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Neighbours Episode 3107 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3107
Australian airdate: 23/06/98
UK airdate: 22/10/98
Writer: David Allen
Director: Chris Adshead
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Toadie giving Sarah money from Karl - far more than her wages.
Karl telling Toadie if he tells her where Sarah is he'll sort everything out and noone will get hurt. Toadie doesn't believe him.
Madge is looking for Jack Ramsay's bequest in the box they found at the allotment. She finds a note saying the bequest is available to "any worthy member of the community".
Libby is eating her breakfast. She tells Karl she's going to talk to the union about wrongful dismissal at the Erinsborough News. Libby asks what Karl is going to do this weekend, "while the cat's away". Karl over-reacts and asks Libby, "What's that supposed to mean?!" Libby says she was only joking.
Lou tells Drew he has been offered a consignment of Grade A beef - just in time for Phil and Ruth's wedding. Lou asks Drew if he'll be willing to unload the beef. Drwe says he'll do it for a free beer!!
Madge and Paul are still looking through the papers. Harold comes in raving about organic fruit and suggests they try growing organic fruit on the allotment. He then start getting a bit "fruity" with Madge, much to Paul's disgust!
Harold tells Madge they should go shopping for a present for Ruth and Phil.
Lib is telling Drew that she intends to bring down the wrath of the unions on the editor at the Erinsborough News. Drew says she might be making trouble for herself - if she takes on her editor she might put other editors off. Drew suggests she find another paper. Libby says she's already got her sights set on the Eden Hills Gazette, but still wants to make her editor pay. Drew says he admires Libby's spunk! He invites her to lunch at the pub.
A road
Karl is driving the Thunderbird. He stops to ask for directions.
Caravan Park
Karl arrives at the caravan park and approaches Sarah's caravan. She is sitting outside it reading a book and looks up and sees Karl standing there.
The Pub
Lou is going over his speech for the wedding as the best man. Libby and Drew tell Lou that his jokes aren't tasteful and he should drop them!
Lou's mate comes up and says he's got the beef. It turns out to be an entire lorryful!
Caravan Park
Karl tells Sarah he's been worried about her. Sarah gets very angry with him and asks him why he came - obviously he hasn't come to tell her that he's left Susan. She says she won't wait around on the sidelines and tells him she can't take it anymore.
The Coffee Shop
Harold is still being amorous with Madge(!). Paul comes in - he has found the bequest. The bequest will go to the first person to build a flying machine and fly it across Erinsfield River (Erinsfield is an old name for Erinsborough).
Caravan Park
Karl admits he has been selfish and wanted the best of both worlds and he's sorry. He wants to try to repair the damage. Sarah confesses that's she's still in love with him. She says he never felt the same way has her. Karl tells her that she's wrong, it's not a one-sided thing. But there's no future for them and he doesn't want her to waste her life in a caravan park. He tells her that he does love her, but that he also loves Susan and his kids. He tells her it was the wrong time and the wrong place. Sarah is upset. Karl says he's off to book into the motel down the road and she can join him later.
Lou has hired an extra fridge to keep the meat in. He reads Drew his latest wedding speech which is still dire. As they go to unload the beef, we see that the switch for the fridge is off.
The Coffee Shop
Paul has found the amount of the bequest - seven hundred pounds! Madge says it must be twice as much as that in dollars, and after eighty years of compound interest, it must be worth a lot.
Sarah joins Karl at the bar. Sarah apologises for the way she acted before. She's thought things over and tells him she just has to accept that Karl loves Susan. She's not the sort of person to have a hole-in-the-corner affair and neither is Karl. She asks Karl to give her a lift back to Erinsborough. Karl suggests they have a meal first and travel back later. Sarah agrees.
The Coffee Shop
Madge is trying to calculate compound interest while Harold puts Phil and Ruth's wedding cake into a box. Paul is practising with paper planes. Harold suggests they keep the bequest secret or they'll be inundated with designs for strange flying machines!
Sarah and Karl are getting on well and drinking wine. Karl says they'll have to hang around for a while - he doesn't want to drink and drive. He suggests they book an extra room and drive back in the morning. Sarah looks a bit shocked, but agrees.
The Pub
Libby tells Drew that she's met with the Eden Hills Gazette editor and they've employed her as a freelance writer. Drew congratulates her - it's a bit of a step up and now she forget about the business at the Erinsborough News. Libby says no - she still wants to make the editor of the Erinsborough News pay for what he did.
Karl drops Sarah off at her motel room.
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