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Neighbours Episode 3123 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3123
Australian airdate: 15/07/98
UK airdate: 13/11/98
UK Gold: 21/08/04
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Merrin Ford: Kelly Sulikowski
Adam Sherry: Thomas Blackburne
Karen Oldman: Pia Miranda
Tracey Cox: Margot Knight
Julia Stoner: Carole Browne
Bob: Trained by Anne Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lou suggests to Merrin the nanny that they all meet up at the Coffee Shop.
Lou rings home but there's no answer from Merrin.
Harold is trying to calm Lou down, saying there's probably a perfectly reasonable explanation for Merrin and Lolly not being there. Lou is on the verge of panic, and decides to call the police(!) Harold reasons with him and says that they need to check the whole street first. Lou starts panicking about swimming pools and spas. Harold sends him off to search the street.
Toadie is working on the Little Tommy Tucket's jingle, singing away(!) Sarah rushes in and tells Toadie excitedly that she's got a job at the hospital as a Personal Services Assistant. This is basically an auxiliary nurse, but Sarah is just pleased to be working at the hospital.
Lou barges in and tells them about Louise. Toadie and Sarah volunteer to help, but Toadie tells Sarah the first day at her new job is important.
Coffee Shop
Paul is working on his plans for his flying machine. Madge says she's been talking to Paul's case manager Tracey, who is coming around tonight for a meeting. Paul looks a bit worried.
Sarah is having her induction and the manager is really surprised that Sarah is looking forward to her job(!) as it's very menial. Sarah tells her she loves the contact with the patients, and explains that she's doing a part- time nursing course.
Harold is ringing around about Lolly when Drew comes in. Harold gets him up to speed on the Merrin/Lolly situation. Harold has rung all the hospitals, but nothing. He thinks maybe it's time to ring the police.
DREW: Harold...Merrin wouldn't have, you know, done anything to Louise, would she?
HAROLD: No, no, no, of course not.
DREW: There's got to be just a simple explanation.
Drew heads off to help Lou. Harold is still dithering about whether to ring the police or not.
Sarah is being introduced to a few patients. The first is Adam, who has PTSD. He was the victim of a house fire last week and doesn't communicate much. Also, he can be violent.
Sarah goes into the room and sees a boy who is practically catatonic.
Coffee Shop
Lou is on the phone to the police, telling them frantically that they've been searching for three hours. Just then, Merrin and Lolly come in, oblivious to the trouble they've caused. Lou puts down the phone and turns on Merrin.
He bends down and gives Lolly a hug.
LOU: Sorry, sweetheart, I wasn't yelling at you. You OK? Daddy was worried, he just wondered where you were. (To Merrin, darkly) You'd better have a darned good explanation for this!
LOU: No phone call, no messages, not even a note! Where the hell do you get off, disappearing with my kid like that?!
MERRIN: Look, I'm sorry.
LOU: You're sorry! I've been beside myself with worry! I've had people searching everywhere! Do you know who I was talking to on the phone when you strolled in? The local police!
MERRIN: Lou, please, can I explain?
LOU: OK, OK, you go ahead, explain, I'm listening.
MERRIN: I got a phonecall on my mobile...
LOU: You have a mobile and you still couldn't call anyone?!?!
MADGE: Give the girl a chance, Lou.
MERRIN: We were on our way here to meet you, and I got a call from the hospital. My mum had a fall, she's broken her hip. They wanted me to go straight in...I had to catch a taxi...
LOU: You still could have rung!
MERRIN: I tried! The Coffee Shop was engaged...I rang the pub, but they said you'd already gone and nobody was at your home because you just left. I didn't know what to do, I had to take Lolly...
LOU: That was three hours ago!
MERRIN: I kept ringing every chance I got. But the phones were always engaged, here and at your place.
LOU: Oh, don't give me that!
MADGE: Lou, be reasonable, the phone here's been running hot, we've been ringing everywhere we could think of. I'm sure Merrin tried to let you know.
LOU:(calming down a bit) Yeah...sorry, you're right, you're right. How is your mum?
MERRIN:It's a bad break, they said. I should be getting back, she's really distressed.
LOU: I'm very sorry to hear that.
MADGE: Listen love, why don't you take Lolly home. I'm sure Toadie wouldn't mind running Merrin back to the hospital.
