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Neighbours Episode 3049 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3049
Australian airdate: 02/04/98
UK airdate: 31/07/98
UK Gold: 28/06/04
Writer: Coral Drouyn
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Paul McClain: Jansen Spencer
Drew Kirk: Dan Paris
Geoff Burke: Andrew McKaige
Simon Butterworth: David LePage
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Phil tells Lou that Harold has borrowed $200 from him and hasn't returned it.
- Amy suggests that she stays at Lance's house.
Anne, Billy and Caitlin come back from the cinema. When Susan has gone to bed, Caitlin suggests they hang out, much to Bily and Anne's consternation (they want to be alone!). Susan comes back as they are leaving and Billy says he's going to "walk Anne home". Susan laughs her head off saying it's only next door!
Bily and Anne are kissing outside No.32 when Ruth and Ben arrive home. Billy goes off home.
They go into the house and are stunned to find Lance shirtless with Amy sitting on the sofa. Ruth is very cross and tells Amy to get her things so she can drive her home.
BEN: You guys must be having a competition to see who has got the worst timing(!)
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Billy, Anne and Caitin are walking to their training session when they see the mysterious cute guy (Drew) walking up Ramsay Street.
Harold comes around looking cross and holding some mangled flowers. Apparently Holly the dog has made a mess of his garden. Phil sends Hannah off to get Holly and invites Harold in. Harold moans on and on about his allergies and then asks Phil to pay for the damages(!) Phil points out that Harold already owes him $200. Harold is shocked and insists that he paid it back - in fact, he put it in an envelope and gave it to Hannah to give to Phil.
Swimming Pool
Billy, Caitlin and Anne are messing about in the pool. The coach is not happy and tells Anne to get out of the training lanes.
Madge is heading off to see Charlene and tells Paul to look after Harold. She hugs him goodbye.
Harold moans to Madge about the garden and she warns him not to create bad feeling. Harold gets a bit upset and says he'll really miss her while she's in Queensland. Madge assures him that she'll be back soon.
Amy creeps up on Lance and teases him about the incident last night. She says Lance will just have to talk Ruth round(!) Lance thinks it's very unlikely Ruth will allow her to stay over now, but Amy is undaunted.
Hannah sees Paul and asks him to come home with her at lunchtime to help her with something.
Ben gives Geoff his medal back, but he says he wants Ben to have it.
BEN: But it's so important to you...
GEOFF: Look, I've done little enough for you in your life, Ben. Please. I want you to have it. Well. Guess that's about it then.
BEN:(emotionally) Thanks for this. I never thought I'd even meet you. Never really wanted to. But, um, it's been great.
GEOFF: Yeah, it has. And I still want you to come and visit. All you have to do is just say the word...
BEN: I know. And I will, sometime.
They hug.
GEOFF: Thanks for letting me be a part of your life for a while there, Ben. You too, Ruth. You know, I never stopped thinking about you all those years.
RUTH: I guess we just needed to meet face to face again.
GEOFF: Friends?
They hug.
Caitlin is moaning about the coach and says Anne had better stay away for a little while. Billy and Caitlin start talking about swimming and Anne looks a bit left out.
In a classroom, Lance finds Amy and says she has to tell her parents about last night, then he'll talk to Ruth.
AMY: Just get her to say yes!
Hannah and Paul come in. Hannah tells Paul that she lost the money that Harold gave her and was hoping they'd forget about it(!) She wants to fix it by getting money out of her savings, putting it in an envelope and then leaving it around No.24 for Harold to discover! Paul isn't sure he wants to help.
Susan and Ruth are having lunch. Ruth is a bit distracted and tells Susan about Geoff's departure. Somehow it hit her harder than she expected and she's going to miss him. Susan reassures her, saying they've got a child together after all, so they are connected.
They sit down to a healthy chicken salad and Susan says not to worry as she's got mud cake in the fridge for dessert!
Harold comes round to see Phil looking rather contrite. Apparently Paul has planted the money at No.26 and Harold has found it. He hands the money over to Phil. Phil is very understanding and invites Harold to have a cup of tea with him.
Hannah says that everyone forgets things sometimes(!) but Harold is very worried that his memory is going.
Swimming Pool
The coach dismisses everyone except Caitlin and Billy. He gives them and extra 20 laps with the kickboards.
When he's gone, Caitlin says they don't actually to do it - the coach is going home now, so he won't know.
Lance and Anne come in. Lance offers to take the rubbish out. Ruth sees straight through this as an attempt to get back on her good side!
LANCE: Mum, I've got to talk to you and I think you should listen, OK?
RUTH: Alright, go on.
LANCE: Well, um...me and Amy...it's not like we were really doing anything wrong.
RUTH: I should hope not!
LANCE: No, exactly. And that's because of the way that you've brought me and Anne up. I mean, you gave us morals and values...but, well, you can't really do anything about hormones. The way we were behaving was just like...like...have you seen Blue Lagoon?
RUTH: Like nature intended?
LANCE: Yes, exactly!
Anne, who is listening, groans.
ANNE: Oh, please!
Ruth laughs.
LANCE: I just want you to know that Amy and I would never do anything that would make you ashamed of us. I'd always think about the consequences. And I'm not about to get carried away with myself. And, um...it's because of that I feel that you should let Amy stay over with us. In the holidays, when her parents are away.
RUTH: The old, 'Better to have me here where I can keep an eye on you routine'?
LANCE: Kind of.
Ruth says it does sort of make sense in a warped teenage way(!) and says she'll think about it and talk to Amy's parents about it.
When Ruth has gone, Anne shakes Lance's hand.
ANNE: Congratulations! You have just been voted World's Biggest Suck!
Lance looks pleased.
Coffee Shop
Hannah tells Paul that she's feeling guilty about making Harold think he's losing his memory. She suggests that they own up. Paul says it's nothing to do with him, he was just the messenger. Hannah says she'll own up to Harold alone.
Swimming Pool
Caitlin dares Billy to do a backflip off the 10m board. He looks a bit worried about she says she'll do it too. Whoever chickens out first has to swim a length of the pool nude.
They go up to the board and Billy looks down in concern at the height. They argue about who's going to go first.
Harold is mithering about losing his memory again. Phil reassures him again. Hannah owns up and explains that she replaced the money from her savings.
Swimming Pool
Both Billy and Caitlin have decided not to jump. They decide that they'll both have to do a lap naked. Halfway down the pool, the coach orders them out of the pool!
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