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Neighbours Episode 3122 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3122
Australian airdate: 14/07/98
UK airdate: 12/11/98
UK Gold: 20/08/04
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Cliff Browning: Kevin Summers
Craig Pinders: Nathan Godkin
Denise Hicks: Jules Hutchison
Merrin Ford: Kelly Sulikowski
Summary/Images by: Holing
Amy telling Susan that she should be promoted to captain, Susan replying that it will be by ballot
Susan announcing Amy, Anne and Pinhead as nominations for captain
Amy trying to convince Anne not to run for captain, Anne saying she has decided to run
No. 22
Lou briefs the nanny on taking care of Lolly and she assures him that he has nothing to worry about even though it is normal - she'd be more worried if he wasn't concerned about his daughter!
No. 26
Lance is trying to talk Anne into out of running for captain as Amy will make his life hell. He laments that it's important to him and whenever that's the case, Anne goes out and does the opposite, and Lance is annoyed because if Anne had wanted it in the first place, she would have nominated herself. Anne counters that had she thought of it she would have, it looks great on her CV. Anne refuses to budge.
Phil walks out of the rooms telling Hannah that she is not allowed to have a lock on her bedroom door.
PHIL: This is a home, not a detention centre.
HANNAH: Who are you trying to convince, me or you?
Coffee Shop
Lance walks in as Amy is trying to win votes with some random students. Amy asks why Lance is wearing sports clothing, he asks if she wants to join him for a jog? She declines - she's got an election to win. She then asks whether he did as she asked and talked to Anne, and she's very annoyed that he failed at talking her out of it.
Karl's apartment
Karl's new friend Cliff knocks on the door and asks if Karl is ready to 'hit the town'. Karl is reluctant, he'd probably be bad company, but Cliff wants to get him out of the house and Karl finally agrees.
No. 22
Lou walks in as the nanny is singing to Lolly and he is very pleased. He notices that she has a great voice - has she thought of singing professionally? She says that she has, since she was 9, and she sings a little at weddings and family BBQs. Lou tells her about the pub is holding a talent contest and the winner will get a gig at Tommy Tuckers. She knows that he's home to check up on her, and she assures him again that she and Lolly are fine.
Ramsay Street
Joel is riding around the cul- de- sac when Lance comes jogging up, clearly struggling. Lance asks for some pointers, and Joel says that Lance should probably try his aqua- aerobics class, and Joel then agrees to help him out with some fitness training.
No. 26
Anne is rehearsing her captain's speech with Phil and Hannah, who is painting beside him. Phil comments on the speech - it's fine to say something needs fixing, but to actually fix it? It's a budgeting issue rather than a philosophical one, and he asks if Anne has any idea on how to fix the financial problems. Hannah retorts that Anne won't be winning votes by talking budget, but Anne says that a parent/student think- tank might be a good idea. Phil agrees and says that he would vote for her, except his school uniform days are well and truly over. Meanwhile Hannah has made a sign for her room - KEEP OUT.
No. 26
It's night time and Lance is doing sit- ups while Joel is chatting to Phil about hiring out the horse and caravan. Phil mulls it over and suggests that the idea isn't bad - Joel can do the promotional work while Phil does the financials. Lance gets up and immediately gets back to start on push- ups. Phil calls out for Hannah so she can get involved in the promotional work.
No. 22
Lou arrives home and is pleasantly surprised that the nanny has eaten with Lolly and has also cooked some extra food for Lou just in case. He comments that he should have hired her months ago.
No. 26
Joel talks to Hannah about publicity ideas and she's happy to help out with whatever she can. A very tired Lance pipes up asking whether he can stop doing push- ups yet, which surprises Joel because Joel was supposed to tell him to stop but completely forgot!
Amy's House/No. 26
Amy calls Anne who is annoyed at the late hour. Amy tells her that she's going for captain because she wants to prove she's not an airhead but Anne disagrees that the call proves that she is. Anne is still not willing to drop out of the race, but she tells Amy to cheer up - perhaps neither of them will get it. She jokes that Pinhead might be the captain!
Karl's apartment
Karl is having a quiet drink with Cliff, who apologises for keeping him up and taking him to a tacky show. Karl brushes it off as he wasn't in the mood, even if it was a great show. Cliff talks about his ex- wife and family and tells Karl not to realise too late when his family means to him. Don't give up.
Erinsborough High
Pinhead is finishing up his speech, making suggestions like turning the cafeteria into a virtual casino. Anne begins her speech.
No. 22
Lolly's nanny arrives and says that she plans on taking Lolly to the park. Lou suggests lunch together if they're near the complex, and they agree on a time.
Erinsborough High
Anne finishes up her speech and Amy walks up to present her speech. She walks up holding a boom box and plays a trumpet tone before addressing everyone -
Amy: Friends, Romans, country people.
Coffee Shop
Lou is drinking coffee and waiting for Lolly and her nanny when Karl walks in. They greet each other and Lou says that he hasn't seen Karl around in a while. Karl guesses that Lou has heard what happened, and Lou says he's sorry and hopes that they can work it out. Lou suggests that they get together some time and Karl is pleasantly surprised as he wasn't sure how everyone was going to react. Lou thinks that nobody should take sides in things like this, and he especially has had two failed marriages so he knows what Karl is going through. Lou tells Karl not to give up.
Erinsborough High
Amy sidles up to Lance and asks if she got his vote. She knows Anne may be his sister, but she is his girlfriend.
Lance: Do you really need to ask?
After Amy goes, Anne runs up to Lance. She knows Amy is his girlfriend, but she's his sister. Anne wants to know if he voted for her then,
Lance: Do you really need to ask?
Anne smiles and walks away and Lance looks like he's stuck between a rock and a very hard place.
Coffee Shop
Lou is concerned that the nanny is late. Phil walks in and notices that Lou is concerned, and he says that he's probably working himself up over nothing - but he's worried nonetheless and goes to make a phone call.
No. 22
The phone rings to an empty house.
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