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Neighbours Episode 3260 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3260
Australian airdate: 12/3/99
UK airdate: BBC: 26/5/99
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Debby Oates: Vivien Brattle
Tina Spiveck: Carol Millington
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Mike telling Drew that he's mistaken.
Libby tells Drew off for being nasty to Mike.
Drew is enraged that Mike has been poisoning Libby against him. He punches Mike and Mike falls the ground.
Ramsay Street
Drew beckons Mike to get up so he can have another go at him. He throws Mike up against the car but before he can hit him again, Libby intervenes. Libby almost gets in the way of the punch. Drew is mortified and runs off into his house.
Mike insists that he hasn't done anything to Drew - that Drew just set upon him for no reason!! Libby is puzzled - it's not like Drew at all. She wants to go and talk to Drew, but Mike says Drew's a menace and she should keep away from him.
Harold is writing down websites on a piece of paper because he doesn't know you can bookmark sites(!). Madge tells Harold that Paul's going to spend the Easter holiday with his Dad. Madge and Harold are disappointed - they'd hoped that he'd spend a bit of time with them too. They feel like Paul is slipping away with them.
The Pub
Lou and Toadie are bickering about doing a home brew for the pub. Lou says the last time he tried it it was a disaster, but Toadie is keen. Toadie tells Lou that Bess told him to say hello. Lou looks very worried(!)
Mike is leaving when Karl comes in. He sees Mike's cut lip and Libby tells Karl that Drew hit him. Karl is absolutely stunned - he says it's not like Drew at all. Karl says it's a long time since two men have fought over a woman in Ramsay Street. He asks if Libby is going to go and talk to Drew. Libby hasn't decided yet.
Toadie is telling Joel that the current trend is for home-brewed beer - it's very fashionable. Madge comes in see Joel. She asks him if has any tips for the training of the Grey Growlers. Particularly, the pair of twins that play for the team.
Drew is flouncing around the kitchen trying to cook his dinner. He smashes a plate just as there's a knock on the door. He crossly lets Karl in and starts to sweep up the broken dish. Karl tries to get him to talk about what happened. Drew doesn't want to talk about it but he is sorry that Libby almost got hit. This is news to Karl who is very concerned. Drew insists it was in the heat of the moment - he didn't see her, but she didn't get hit. He tells Karl that it's none of his business and asks him to leave so Drew can eat his dinner.
Joel is cooking dinner. He says it's tense at the Kennedy house just now. Toadie tells Joel that he's got Aunty Coral to give him the recipe for an alcoholic pear drink. He says all they need is a trial brew to convince Lou. He railroads Joel into helping him.
Ramsay Street
Karl is leaving for work. He tells Libby that he went to see Drew the night before. Libby insists that Drew didn't mean for her to get in the way, and it wasn't that close anyway. Karl suggests that she talk to Drew. He says that she shouldn't give up on one of her best friends, despite Mike's advice to her. He says she should find out what's going on.
Basketball Court
The Grey Growlers are practising. The twins keep going for the ball at the same time. Madge is exasperated with them. Harold comes up and reminisces about some twins that lived in his road when he was a boy, and suddenly inspiration comes to Madge.
Toadie has got the pears for the brew. Joel is fed up of not having any money - he can't work while he's incapacitated. Toadie and Joel get excited about the brew. Joel says they need a name. Toadie suggest "Pear Passion" but Joel says it sounds like a kid's drink.
The Coffee Shop
Lou asks Harold for advice but he is very busy in the Coffee Shop. He tries to ask him about Bess as Harold continues to race around. Finally Lou shouts "Oi! I'm pouring my heart out here!" and the Coffee Shop goes quiet, including the juke-box(!) Everyone is looking at Lou in surprise.
Joel is on the phone to Across The Line Sports who apparently don't have a job for him anymore. Joel is fuming when he comes off the phone. Toadie distracts him with the first taste of the pear brew. They try it and quickly run to the sink to spit it out!
Coffee Shop Kitchen
Harold apologises for not listening to Lou. Lou tells Harold that Bess seems to have taken a shine to him and he doesn't know what to do - the feelings are not reciprocated. He doesn't want to hurt Bess's feelings, however. Harold says that the answer lies in music. He sings Lou a few lines from Gilbert and Sullivan and they start singing together. Harold says the lyrics hold the solution to Lou's problem. "Do you want to wait until you're eighty in the shade before you marry again." He thinks Lou and Bess could make a fine couple and he should give it a go. Lou is not impressed.
Libby comes to see Drew. He invites her in, reluctantly. Libby wants to know what Drew's problem is but he says he hasn't got a problem. Libby says it's hardly normal behaviour to thump Mike and insult both Libby and Karl. She wants the truth but Drew says that Libby doesn't want to hear the truth. She insists. Drew finally tells her that he saw Mike kissing Victoria. Libby tries to make out that it must have been a friendly kiss. Drew says he'd never kiss any of his friends the way Mike kissed Victoria. Libby gets very angry and tells Drew he's lying. He insists he isn't, but Libby storms out. She says until Drew apologises to her and Mike, she never wants to talk to him again!
The Pub
Toadie has got a bottle of Pear Passion for Lou to try. Lou reluctantly agrees to taste it. He tells Barry (a barman extra) to get ready to call an ambulance(!). He tries the drink and is genuinely very impressed. The drink isn't alcoholic yet, but as long as Toadie can perfect the recipe to include fermentation and gets all the paperwork right, they might be in business. Toadie insists that they split the proceeds 50-50.
Libby is moping around the house when Karl comes in. Karl gently asks her if she's talked to Drew. Libby tells him that Drew said terrible things - that he saw Mike and Victoria kissing passionately. She doesn't understand why Drew would says something like that. Karl says that he's never known Drew to lie, and he doesn't think Libby has know him to lie either.
<<3259 - 3261>>
Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3260
Drew Kirk

Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3260
Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk

Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3260
Drew Kirk

Mike Healy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3260
Mike Healy, Libby Kennedy

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