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Neighbours Episode 3183 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3183
Australian airdate: 07/10/98
UK airdate: 08/02/99
Writer: Don Battye
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Libby tells Mike that she needs some time away from him to think about their relationship.
Bill and Karl drop the idol and lose a valuable emerald.
Bill tells Karl that the emerald was worth $11,000!
Karl is on the phone to a locum who has agreed to cover for him while Bill continues to look for the emerald. When Karl's finished his conversation he joins Billy in the search. They are crawling around on the floor when Libby comes in. They tell her what's happened and she joins them in the hunt.
Madge is watching a basketball training video so she can contribute to the next training session. She wants to show Portia and Lou that she knows what she's doing. Madge is determined that by the time she finishes, she'll be one of the star players! Harold encourages her and says he can't wait to see her inaction.
Outside the Bishops
Madge is bouncing the basketball and inviting Harold to tackle her. They mess about with the ball and have a great time. Harold is quite good! He asks Madge if he can come and watch her train.
The Coffee Shop
Amy is working behind the counter as Lance moans at her that he's got too much study to do. She ropes him in to help her clear up.
Toadie comes in and asks Lance if he has a minute. He tells him quietly that he's opened up a phone betting account. He asks Lance to pick a horse from the newspaper. Lance is jumpy because Amy is around but does it anyway. He picks out a horse. Toadie goes off to place the bet.
Amy comes over and they start talking about schoolwork as a cover.
Karl, Bill and Libby are still looking for the emerald. Bill says it's part of the curse that they've lost it(!)
Amy is tired after her shift at the Coffee Shop. Anne suggests that they go for a bike ride to blow the cobwebs out. Amy tells Anne that Lance has pawned his bike to pay for her driving lessons and the damage to the ute. This is news to Anne - she asks Amy what's happened to the ute.
Toadie and Lance are listening to the horse race on the radio. Lance's horse comes in first and Toadie is very pleased. He tells Lance he's got a real talent. Toadie says they should only bet their winnings so their capital is still intact. Lance asks to use Toadie's phone account, but he says he can't because he's underage.
Amy tells Anne that it wasn't a big deal - it was only a little accident and besides, Drew wasn't hurt. Anne is incredulous to hear Drew was involved! Lance comes in and she diverts to him - why did he use the ute without telling her. Lance says he's paid for the damages. Anne says she's sick of being taken for granted. She tells Lance crossly that he should have told her what happened. She stalks off to go to the airport with Karl and Bill.
Everyone is still looking for the emerald and hold their breath when there's a knock at the door. Luckily, it's only Anne so they resume searching. Anne joins the search. Libby asks Anne to fill up Darl's birdseed for her as she is busy looking for the emerald.
There's a knock at the door and everyone freezes. Bill goes to answer it - it's two guys with a replacement idol. It's identical, except that it doesn't have an emerald. They start to panic, but then Anne finds the emerald in Darl's birdseed holder! Libby sticks it back into place with some chewing gum! The guys take the idol away. Everyone celebrates. Karl tells Darl sternly that he's not supposed to be a magpie! They leave to take Karl to the airport.
Basketball Court
Madge is the only one wearing a uniform and feels embarrassed. Portia comes over and says they usually save their uniforms for the games. Madge says she has some ideas to share with the team, but Portia says she must learn to crawl before she can walk(!)
Bill and Anne have returned from the airport. There's a knock on the door and Libby answers it to Mike. He wants to have a chat so she invites him in. Bill and Anne make themselves scarce.
Mike tells Libby that he knows she wanted time to herself, but he's missed her. Libby says that she's missed him too, but their problems haven't been solved. Mike asks her if she'll talk about it over dinner and she reluctantly agrees, but tells him that she's not making any promises.
Lance is ranting at Amy for letting slip to Anne about the ute. He tells her she should think before she speaks. Amy says Lance should have told Anne himself. He counters that Amy was the one who swore him to silence! Also he gets the impression that Anne thinks that Lance was behind the wheel. Amy says she never said that - Anne just assumed! Lance tells Amy she is really selfish. He says she should give him more respect, and if she doesn't they should split up. Amy apologises profusely to Lance and offers to put things straight with Anne. She starts kissing him on the sofa.
Basketball Court
Portia is telling Madge off for not concentrating. She also criticises her for not passing enough. Madge finally shoots a basket and Portia is unimpressed. Harold cheers from the sidelines though. Portia goes over to Harold and starts to chat him up, calling him the team mascot! Madge is furious.
Bill and Anne are home from the movies. He asks Anne what's wrong - she's been off all night. Anne asks Bill if he thinks she's generally gullible and taken for granted all the time. Bill tells her that she's kind-hearted and generous and that's why he loves her. She has to watch out for people taking advantage of that, but it's better than becoming mean and self-centred. Anne says it's about time she started saying "no" to people - she's going to start asserting herself.
Basketball Court
Portia tells the team that Madge wants to share some basketball tips with them. Madge tells them about the video and suggests that she shows it at the next practice session. Portia says she's got the practice sessions mapped out for the next 3 months. Portia asks the ladies to take a vote on it. The ladies are so cowed by Portia's domineering ways that hardly any of them put their hands up. Madge walks off.
Libby and Mike are back from their meal and are getting on well. They have opened a bottle of wine. Mike says that they are a good team. Libby says that they never got round to having their talk, though. Mike doesn't want to stop seeing Victoria socially but Libby can't accept that. Mike says they can't go on like this. Libby asks if he has any suggestions, but he hasn't. He hugs her uneasily.
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