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Neighbours Episode 3436 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3436
Australian airdate: 15/11/99
UK airdate: 07/02/00
UK Gold: 13/04/05
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Charlie Thorpe - Katrina Baylis
Rupert Coburn - Craig Blumeris

- "Flowers" by Janine Maunder
Summary/Images by: Shona/Shona
Charlie tells Toadie that her visa has run out and she has to leave in a few weeks - therefore they have to have the wedding before then or they don't have it at all.
Restaurant in the city
Picking up from where we left off Charlie tells Toadie that he has to think what he wants to do. Toadie needs time to think. Charlie says it can't wait and all she knows is she loves him. He tries to get his head around this and suggests she go back to England, gets it sorted and comes back. This doesn't go down well - Charlie isn't made of money. He ventures the idea of talking to a lawyer but she's worried about the cost and thinks that he doesn't want to get married. Toadie says he isn't saying that. She thinks he doesn't trust her and marriage means trust! She throws her fork down onto a nice plate of curry and storms off, leaving Toadie looking confused.
Number 30
Lance and Joel are eating pizza in their pigsty of a kitchen. Lance feeds Bob some pizza, getting him to stand on his hind legs. He wonders about getting him to do tricks as he'll have to start paying his way soon. Apparently Lou's mate wants to stay with them, Lance tells Joel and Joel doesn't like the idea, a bit scared that Lou will be a big bossy landlord and force them to. Lance tells him that Jock has been through a big divorce and Lou thinks they can cheer him up. Joel is annoyed with Toadie screwing up everything, only interested in his own happiness. They come up with a plan to pretend someone else has already taken the room - someone from uni or something.
Number 24
Harold, Paul and Tad are talking about Lolly coming to stay (Lou has to go to Queensland urgently, although Harold won't tell the boys why). The main issue is who is going to free up their room for Lolly. Tad thinks she can sleep in Paul's room but Paul argues that he's got his guitar in there...Madge comes in with Lolly, and Paul tells her that Tad has offered his room. Madge ignores Tad's protestations and the boys take her through, Tad ahead of them as he has 'to move some stuff'. Madge tells Harold that she thinks Lou's made the right decision - Lolly doesn't need to be in Queensland with Lou when Lauren's having martial problems. The boys come out with Lolly and make a racket before disappearing back to the bedrooms. Harold wearily takes off his glasses, rubs his eyes, and says 'Strength, my love.'
Number 28
Susan is telling Karl that she wants to get back to teaching but Karl's worried about the shortfall in cash if she gives up her position as principal. Susan wants him to support her, even though he continues to give lots of reasons why she shouldn't change jobs.Bill opens the door - it's a downbeat Toadie. Karl and Susan congratulate him and ask if he's called his folks, which he hasn't. Before Karl goes off to bed he takes Toadie by the shoulders and congratulates him again, 'you grown up Toadman'. Toadie fills Bill on Charlie's visa situation and wanting to get married straightaway. Bill thinks it sounds dodgy. Toadie says he loves her, but Bill says he's a smart guy - is love not clouding his judgment? But Toadie can't turn his back on her - his one chance of happiness.
Number 24
Lolly is asleep. Madge and Harold look over the proposal for buying Grease Monkeys and Madge thinks it's a solid proposal. She wonders how Lou is and thinks about Lauren, with a small baby. But they'll get back together and the proposal will work out fine - have faith!
Number 30
Toadie (in his bedroom, which is very blue, like the Toadman's mood) is looking out the window and looking unhappy. Suddenly his mobile rings - it's Charlie. He tosses the phone aside and lies on his back, letting it continue to tweet away in an annoying mobile phone like way.
Number 30
Meanwhile, in the messiest kitchen in the state of Victoria, Lance can't find anything clean to put his breakfast in. Joel tells him to use his hands - that's what he does. Toadie comes in with his textbooks and makes the mistake of putting them down on the kitchen table, getting something 'gross' on them. Lance very kindly uses his fleece top to take the mess off, informing Joel that it isn't cleaning but 'transferring'. They notice Toadie is uptight and Toadie tells them that everything is still on track with Charlie. They tell him that Lou's mate wants the room. Toadie wants them to be quiet - he's trying to study (why doesn't he study in his room since we know he has one? Perhaps the blue was making him too depressed...). The boys leave and Toadie's phone rings again. He cancels the call.
Number 28
Libby fills her parents and Bill in about Lou going to Queensland. Karl's in a rush and Susan is annoyed about the hot water running out on the shower again - Karl in typically manana style says he'll look at it at the weekend, but Susan wants a professional to fix it.

