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Neighbours Episode 3293 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3293
Australian airdate: 28/4/99
UK airdate: 12/7/99
UK Gold: 17/12/04
Writer: Don Battye
Director: David Myles
Guests: Bill Hails: Ian Pearce
Tom Kennedy: Bob Hornery
Castro: Trained by Wally Dalton
Thatcher: Trained by Luke Hura
Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Alan/Alan
Drew asks Tom if he's sure it's not a fox taking his chickens, even though he's hearing a dog bark it might not be the one taking them. Tom ropes Drew into going outside to catch him.
Tom and Drew return soaked. Tom says he's going to have it out with his neighbours about the dog, although Libby asks if he's sure it's their dog doing it which makes Tom even madder. He continues to moan about his flaming neighbours! Libby tells them both to get changed out of their wet clothes. When they return, the generator breaks down and the lights go out - Tom tells Drew that he can go and fix it with him, although Drew's not so sure that he can! The next morning, Drew tells Tom that he saw a fox up on the ridge a few minutes ago and he thinks that the chicken thief, he asks how many dead chickens have been found and Tom says none because they've all been carried off. Drew says that's the work of a fox not a dog, although Tom is still adamant that it was the dog! They then hear braking coming from the barn and Tom says he's going to go and get his shovel, Drew stops him though and says he'll go and investigate - he finds an affectionate dalmatian waiting for him! They take her into Libby who thinks she's beautiful, Drew says he found a small hole in the fence which was too small for the dog to get through - it must have been a fox. Drew says the fox has been getting at the chickens and the dog has been barking at the fox, Tom still isn't convinced though! Drew finds the dog is wearing a tag and is called Thatcher, it also says that if he's found he should be returned to R and K Moss - Tom's neighbours.
Anne tells Lance that Amy saw him at Lassiters the other day taking money from some guy. Lance tells her that it was Chris, a mate who owed him money - nothing untoward (yeah, right.) Later at Number 26, Lance is upset and slams his hand on the racing pages in the newspaper only to pretend like nothing has happened when Anne comes home - she asks him what's wrong but he tries to make out that it's being without a girlfriend. Anne invites him over to Bill's that evening with her. Anne goes to see Bill later and he confesses that he invited Amy over tonight, Anne then has to confess about Lance - then they realise what they've done, invited Amy and Lance over at the same time! They ponder cancelling but decide it could work out okay. When Amy turns up and sees Lance she doesn't look too pleased, but puts on a brave face. She then ends up talking about Damien - not Lance's favourite subject! When dinner is over, Anne and Bill decide to break the ice between Lance and Amy by playing charades - however, it doesn't work. He gets Amy to do one and Lance just insults her the whole way through. She was performing flight attendant and Lance says that's stupid, it's meant to be about a book or movie. It all escalates into a full-scale row and Lance accuses Amy of being nosey and a brat after telling Anne about the money-incident at Lassiters. Amy storms out.
Tom tells Drew that he'd have probably made a better bloke for Libby than Mike. Later, Drew finds Libby crying on the sofa and asks her if she's ok, she says she's fine and he shouldn't be so worried -sometimes the tears just catch her by surprise. Drew says he could talk to her about it because he's a good listener. Tom interrupts them and Drew goes back to helping fix the generator which has broken down again. Later on in the evening, Drew tells Libby that he'll be leaving early the next morning - she's doing okay and three's a crowd. She asks him if he's still going back to Oakey and he says he is. He asks when she's going back home and she says soon, she can't afford to miss out on too much uni and she still has to drop out of Mike's subject. They decide to have a cup of tea and Libby says she wishes things were solved with a cup of tea, Drew quietly agrees.
Ruth tells Hannah that she can't take her shopping tomorrow because she has a busy day at the surgery, she then makes an excuse about needing peppercorns so that she can leave. Hannah tells Phil that she thinks it's her causing the problem because everyone has suddenly started behaving strangely since she returned, Phil tells her that's not the case at all. The next day, at Lassiters, Hannah spots Ruth hugging a strange man and then getting into his car and driving off with him.
When Hannah gets home, Lance and Anne ask her what's wrong but she tells them that she's just seen something bad and she can't tell them what it is. They decide to follow her and they talk in the cubby house in the garden. Hannah tells Lance and Anne that what she has to say may break up the family - she says that she saw Ruth hugging a man and then getting into a car with him. Anne suggests it could have been an old friend and Lance suggests it was a patient - Hannah asks if she hugs all her patients! Hannah asks why Ruth lied to her about not being able to go shopping and then went and met a strange man, she says that Ruth is hardly ever there and things are really bad between her and Phil. Anne asks if she's suggesting that she's having an affair and Hannah says it seems pretty obvious, she says she's going to tell her Dad but they both tell her to keep her mouth shut.
That night, Hannah tells Lance and Anne that she's going to tell her Dad what she saw. They start to argue and Anne shouts that she can't tell Phil... just as he walks in the door. He asks "can't tell Phil what?"
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Ruth Wilkinson, Bill Hails in Neighbours Episode 3293
Ruth Wilkinson, Bill Hails

Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 3293
Hannah Martin

Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3293
Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk

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