reminds him of their agreement.
Number 26
Steph is planning her big Australia trip - she tells Joe that her cricket coach better give her leave. Joe is cleaning up at lot of dishes and glassware and Lyn tells him that she appreciates it. Karl Kennedy would appreciate a visit. Joe tells him he won't get one. Lyn says he knows she means it. Steph tells them not to carry on like Newlyweds in front of her but Lyn assures her nothing is going on. Joe thinks that may change. Steph flees to the pub - far too much information. Lyn asks Joe for the magic word - he says 'aftershave' but she says it's 'Karl'. The magic word then, is no, and Lyn is certain it is. Joe tells her that she thinks he can't handle the pace - well just watch!
Number 30
Amy arrives and Lance plans they go to the pub for dinner. Lance wants to give her the present. As she sits on the sofa he stands behind her and gives her the frame of all their classic moments. She looks tearfully at it. He tells her she's really beautiful before going to jump in the shower. She looks at it, ready to cry.
Number 28
Libby thinks she might have found an alternative - if Karl wrote her a certificate they could get the money back on the health insurance. Karl tells her it's fraudulent, not to mention unethical. She blasts at him that he'd rather she pays it back while she's earning peanuts. The solution, Karl tells her, is to go. There's nothing holding her back. She asks why he's changed his mind to thinking travelling's a good thing. Bill thinks that some offspring are more equal than others, but they disagree. What's bothering Karl is Libby never seems to stick to anything. Bill goes to Anne's. Karl asks if she was ever serious about going but she tells him he doesn't understand and she'll pay it back. Susan wonders if he's maybe being a bit harsh and taking other things out on her. Karl hates her chopping and changing.
Number 30
Amy stares at the collage, crying. Lance comes out and asks what's wrong. She tells him that it's nothing - she's stressed and it's been a long day. He asks what she wanted to talk about but she says it's nothing and it's just work. He thinks she's also a little emotional about the photo board. He tells her he loves her but she says nothing back. They leave, but she leaves the photo board to collect later.
The Pub
Libby is playing pool with Steph. Steph thinks that if Libby goes Geri might stuff up the job anyway. But Libby thinks she's smart and the boss would fall for her feminine wiles. Steph agrees that she wouldn't go in her shoes.
Amy and Lance come in, Lance talking about how he was terrified Amy would dump him when she found out about the gambling but she didn't. Fate is the only way to explain things. Amy thinks maybe not. Lance says maybe it's not fate, just her inner beauty.
Number 26
Lyn is sorting out the washing when she finds the French movie that Flick was watching in ep 3466. She puts it on and Joe comes in, sitting beside her. Joe thinks she's devious and she thinks he's pig headed and short-sighted. He tells her she won't break him but she asks for some give and take. He tells her that Karl takes and they give. He decides to go for a walk and not sit and watch the film. She won't win.
The Pub
Amy has little appetite and Lance notices she's been quiet. She starts to begin to maybe tell him but who should come in but Bill and Anne with impeccable timing! Anne notices that they need space and takes him off. Amy tells Lance that Anne must think they need some space. Lance tells her that he's going to cheer her up.
The Coffee Shop
Joe comes in and sees Karl - he asks about how he is and Lyn - he says Lyn's good, excellent. He asks about Susan who is 'fine and excellent'. Karl walks off to pay.
The Pub
Lance is telling Amy about something she isn't very interested in. She gets up to get another drink. Bill goes to kidnap Lance and Amy tells her about the photo board and having not broken up. Anne tells her to be honest.
Number 30
Bill thinks something's going on and wonders about Amy but Lance thinks she's tired. He tells him about the board and that she got emotional about it. Bill tells him that Anne's acting weird too. They go and play some Video Game-arama.
Number 32
Amy's in tears - she's been so sick at work and has been saying it's air sickness. Now they say she can't fly anymore. She says she loves Damien and it's what keeps her going.
Number 28
'Daddys-little-girl' comes out and Bill blasts her for getting away with not going overseas. He and Mal wouldn't. Libby thinks he's bitter over the missed apprenticeship. Susan comes out and Karl tells them to give it a rest. Bill leaves. Karl asks about the ticket and Libby reiterates the deal about the money. Susan muses that it's a lovely start to the day. Karl thinks she's contributing significantly to the tension in the house. She tells him he knows what to do, but Karl thinks Joe's a moron and he won't play his games. Susan tells him that he won't be playing any games then.
Number 30
Lance opens the door and it's Amy. He tells her that he knows why she's here - he knows everything. She looks worried and asks if it was Anne or Tess. Neither, says Lance. He worked it out for himself. She asks how. He tells her it's the photo board - she got a bit emotional about it and now she's here to pick it up. She says no, it's not it. Lance asks what it is then. She tells him she has some pretty bad news...
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Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3467
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 3467
Steph Scully

 in Neighbours Episode 3467

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3467
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Lance Wilkinson, Amy Greenwood in Neighbours Episode 3467
Lance Wilkinson, Amy Greenwood

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3467
Libby Kennedy

Lance Wilkinson, Amy Greenwood in Neighbours Episode 3467
Lance Wilkinson, Amy Greenwood

Billy Kennedy, Anne Wilkinson, Amy Greenwood, Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3467
Billy Kennedy, Anne Wilkinson, Amy Greenwood, Lance Wilkinson

Karl Kennedy, Joe Scully in Neighbours Episode 3467
Karl Kennedy, Joe Scully

Amy Greenwood in Neighbours Episode 3467
Amy Greenwood

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