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Neighbours Episode 3195 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3195
Australian airdate: 23/10/98
UK airdate: 24/02/99
UK Gold: 11/10/04
Writer: Kit Oldfield
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Hank Forster: Matthew Posetti
Max Reed: Tony Farrell
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Drew tells Joel he'll compete in the triatholon.
Drew falls over on to the side of the course, Joel is torn whether to go to his aid or not.
Drew tells Joel to carry on. He gets up and struggles to finish. Joel finishes third. Drew manages to get to the end. The sponsor from Dominator Sports approaches Joel, gives him his card and says he'll be in touch.
Mike's (No.32)
Libby is helping Mike unpack his new appliances. Libby comments on the size of the microwave and Mike hints he might have a bigger family one day. Mike says moving to No.32 feels like the beginning of a new life. They see Drew, Joel, Sally and Lou returning to Ramsay Street in Karl's classic car. Drew and Joel are sitting on the back like heroes!
Madge tells Paul he's being quiet. He says he's writing a letter to Hannah and goes to his room. Madge is concerned about Paul's moods since Hannah left for France. Paul turns his music up loud.
Mike's (No.32)
Mike tells Libby he appreciates her helping him out. Mike tells Libby it's a long way home and it would be better if she stayed there. Libby looks unsure.
Joel is a bit sore after the triathlon. Sally and Sarah are trying out the makeup Sarah is thinking of being a distributor for. Sarah can't afford the initial outlay though, and Sally suggests she gets a partner.
Sarah answers the door to a dodgy guy looking for Lance. He is rude to her because she doesn't know where he is.
Harold is reading an article about the effect of cult rock music on teenager's minds. The article mentions Battery Acid (which Paul listens to a lot). The article says the music is linked to moodiness and depression. Harold is worried Paul's moods are linked to the music. Madge doesn't think there's any truth in the article. In the background Paul turns up the music. Harold says Paul is a tragedy waiting to happen and it's his duty to save him from himself!
Ramsay Street
Mike is trying to fix his car. Drew comes up and welcomes him to Ramsay Street. Drew gives Mike a few pointers on his car. He says Mike could easily do the work that needs doing himself with some instruction.
Drew tells Libby Joel would have won if he hadn't been distracted by Drew falling. Drew invites Libby to the pub for dinner to celebrate the race that evening. Libby says her and Mike are going to a movie preview but will pop down for a drink afterwards.
Lou is carrying a box of clothes and Libby says it looks like he's moving in with Madge and Harold!
Lou gossips to Madge and Harold that he's just seen Libby leaving Mike's house "who has a wife and child". Lou gives Madge and Harold the clothes for charity. Madge is suspicious of his motives and asks if it's because he wants to be Citizen Of The Year! Harold says Lou could help further by putting a charity night on at Little Tommy Tuckers and giving the proceeds to the Salvation Army. Lou chokes at the thought of not making any profit(!) but says he'll think about it.
Drew invites Sarah to the pub to the celebration at the pub. Sarah wonders if Lou would be a partner in her cosmetics business. Drew tells Sarah he's had an idea for combining car servicing with tuition (he's been inspired by his chat with Mike).
Harold is asking Paul if he really likes Battery Acid's songs. He tells Paul about the research but Paul gets cross. He tells Harold he's not doing anything wrong like taking drugs or stealing from shops. He storms off to his room and turns up his business.
Lou's Place
Sarah talks to Lou about the cosmetics. The dodgy guy who visited Sarah earlier turns out to be the guy who was running a book on the triathlon. He gives Lou his winnings and tells him he's looking for Lance.
Harold is reading out Battery Acid song lyrics over dinner. Madge says the lyrics are no worse than lyrics they listened to at Paul's age. Harold is unconvinced and tells Paul he's not to listen to Battery Acid any more. Harold and Paul quarrel. Paul storms off to his room (again)
Lou proposes a toast to Drew and Joel over their public spirit and the fact that they won him his bet(!) Drew thanks everyone for their support.
Mike's (No32)
Mike is on the phone to Victoria. It seems he has forgotten he was supposed to babysit Sasha, although he doesn't remember Victoria asking him. Mike says he's sorry and Libby says it's OK but looks a bit disappointed. Libby says she'll go to the celebration at the pub.
Coffee Shop
Libby sees Paul sitting at the counter. Paul tells her Harold is being difficult. He asks Libby if her parents were ever difficult about her music when she was young. She says Karl and Susan went mad that Libby and Malcolm listened to Nirvana. Libby tells Paul Harold will get over it.
Drew tells Joel he feels guilty for spoiling his chances. Joel tells him not to worry about it.
Libby comes in and sees Sarah sitting with them. There is an awkward silence.
<<3194 - 3196>>
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