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Neighbours Episode 3357 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: Episode 3357
Australian airdate: 27/7/99
UK airdate: 8/10/99
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Geri Hallett: Isabella Dunwill
Megan Townsend: Allison Byrne
Rachel Ball: Pip Sallabank
Bonnie: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Alan/Alan
Drew says that Geri's all over him one minute and then cold the next. He says maybe it's something he's done. Joel says he's sure it's nothing he's done. Drew asks him what it is then.
Joel tells Drew that it's his fault -he told her about the Libby situation. Drew isn't too pleased that he broke his confidence but Joel says he can fix it. Drew says he thinks it's beyond the point of no return. Joel tells him to drop into uni later. At uni, Geri talks to Libby about Drew and asks her if she'd like to go out with him. Libby says it's not an issue. Drew gets to uni and bumps into Libby who tells him that she doesn't mind him seeing Geri, Drew says he doesn't need her say so. Libby says she was talking to Geri earlier and she seemed to know that he had a thing for her, he asks him not to talk to everyone about them - he says she can't control who he talks to. She leaves and Drew then finds Geri - he tells her they need to talk about their relationship and she says she'll meet him at the garage later.
Lou asks Lance when he plans on collecting his prize meal at the pub (he and Amy won it at the Single and Suffering night) - he says he'll get back to him. Lance talks to Joel about whether he should ditch Megan and go after Amy again, Joel's suggestion is to have them both! Lance leaves and Amy arrives, she pesters Joel again about moving in. He's saved when Drew arrives! Later, Lance also pesters Joel again about moving in!
Libby talks to Joel about Drew and Geri. She goes on about Drew telling Geri about the thing he had for her, Joel tells her that it was him who told Geri. He goes on to say that she's being way too hard on Drew -all he's done is tell her how he feels about her. He says that he's also probably only going out with Geri to get over her and that's not very nice for Geri. They head back to Number 30 and Joel asks her if she's in love with Drew. She says she doesn't know. He asks how she feels about him going out with Geri, she says it makes her angry - she just wants to punch her, him or anyone! Joel says it sounds like she's in love. She asks what she should do. Joel tells her to go for it and she heads off to the garage. At the garage, Geri has turned up - Drew tells her he knows that Joel told her about the Libby thing and asks if that's why she cooled off. She says of course. She asks him how he feels about her now but he says it's more important to tell her how he feels about her - he says she's the best thing that's happened to him in a long time. They kiss just as Libby draws up on her motorbike. Geri uncomfortably goes to make a cup of tea while Drew talks to Libby. She just tells him that she's sorry for blaming him for talking to Geri about his feelings for her when really it was Joel. She goes home and starts to cry.
Lou is very excited about a trip to the Eden Hills Club with Phil... Phil isn't!
Joel plans to sell his bike. He calls up to place an ad and reels off a detailed description of it. The guy asks him how much he wants to charge for it. Joel goes quiet and then asks the guy if he's ever heard of the phrase 'carpe diem' - or rather, seize the day. The guy responds in the same way that we all do - EY?!
Megan drives up to pick up Lance and Ruth asks if she can meet her. Lance says no and dashes out but Ruth follows and keep them chatting for ages! Lance's embarassment ends when Phil comes out and tells Ruth she has a phone call from a patient - it turns out to be a lie, just Phil's way of saving Lance from humiliation! Lance runs into Amy at the pub later, where he's waiting for Megan. He asks her when she wants to take the dinner from the Single and Suffering ball, she says she doesn't want it - Lou overhears and says it's not an open-ended offer!
Amy overhears Megan and Rachel talking about Lance in the pub toilet. Rachel says that Megan's succeeded and Lance isn't as daggy anymore - she says she might as well dump him now and get back to normal. She hands over the $10 that Megan has obviously won for dating him.
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Megan Townsend, Lance Wilkinson, Ruth Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3357
Megan Townsend, Lance Wilkinson, Ruth Wilkinson

Geri Hallet, Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3357
Geri Hallet, Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3357
Libby Kennedy

Joel Samuels in Neighbours Episode 3357
Joel Samuels

Megan Townsend in Neighbours Episode 3357
Megan Townsend

Amy Greenwood in Neighbours Episode 3357
Amy Greenwood

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