MERRIN:(distressed) I'm sorry. I'm sorry I've caused so much trouble.
LOU: No, it's OK, love, no, I'm sorry...I was just beside myself with worry.
MERRIN:Me too. I did try to ring you.
LOU: It's OK, you get off to the hospital, you take care of your mum.
Lou bends down and kisses Lolly.
Sarah is serving food to the catatonic boy, but he doesn't show any interest in his food. As she's leaving, he pushes the food on to the floor.
Lou's Place
Lou has arrived back and tells Drew that he feels guilty about the way he spoke to Merrin. Drew suggests he goes home, but Lou says he wants to be there for the talent show. He asks Drew to do a sound test for him. While Lou is fiddling with the sound system settings, Drew tells a joke, which is:
"Three Irishmen were sitting around in the local - there's Seamus, Brendan and their mate Paddy. Brendan and Seamus explain to Paddy how they've built this fabulous
flying machine they're going to fly to the sun. But Paddy spots the flaw in his story. Begorah, says Paddy, won't you be burned up by the sun's rays? Brendan and Seamus smile smugly at each other and reply, "You damned fool Paddy, we've got it all figured out, we'll be flying the thing at night!"
Lou laughs and claps a bit, though he doesn't want any race riots(!) He suggests Drew enters the contest, but he isn't keen.
Toadie and Karen are babysitting Lolly. Lolly is already in bed and Karen is looking forward to a nice night with Toadie, but he tells her he has to work. Karen isn't all that pleased, but takes it fairly well.
Lou's Place
Lou tells Toadie he's worried that there are no talent acts. He tries to persuade Toadie to sing(!) but he won't. Lou tries to blackmail him, saying he's paying Toadie's wages, but Toadie points out that Lou pays him to work behind the bar not to sing! Lou then rounds on Drew and flatters him about his comic ability. Drew refuses.
LOU: That's your final word?
DREW: Yes!
Lou takes this in, then goes over to the microphone.
LOU: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your patience! I would now like to introduce to you Erinsborough's new stand- up comedian, Mr Drew Kirk! Give him a big hand now, he's a bit nervous!
Drew is forced to come on to the stage(!)
Madge and Harold are meeting with Tracey the social worker. Apparently Paul's father wants to see him. Madge is surprised as Paul's father has been out of the picture for years. Paul has been told on the phone, and now he's gone off somewhere.
Lou's Place
Drew is telling his one and only joke, and it's gone down quite well, with Lou leading the applause(!) Drew makes a sharp exit and tells Lou that he doesn't know any more jokes. Luckily, Merrin comes in at that moment and says she's ready to do her set. Lou apologises for shouting at her this afternoon and Merrin accepts it. But she's have to give up the nanny job to look after her mum now.
Merrin starts her song and she's actually quite good, and gets all the punters clapping.
Tracey, Madge and Harold are still discussing Paul's father. Madge and Harold have the impression that Paul's dad is not a very nice man, but they don't have any first- hand evidence for that - Paul hasn't seen his dad since he was four. Tracey advises that Paul will be curious about his father. Madge says they won't give Paul up without a fight, unless he really wants to go, but Tracey says Paul is old enough to decide for himself - noone can force him to do anything.
Harold gives Phil a call and Phil tells him that he (unusually) hasn't seen Paul today.
Lou's Place
Sarah and Toadie are having a quiet drink. Sarah is telling Toadie about the disturbed boy - she wants to help him. Toadie calls Merrin over and tells her that she was sensational. Lou is still telling Drew that he has a comic talent and wants him to be MC of all his talent nights(!)
Toadie gives Lou his jingle for Little Tommy Tuckers - they could get Merrin to sing it.
LOU: "Tucker, tucker, that's what we're...after". It doesn't rhyme.
TOADIE: It nearly rhymes.
LOU: Doesn't nearly rhyme.
TOADIE: Does nearly rhyme!
LOU: I defy you to find the rhyme.
TOADIE: Well...it's a rhythm thing Lou!
LOU: Huh.
He goes off to the cellar.
Drew takes a look at the jingle and likes it.
TOADIE: Oh, great(!) Now I get the nod from one- joke Johnny here. I'm worried!
Madge is trying to locate Paul by ringing around his classmates, but there's no sign of him.
Tracey the social worker says that Paul might have taken the news about his dad badly - he might have run away.
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