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Neighbours Episode 3035 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3035
Australian airdate: 13/03/98
UK airdate: 13/07/98
UK Gold: 08/06/04
Writer: E.W. Johnston
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Harold is the world's best receptionist.
Madge and Harold ask what's happening with Ruth.
Nick turns up and demands to know why Josh is in Caitlin's room.
Nick is incensed that Caitlin has got a boy in her bedroom - she's only 16! Caitlin says he's her boyfriend, but Nick scoffs when he hears she's only been with him for 4 weeks. Caitlin says Nick was a lot nicer as a brother and not a parent.
Harold apologises for the car and the direction failure. Ruth and Phil tell him not to worry about it. Ruth asks Harold to have a look in the boxes before they're taken away and he agrees.
Ben tells them that his brother Nick has come to stay for a while - in fact, he's going to stay in Ben's old room.
Karl has set up a candle-light dinner for him and Susan on her return from Wangaretta. Kim brings her bag in and Karl offers them both a drink, but he can see that three's a crowd and is on his way to Sarah. Karl informs him that she's not there as she's got a placement at a country hospital, but she'll be back tomorrow.
When Kim has gone, Susan asks how the kids are - she's worried about Libby. They also chat about Harold as a receptionist before Susan goes off to see Libby.
Harold is just leaving. Phil heads off too. As he's leaving, Caitlin comes around and introduces Nick.
In the living room. Ben offers Nick and beer. Nick tells Ben that he caught Caitlin with Josh in her room. Ben is not pleased.
Coffee Shop, the following morning
Karl and Susan are just finishing their breakfast, Susan is teasing Karl about Harold being his receptionist.
Harold has just put a coffee and a muffin on Karl's desk when Karl and Susan come in. He gives Karl his messages demonstrating huge efficiency and Susan tries not to laugh.
In the inner surgery, Susan collapses into giggles.
SUSAN: You're right, you look like you've got yourself the receptionist of the year out there. I just wonder if *two* perfectionists can work together in perfect harmony!
They both dissolve into laughter.
Coffee Shop
Nick comes in looking cross and sits down with Josh. He tells him angrily that he'd better stay away from Caitlin - she's his responsibility and she's only 16.
JOSH: Spare me the lecture.
NICK: It's not a lecture. It's a warning.
Ruth is looking through Harold's boxes when Phil and Ben come in. She's quite taken with the knick-knacks inside and then shows them a wedding dress she's found. She reckons it almost fits her and Phil asks if she's going to dye it(!)
PHIL: I thought you wanted a low-key wedding.
RUTH: Maybe. Maybe not!
Phil thinks it would be silly to organise an entire wedding around a dress and so does Ruth really, but she definitely wants to wear the dress!
Karl shows one of his patients out and gives her files to Harold. Harold tells Karl that he can't go to the Coffee Shop for a snack - that's his job! Karl is forced to over-rule him.
Caitlin is home from training and comments that Josh wasn't there. Nick tells her that he's had a chat to Josh and Caitlin is not pleased. She's sick of him interfering in her life - they used to be friends, but now he can forget it.
Karl gets back from the Coffee Shop to find Harold rather stressed out as there have been a lot of phone calls. Harold criticises Karl's cakes and says that it's not a good example to his patients(!) He confiscates them!
Phil tells Ruth that a formal wedding is expensive, and Ruth agrees, but wants it to be "a bit" formal! Phil thinks big weddings are for young couples and Ruth doesn't agree!
Geoff pops around and Ben introduces him to Nick. Geoff then has a few lighthearted words to Phil about weddings being cheap if you elope! Phil isn't in the mood and walks off looking fed up.
Ramsay Street
Geoff follows Phil across the road and apologises for joking about with him. Phil tells him not to worry about it. Geoff asks if he and Phil can be friends and they shake hands.
Meanwhile, Josh and Caitlin are getting into Josh's car. They drive off.
Harold tells Karl that Karl's cake accidentally got squashed - Harold accidently stood on them. So he's got Karl an apricot yogurt and a muesli bar instead! Karl tells Harold that he's fed up and wants to see him in his office.
Sarah gives Nick a note that Caitlin left - it says she's gone away with Josh and she'll give him a call to let him know where in a few days!
NICK: Oh, you stupid little idiot!
Karl is explaining to Harold that he's allowed to do whatever he wants, for example go to the Coffee Shop to stretch his legs. Also, he's allowed to eat cakes if he wants because it's his business - he can do whatever he wants.
KARL: If I want to come to work wearing fancy dress because I'm feeling festive, hey, I can do it, because, you know, I'm the boss.
HAROLD: I'm quite aware that you're in charge here.
Karl advises Harold that he can make suggestions, but he may not necessarily implement them!
Phil tells Ruth that he wants to talk about wedding plans rationally. Nick and Sarah come around to see Ben but he isn't there. Ruth is shocked to hear that Caitlin has run off with Josh.
Just then, Ben returns home and Nick asks him to come over to No.30.
Ben wonders if Caitlin is joking just to pay Nick back. They argue about who has been too hard/too soft on Caitlin. The phone rings and Ben answers it - it's Caitlin.
CAITLIN: It's no joke, Ben. I love Josh and I won't have anyone interfering in that. Noone's got the right to come between us.
BEN: It's only because we care. Why don't you come home and...
NICK:(snatching the phone) This is really juvenile, Caitlin!
CAITLIN: Yeah, well what do you expect when you treat me like a kid?
NICK: Why don't you just come home and stop behaving like a spoiled brat.
She drops the phone and she and Josh get back in the car. Nick is still shouting down the phone!
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