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Neighbours Episode 3408 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3408
Australian airdate: 6/10/99
UK airdate: 20/12/99
UK Gold: 24/3/05
Writer: John Upton
Director: David Myles
Guests: David “Fanto” Hodges: Daniel Dinnen
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Billy trying to chat up Tess, then finding out she's a teacher when he arrives home, then his day getting worse when Anne and Fanto walk into the pub looking more than just friends.
Billy having stormed out of the pub, goes into his wallet and retrieves a photo of himself and Anne and rips it up into small pieces.
Lou's Place
Anne is still a bit shaken at Billy's reaction and wants to go after him but Fanto tells he not to, to save Billy's feelings. He then asks her to move into the warehouse with him and Anne says she'll think about it.
No. 26
Ruth proposes to Phil that if she gets the job at the hospital then she'll stay in Erinsborough and come up to Darwin every second weekend. Phil rules this out on her behalf because of costs but Ruth still thinks it is up for negotiation.
Lance sees Billy walking home and gives him a lift despite his reluctance to accept it. Billy tells Lance it is now all over between him and Anne ... so Lance invites him back ... to No. 26!!!
No. 26
Billy wonders why he is there, and also doesn't want to be there should Anne come in. Lance tells him to get used to seeing her and as they start on the beer they order in comfort food.
No. 28
Karl and Susan are tidying up after their meal with Tess when a journalist phones again wanting Karl to tell his story about being lost in the bush. Susan comes up with a plan - Karl selects a magazine he approves of and gives them the interview.
No. 26
The comfort session is in full swing when Amy calls round. It gets a bit smushy before she wants the gossip on Fanto and Anne. Lance tries to hint to her to shut up, which she doesn't do, so Billy who has been lying on the sofa says hello and she quickly changes the subject. Billy leaves and as he opens the door, he catches Anne and Fanto kissing.

Fanto is telling an uninterested Lance and Amy about his plans for the warehouse. To try and cheer Anne up, they jokingly wonder what her life will be like in 10 years time and Fanto doesn't exactly like the joking around they are doing. Fanto leaves and Anne invites the sceptical duo round to see the warehouse.
No. 26 next day
Ruth tells everyone her plans (for Lance and Anne to move in with her) if she gets the job at the hospital. Lance tells her that he's already made plans to move into No. 30 and likewise Anne says she's got plans too (moving into the warehouse). Anne and Lance start bickering about the warehouse and Hannah wonders if this means that Ruth and Phil are splitting up.
No. 28
Billy's been offered more commissioned work making mirrors, and explains to his parents that he's reluctant to accept it as it means asking Anne to work with him since she did the decoration on them, and of course since she's now going out with Fanto he's reluctant to ask her.
No. 26
Billy has obviously changed is tune very quickly as he's called round to ask Anne to help him with the mirrors. She accepts and Billy even offers to drop them off for her at the warehouse.
The Coffee Shop
Ruth is talking to Susan about the options over the new job, especially after Lance and Anne's reluctance to move in with her.
Anne and Fanto are showing off the warehouse to Amy and Lance. A phonecall interrupts them - it's Joel wanting to put money into the aeroplane game, so they quickly leave to get his money.
The Coffee Shop
Hannah comes in after seeing Ruth there, to ask her about them splitting up. Ruth says she isn't splitting up with Phil but Hannah isn't so sure. She explains to Ruth in a roundabout sort of way that she doesn't want them to split up as she's eventually got used to her and will be upset if she doesn't come to Darwin. Hannah also questions her as to why she married Phil in the first place.
No. 26
Ruth comes home to a sleeping Phil. He's a little down with what has been happening lately and asks her if she got the job at the hospital. Ruth lies and says she didn't, which surprises Phil, and tells him that she is coming to Darwin.
Billy has called round with a mirror frame for Anne. He hands it over and hastily leaves.
Lou's Place
Amy and Lance have come in to celebrate her success with the aeroplane game. Lance tells her she's won but Amy says this is only the start and that she could earn up to $80,000 a year if she keeps investing.
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