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Neighbours Episode 3407 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3407
Australian airdate: 05/10/99
UK airdate: 17/12/99
UK Gold: 23/03/05
Writer: Sally Webb
Director: David Myles
Guests: Teresa Bell - Krista Vendy
Natalie Rigby - Nicki Paull
David "Fanto" Hodges - Daniel Dinnen
- "Flowers" by Janine Maunder
Summary/Images by: Shona
Natalie confronting Joel about wearing the wrong t-shirt.
Joel seeing Natalie kissing and hugging a young man.
Erinsborough High
Natalie is about to drive off when Joel catches her attention. He asks who she was with. Natalie, smiling, tells him she's in a hurray - can't they talk later? Joel agrees, still looking confused.
Number 30
Bill comes in to Toadie having brekkie. He tells him that it's been a bit quiet at the workshop since he lost the work with Maurie. Toadie thinks he could help him with his medieval axe. Bill remembers what it's for - 'that Norman Milli Vanilli...' to Toadie's laughter and he corrects him, telling him the proper name of the group he's joined (something which sounds Latin). Toadie wants to be taken seriously at it, and there are some hot babes there. But Bill still doesn't want to play the field, even though Toadie points out that Anne is doing so with Fanto, even if it isn't serious. Bill agrees unenthusiastically. Joel comes in and tells them that he's just seen something very weird.
Number 26
Ruth wants a word about the orthopedics job at the hospital -she wants to know how Phil would feel about her making an appointment to see the head of department. He tells her if she needs to do it she should, but he's not changing his mind about Darwin.
There's a knock at the door - oh, it's David Fanto. Anne's left her case at Bill's workshop and has to pick it up on the way to their afternoon of 'high art'. He presumes he's coming with her but Anne isn't sure it's a good idea. Fanto tells her that Bill has to adjust to them seeing each other, sooner or later. The sooner he does, sooner he'll be able to move on. Anne agrees.
Number 30
Bill suggests it could be a friend, or a nephew. Toadie says nobody kisses their auntie at that age (but if he had an auntie like Natalie, he might...). He thinks it must be another guy for her to be pashing him out in the open like that. Joel protests that it wasn't a pash - and he thought he was younger. Toadie says they know she has a penchant for younger men, which Joel gets annoyed at. He and Bill run off to make the axe-handle, leaving Joel perplexed.
Bill's Workshop
Bill shows Toadie how to shape the bit of wood. Anne appears, seemingly alone, and asks about picking up her gear. Bill agrees, acting friendly towards Anne. Then Fanto walks in, musing about the 'famous cave of the carpenter' - how 'radical'. Bill asks Anne about what work she's off to do. Fanto asks about whether he gets into anything more avant-garde, but Bill likes the traditional forms. Toadie adds it needs more skill. Fanto cattily adds that's the excuse traditional painters use for being stuck in the past too. Anne is ready to go, but Bill tells Fanto he's into making what people want.
Toadie adds:
'This guy's in the business of making a living, but that could be too much of an avant-garde concept for a 'radical' dude like you, hey?'
Anne walks off with him, very unhappy. Bill thinks it's time he faced facts and Toadie says he's ready to play the field - trust him, he's the Toad!!
The Warehouse
Anne and Fanto look at the warehouse space, and Anne thinks it's great. Fanto brings up Toadie thinking he's lazy and she says that he was only sticking up for Bill. He asks where they're going and she doesn't know, although she hasn't thought of much else. She thinks it would be silly to rush into something new. But Fanto thinks that the only way to get into something new is to rush into it, experience everything first hand. He leans in and kisses her, something that will have many Bill and Anne devotees shouting at their TV in frustration and disgust!!
The Coffee Shop
Toadie thinks Bill needs 'food, women and beer, and not necessarily in that order'. But Bill isn't feeling any better. Guru Toad tells him not to look at the past - after all, he could get into a lot of trouble being single. But Bill doesn't know how to be alone. Toadie says there are loads of advantages.
At the counter Phil is paying for Karl's lunch as thanks for him dumping his woes on him. Ruth's interview will be over by now. He tells Karl that he doesn't want to think about what happens if she gets the job.
Just as Karl walks out he comes across Bill and Toadie's table and steals one of Bill's chips, saying 'it's never too early to start thinking about your cholesterol, fellas.''Or your hairline,' mutters Bill. Toadie laughs, and Karl stares sternly at them.