Toadie arrives as Karl and Susan leave. He got no sleep last night, and he can't study. He doesn't care what she's done or if she's using him - he's never felt like this before and he's going to be with her.
Number 28
Bill says if it's what he wants, he's happy for him. Toad thought he'd try and talk him out of it but Bill wouldn't waste his breath, Toadie being a stubborn as he is. Bill offers Toadie some work at the workshop during the holidays for some extra cash and Toadie thanks him for his confidence.
Lassiters Lake
'Rupert!' comes a voice. It's Charlie, sitting in the pagoda with a young man, who tells her that it's over and she can't marry this guy. Charlie says she's trying to prove to him how much she loves him. As she talks Toadie comes down the hill towards the lake. Charlie will do anything to stay with him. Rupert looks her in the eyes and tells her they aren't together. Toadie walks closer round a bush. Rupert thinks conning a guy into marrying her is sick, but she's doing it to be together. He shouts at her that they're finished. Toadie spots them and starts running towards them, hearing her scream 'you can't say that!'. She tells Toadie that Rupert was hassling her. Rupert says she's a headcase. Toadie tells her that he should leave her alone. When Rupert finds out he's her boyfriend he tells him that she's using him. Toadie menacingly tells him to leave. Rupert tells him he's making a big mistake. Charlie cuddles into him, saying she was so scared. Toadie tells her she's safe now.
Lou's Place
Libby asks Lance and Joel about the marriage and they admit Toadie's been weird since he got with Charlie. They admit they're sceptical about it and she's the same. Lou left a note about Jock and they don't want him to stay. Libby tells them that he does have the right to make them take him in, even though she understands why they're not happy. She'll back them up on their plan, but thinks they should find a real housemate. Joel says Lance will have to clean the house for them before they get a new housemate and Lance wants him to get in his head that he's not the cleaning lady.
Lassiters Lake
At the pagoda Charlie tells Toadie that Rupert keeps harassing her. Toadie thinks they should go to the cops, but she says he's harmless. He thinks about going and having a chat to him, but she tells him not to. She actually feels sorry for him. But she wants to get married, and put the past behind them. Toadie says they'll do it her way - they'll get married ASAP. She laughs and kisses him.
Bill's Workshop
Toadie arrives, all cheery and tells Bill that he knows why Charlie's desperate to get married - it's to do with the stalker psychotic ex-boyfriend. Bill asks if they've gone to the cops but he says no and they'll still be getting married ASAP with the visa problem. He thanks him for sticking by him. Bill asks if he'll help him out with a shop renovation which he might get, and Toadie will - he needs all the money he can get for the wedding.
Number 24
Harold is asking Karl about small business and Madge admits they've got cold feet since the bank rejected them. Karl thinks there are a lot of pros and cons: Grease Monkeys will be a lot of hard work. Tad comes out to grab the sauce - no doubt to illustrate a bedtime story about Dracula. Karl thinks if they can handle those kids they can handle anything.
Number 30
Joel is telling Jock over the phone that he can't come over as Lance has come down with something very quickly. Lance pours soup into a pan as a sound effect. Joel thinks it sounded suss. They have to get a new housemate within the next three days. Jock sounded about a hundred!
Number 28
Karl comes in with a book on small businesses. Susan tells him that the position of vice-principal is coming up and there will be some teaching involved. She's going to go for it. Karl reminds her it's a step down but it doesn't bother her. Karl is negative and she's grateful for him playing devil's advocate although she won't feel about it like he would. She tells him to remember who supported him during his mid-life crisis (which one??)
Lou's Place
A chipper Toadie comes in. He asks Libby whether it would be dumb to sell his car to cover the cost of the wedding. She thinks it must be true love. Toadie will see Drew about it. Libby sees that he really loves her and plants a big kiss on his cheek, saying she's a lucky girl.As she leaves who should walk in the door but Rupert! He goes up to Toadie and tells him he knows he doesn't want to hear anything bad about Charlie - but she told him she talked him into marrying her. Toadie says it isn't true and he knows Rupert's been hassling her. Rupert pulls out an envelope and tells him it's a letter. She lied to him - she isn't a student but is here on a tourist visa. He thinks she isn't well and has to go back to her family. Toadie shouldn't marry her! He pushes the letter towards him and tells him that he should read it before leaving.
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Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3436
Toadie Rebecchi

Madge Bishop, Tad Reeves, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Paul McClain, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3436
Madge Bishop, Tad Reeves, Louise Carpenter (Lolly), Paul McClain, Harold Bishop

Billy Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3436
Billy Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3436
Toadie Rebecchi

Charlie Thorpe, Rupert Coburn in Neighbours Episode 3436
Charlie Thorpe, Rupert Coburn

Toadie Rebecchi, Charlie Thorpe, Rupert Coburn in Neighbours Episode 3436
Toadie Rebecchi, Charlie Thorpe, Rupert Coburn

Joel Samuels, Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3436
Joel Samuels, Lance Wilkinson

Libby Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3436
Libby Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi

Rupert Coburn, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3436
Rupert Coburn, Toadie Rebecchi

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