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Neighbours Episode 3181 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3181
Australian airdate: 5/10/98
UK airdate: 4/2/99
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: ?
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Toadie practising on Bill for a Law Society competition - he has to present a case with witnesses.
Joel and Sally open the door to find a huge bunch of red balloons. They call the police
Sally tells Joel that she wants to stay with him tonight.
Joel asks Sally if she's sure about this. She starts to kiss him, but then Toadie comes in and lets off a personal alarm - he's bought it for Sarah. He's been to the Law revue and raves about what a great time he had. He suddenly realises that he's interrupted something between Sally and Joel and apologises. Sarah has apparently gone out with Alex. Joel and Sally tell Toadie about the balloons.
Amy is repaying some of Lance's money. She can't believe that her driving instructor thinks that she needs more than four lessons(!) Amy therefore won't be able to pay Lance back as quickly. Lance wants to speed up the process so he can buy his bike back, but Amy warns him not to gamble.
Amy's dad beeps his horn outside and Amy says the sooner she gets her licence, the better.
Sally and Joel are trying to have a snog, but Toadie keeps interrupting them! He tells them all about the Law Society competition and makes terrible jokes, much to Sally and Joel's displeasure. Something finally penetrates Toadie's thick skin and he goes off to get a coffee. Joel can't believe it - normally Toadie loves his bed but tonight of all night he's got insomnia!
Toadie comes back and asks them if they should tell Sarah about the balloons. Sally said they should tell her when she comes home.
Sally tells Joel that she'd better get going - the magic has gone for tonight! She asks Joel to lend her some money for a cab - her car still isn't fixed.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Joel is jogging and greets Sarah - she's got the personal alarm. Richard is watching her in the distance from behind a bush.
Toadie asks Lance to help him with his Law Society competition, but Lance doesn't want a bar of it - he's having a study day. Amy comes in and Toadie tells her about the competition - he needs two witnesses. Amy says it sounds like fun but isn't so keen when Toadie hands her a five-page dossier to read! Toadie tells them to hurry up - the court is sitting at 11am and they have to make a good impression on the judge. (Joel!)
Lou is telling Karl that he owes him one for the Johnny Silver evening. Karl says he quite enjoyed it and jokes that he should take it up professionally! Lou tells him that Johnny Silver was all a setup - the agent was fake. Lou had to refund all the ticket money, but he broke even on the food and drink sales, so it could have been a lot worse. Lou says he's organised something for Karl to say thank you and is glad that Karl will be in that afternoon to take delivery of it. He says it's a genuine thank you.
Lance is reading the case notes that Toadie left. Amy thinks it will be fun.
Amy and Lance bang on the door. Toadie opens it to find Amy dressed as a policeman and Lance as a biker chewing gum! They talk in character for the case. Toadie is incredulous.
Sarah and Alex are having coffee. Alex can't believe that Richard has managed to disappear. He thinks it's only a matter of time until the police pick him up though. Sarah hopes the police won't be too rough on him - Richard needs help. In the background, Richard peeps through a window.
Toadie is cross-examining Lance who is still talking in character for a biker(!) Unfortunately the case degenerates into Amy and Lance having an argument between themselves. Joel gets fed up and goes to the pub. Amy walks out. Toadie is not pleased.
The Pub
Joel is telling Sally about Toadie's case. Lou comes up and shows Joel some chickens that he's got at less than cost price. He plans to introduce chicken dinner specials. Lou asks sally if she'll do a radio advert for him. Joel offers to take Sally's car in to Lou's to get it repaired.
Karl comes home to find a very large wooden box in the middle of the floor. There's a card on it from Lou. Karl opens the box the find an enormous brown and red idol!
Outside the Coffee Shop
Sarah is reading a book on self-defence. Joel says she could practise on him! We see that Richard is watching her from the Coffee Shop window.
Toadie asks Lance if he's gambling again, but Lance says he's given it up. Toadie asks him to share his system with him - he doesn't have to gamble, just listen to the radio and see if he's right. Lance is keen and goes to get the newspaper.
Karl is telling Lou that he doesn't deserve such an generous gift and he can't accept the idol. He keeps trying to get out of it but Lou says that he bought it especially for Karl. The idol is an import from Guatamala and is a symbol of fertility and male potency(!) He asks Karl when Susan is getting back and says she's in for a surprise(!) Karl smiles thinly.
Toadie and Lance are listening to a race on the radio. Lance has done well in his predictions. Toadie says they can make a fortune together, but Lance says Amy would kill him if he broke his promise to her. Toadie says that he's an adult and he can place bets - and it wouldn't be wrong to take advice from a friend and then showing his gratitude. Lance realises that technically, he'll still be keeping his promise to Amy. They shake on the deal.
Garden of No.30
Sarah is taking in the washing when Richard comes up and makes her jump. (This summariser also nearly jumped out of her skin!!)
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