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Neighbours Episode 3196 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3196
Australian airdate: 26/10/98
UK airdate: 25/02/99
UK Gold: 12/10/04
Writer: Alan Hopgood
Director: David Myles
Guests: Portia Grant: Sue Ingleton
Pat Horrocks: Mirren Lee
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Drew inviting Libby to a celebration dinner at the pub.
Mike telling Libby he can't go to the movie premiere because he has to babysit his daughter.
Libby walks into the pub and sees Sarah there.
Drew gets Libby a drink and Libby sits at the opposite end of the table from Sarah. She and Sarah say a strained hello. She asks Joel how he got on. Joel says he'll pay for it when he's eighty. Libby snidely says that "some of us won't have to wait that long"!
Karl gives Phil a folder with recommendations from Susan about improving security at the school. Phil is worried Susan hasn't forgiven him for not insuring the computers properly. Karl assures him Susan is just busy.
Sally is taking photos of the gang. She makes Libby stand behind Sarah in a photo much to Libby's chagrin.
Phil talks to Lou about the flying machine competition. Phil is still distracted about the situation with the school committee.
Ramsay Street
Drew is teaching Mike basic car maintenance. Phil comes up and tells Drew he's putting himself out of business! Phil says it would be a good investment idea!
Libby comes up and tells mike she'd like to take him up on his offer to have her 21st at his place. Mike asks what her parents said but Libby hasn't toldt hem yet. She says she'll talk to them.
The Coffee Shop
Portia is sitting outside the Coffee Shop with a stick. She has hurt her leg by putting it in a rabbit hole. Madge asks her how the rabbit is! Madge offers to help train the Grey Growlers, but Portia already has someone in mind. Madge suggests that Portia order a ginger nut biscuit but Portia says they're bad for her teeth. Madge tells her she'll just have to take them out!
Outside Lou's house
Lou has a number of sheets of paper that Drew has left lying around he tells Drew to be tidier. When Drew leaves for work, Lou looks closer at the sheets and sees they are the plans for the flying machine. He looks pleased and says, "Thank you Drew!"
Karl is enthusiastic about Libby's 21st and is talking about hiring a dancefloor and doing catering. Karl says he wants it to be special. Karl continues to enthuse about having a DJ and Libby looks concerned. She doesn't have the heart to tell him about ther plan to have the party at Mike's house.
Sally is looking at a photo of Joel and Libby and teases him about them getting close. Joel is uncomfortable and tells her there's nothing going on between him and Libby. Sally says it would hurt her more if he couldn't tell her if there was something going on.
Drew has come for his pay. A customer has complained Drew was closed at 5.10pm. Drew says he's not doing overtime anymore. Lou says he wouldn't be able to do that with his own business. He's trying to put Drew off his ideas but Drew remains enthusiastic.
Joel admits to Sally that he had a crush on Libby. He says it was a passing thing. Sally asks why he didn't tell her before. Joel asks her not to tell anyone about it.
Sarah comes in with a long face. Joel goes off for a jog. Sarah tells Sally that no pharmacies will look at her cosmetics as they think they've fallen off the back of a truck!
Libby tells Mike she couldn't tell Karl about wanting to have the party at Mike's. Mike suggests having half the party at his and half at the Kennedys.
Mike tells Lou that Drew's business is going to be a winner. Lou doesn't look pleased.
Sports Hall
Portia tells the Grey Growlers that she has got a new coach for them. It turns out to be Lou. Madge is appalled.
Later at the Sports Hall
Lou is making the Grey Growlers do pushups. He tells them they are useless. He makes them run up and down the court but they collapse against the wall at one end, knackered. Madge tells Lou he's going about it the wrong way and they'll be too tired to play!
Karl is still enthusing about the party. Libby tells him that all of his ideas are terrific but she's decided on something different. She tells him she wants to split the party and also she wants a cocktail party, not a catered party. Karl tells her he was making elaborate plans to say sorry for everything that's happened recently. She tells him it's not necessary.
Sports Hall
Madge tells Lou the game is about brains not brawn. Lou tells her if she can't keep up she should sit on the sidelines and cut up the grapefruit! Lou makes the Grey Growlers do aerobics!
Phil tells Drew he has got an investor for his business. The investor can see it expanding in the future to teach in schools etc. and is willing to put up $12,000 for Drew's business. Phil tells him to go to a bank for the rest of the money and that he should stay determined and not let Lou put him off.
Outside Lou's
Madge asks Lou since when have he and Portia been friends. Madge tells him the Grey Growlers need tactics, not ritual humiliation. Lou says he's the boss and what he says goes. He gloats that Madge hates it when she isn't running the show.
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