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Neighbours Episode 3108 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3108
Australian airdate: 24/06/98
UK airdate: 23/10/98
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: N/A
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Karl telling Sarah he does love her, but there's no future in it.
Karl and Sarah have a drink with their meal and decide to stay overnight.
Karl drops Sarah off at her hotel room.
The Pub
Lib and Drew are playing pool. They chat about Lou's meat. Libby asks Drew why he hasn't got anything better to do with half the women in Erinsborough chasing after him(!). Drew says he's never had a serious relationship, not like her and Darren. Libby asks Drew if he's interested in Sarah. He says she's nice but she's just a friend. Drew says he thinks Sarah's got something going on with someone secretly, but she doesn't talk about it. Libby says she's probably just like Drew - sitting at home waiting for the perfect person. She says she could picture Drew and Sarah together(!)
Lou is practising his wedding speech and Lolly is banging on some saucepans. Lib and Drew come in and Lou asks if he can practise his speech on them. Drew says he can't because he has a sudden ringing in his ears(!).
We see blood from the meat running out of the fridge.
Nick and Caitlin are having a goodbye party. Amy and Lance are dancing. Amy suggests that they dance in a competition.
Caitlin tells Anne she'll miss her and they hug goodbye.
Libby is reading some of Lou's jokes. She says they're in very bad taste.
Drew goes to make coffee and on the way sees blood on Lolly.
Everyone frantically asks Lolly where she's hurt herself. Lou panics and goes to start the car to take Lolly to the hospital. Libby realises the blood is cold and that it's coming from the freezer. Lou is temporarily overjoyed that Lolly's not hurt until he realises the meat is defrosted. He opens the freezer door to a bloodbath!
The partygoers leave. Caitlin tells Bill that she'll really miss him. She asks him if he'll help her with a plan she has with the paint left over from fixing up her room.
Drew is mopping up the blood. Libby is making coffee. Lou wonders if he's a good parent - he only sees Lolly for a few hours every day. But Libby and Drew reassure him, he's a good father. Libby suggest he thinks about what he's going to do with the defrosted meat!
Lance comes in to find Anne sitting in the dark. Anne is crying - she's worried about Ruth's breast lump being really serious. She doesn't know what she'd do if anything happened to her. Lance reassures her as best he can. Then they talk about the blended family they're going to have with Phil and Hannah - things have changed a lot in their lives and this is another change. Lance tells her that whatever happens, he and Anne will always be together. Anne says she's starting to understand why Amy likes him. Lance says, "Yes, it's because I'm a major stud!"
Libby, Drew and Lou are packing meat into bags. Libby suggests that they hand the meat out to the Neighbours. Lou suggests he could - and they could cook it up too for the wedding(!). Libby says it's a bit late - everyone will be asleep, but Lou says they'll understand - it's an emergency!
Libby and Drew stagger in with some meat. Libby comments that she never would have thought that Harold would be the type to wear boxer shorts to bed! Drew says he thought Harold and Madge looked a bit flustered!
They start loading up the freezer with meat. Libby says she's sure she saw Bill and Caitlin hiding behind a car on their way over(!)
Drew goes off to take some meat to Toadie
Nick is vacuuming after the party. Drew comes in with some meat for Toadie. He says he could make hamburgers or steak sandwiches! Drew suggests something classier for a wedding. Toadie suggests a stew!
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Nick and Caitlin are saying goodbye to Ramsay Street. Caitlin wonders if she'll ever be back. She says it's probably better if she doesn't come back for a while. Nick asks her why but she just grins. They get into Toadie's car to go to the airport. As the car drives away we see painted on the street in white paint - "Never Forget Cait + Nick!"
Libby is cooking beef. She tells Bill that there was a message from Karl on the answerphone that he was a bit over the limit and had to stay over at a motel. Bill says it could make a good newspaper story - "Respected Local Doctor Found Drunk As A Skunk". Libby says the Eden Hills Gazette is for the more discerning reader!
They do a hilarious impression of Karl trying to explain himself to Susan:
BILL: Susan! I was NOT drunk!
LIBBY: Honestly, Karl! I can't turn my back on you for a minute!
Lou is trying out a beef dish he has made. He wants to try out his speech on Drew but Drew suddenly says he's running late and runs off!
Anne and Lance have made Phil and Ruth a silver service breakfast. Anne takes one in to Ruth and Lance takes the other across the road to Phil!
Bill and Toadie are discussing their guitar/singing at the wedding. Bill chats to Toadie that Karl has stayed out all night. Toadie gets cross - he says he gave Sarah a really hard time about it, but Bill doesn't seem to care. He asks why Bill just doesn't let Sarah move in and save all the sneaking around! Bill asks him what he's talking about, and Toadie realises they're at cross-purposes. Toadie tries to cover but fails. Bill demands what gossip Toadie has been spreading around. He says it's not gossip, he just stuck in the middle. Toadie tells Bill that Karl isn't playing golf, he is with Sarah. Bill doesn't believe him, but Toadie says to ask Karl himself. Bill throws Toadie out of the house.
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