The Warehouse
Anne pulls away from scary Fanto. She feels it's moving too fast and he tells her to tell him how fast or slow she wants to go. It isn't that easy though - she doesn't know. But it feels weird, there's only been Bill before. It feels like he's still a part of her. Fanto says he'll just have to wait then - he's crazy about her. Anne thanks him. A gang of artists come in.
Number 30
There's a knock at the door and Natalie comes in with some lunch for her and Joel. She says that they were both out of line last night and he agrees. But there's some things they need to sort out. That's why she's here.
The Coffee Shop
Ruth comes in. Susan, sitting with Teresa, introduces them to each other. Teresa is leaving, but Susan invites her to dinner as her husband is inter-state.
Susan can tell from Ruth's happy face that there's good news. She tells her that the board indicated that the job is hers, should she want it. But there's still the problem of Phil, who is determined about Darwin. Susan asks what they could do. Ruth's been thinking about living apart and commuting to see each other every other weekend - lots of couples live apart and make it work. She's convinced they can do it. Susan looks very unsure but says 'of course they can', anyway.
Number 30
Natalie tells him that the young man she was saying goodbye to is her son, and his name is Liam. Joel is still confused and asks how she can have a son - she's too young to have such a grown up son. She was 18 when she had him - he's fifteen and she's now 33 (a little older than she'd told him the other day). He asks why she didn't tell him earlier - she couldn't bring it up on a first date. She asks if it's too much to handle and he isn't sure. He needs to know where they're going with this, how she feels. Natalie stares ahead, and then says she has to get to work. He should have a think about it before tomorrow. Joel nods.
Lou's Place
Lou thinks Bill 'is a little ray of sunshine' today and Toadie warns him not to mention his love life. Just then the boys' attention is captivated by Mrs. Teresa Bell, buying some wine. Toadie pushes him to buy her a drink. Reluctantly he goes over and says he hasn't seen her before. He asks if she'd like to have a drink with him and his friend and she says not really, holding up her hand with her wedding ring. Lou is impressed with lads nowadays - so suave! Toadie tells Bill not to mind - it's just cobwebs.
Lou's Place
Back at Lou's, a bit later. Bill is going to leave. Toadie wants to shout him dinner for the axe-handle (which Toadie filed down to nothing). Bill says not to worry - he'll make one in the next few days. Before he leaves, Toadie tells him to remember before he goes to bed tonight that it's 'good to be single'. Bill isn't convinced.
Toadie tells Lou it's been quite around their house since Sarah left and Joel's on nights. Lou mentions Bob and Toadie explains that Bob is at present not the real Bob. Lou looks a bit angry.
The Warehouse
Anne paints as Fanto does a picture squirting paint out of a water pistol - he thinks Jackson Pollock would have approved of his methods. Anne would've thought he would have thought it was cheating. But Fanto wants to do something new. He goes on about painting being an obsession. Anne thinks she isn't obsessed - she's more a hobbyist. He thinks she's been oppressed by her repressive upbringing and she has to break free. He offers her a chance to paint pistol his painting but she says no. So he defaces her perfectly good one. She is annoyed and takes the pistol, using it on his.
Number 28
Karl asks Teresa about the horrible year 9s - her method is to show them who's boss from the word go. Karl has admiration for both Susan and Teresa. Bill comes in, saying he's starving. When he turns around and sees Teresa smiling back at him, Susan and Karl find out they've already met. Susan and Karl smile at him and he decides to leave. The front door closes behind him and a moment later he comes back in, remembering he needs a shower. Karl and Susan say Bill's a 'nice, generous boy': 'a nice, lonely boy'.
The Hotel
Joel goes in and sees Natalie serving. He asks for a 'Fluffy duck'. He's come to ask her out to lunch the next day.
Lou's Place
Toadie explains EvilBob looks like GoodBob - and Lou thinks he'd better find the real one soon as Sarah thinks the world of Bob.
Bill comes in and fills Toadie in on Teresa being at home. She's also the English teacher at Erinsborough High - big oops! Toadie is very amused and Bill wonders if the day can get any worse. Toadie says he could walk out and get hit by a bus - Bill says that would cap it off. Just then Fanto and Anne stumble in and Toad thinks Bill would have preferred the bus.
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