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Neighbours Episode 3034 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3034 (Nick Atkins arrives; Harold starts work at Karl's surgery)
Australian airdate: 12/03/98
UK airdate: 10/07/98
UK Gold: 07/06/04
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Josh Hughes: Sullivan Stapleton
Geoff Burke: Andrew McKaige
Simon Butterworth: David LePage
Neville Bray: Russell Frost
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
- "Infatuation" by Moler
- "Sweet Guy" by Paul Kelly
- "Naughty Boy" by The Mavis's
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Harold getting a job at Karl's surgery.
- Geoff going to watch Caitlin swim. Caitlin is pleased.
- Caitlin asks for Geoff's honest feedback. Geoff kindly tells her that she won't make it as a champion swimmer.
Coffee Shop
Karl is ordering some food. Harold walks in, and is pleased to see Karl.
HAROLD: Karl, just the man I've been looking for!
KARL: (warily) Am I? What for?
Harold is made up to be starting at the surgery. He asks if there's any last minute instructions, and Karl winds him up, telling him that he needs to be fully conversant with the receptionist's manual! Eventually Harold catches onto the joke!
Harold is clearly still concerned about starting work and keeps asking questions about the setup of the surgery.
HAROLD: Could we just stop by the surgery on the way?
KARL: Why, are you crook?
Harold wants to be shown the ropes before tomorrow. Karl tells Harold that he's had a long day. Harold is very insistent, telling Karl that it'll be one less thing to do tomorrow morning!
KARL: Harold, what part of 'no' don't you understand?
Number 32
Ben is incensed that Geoff told Caitlin she wouldn't be a champion. Geoff tells him that Caitlin asked for his opinion - what should he have done? Lied to her? Ben tells him that he didn't have to break Caitlin's heart in the process.
Ruth walks in and asks what's going on. Geoff explains, and Ben thinks that Caitlin is going to have no confidence left. Ben talks about how swimming is Caitlin's life, and Ruth agrees that she's obsessed with it.
The group argue about what the best thing was to do - Geoff was only trying to ensure that Caitlin didn't carry false hopes. Ruth agrees with that, but says that kids also need encouragement.
BEN: So that's it? You just walk in, take one look at her and decide that's it, her career's over?!
GEOFF: Ben, I'm not playing God or anything.
BEN: Well, that's exactly what it sounds like.
GEOFF: I had serious doubts about her swimming potential. What was I supposed to do? Pretend I don't?
Ruth steps in and suggests that it might make Caitlin more determined. Ben wishes he could believe Ruth, but he knows Caitlin and he doesn't think she'll ever recover.
Number 26
Madge visits Philip, and says she's got a huge favour to ask him. She explains that Harold's starting work at the surgery tomorrow. She says that normally Harold would only be doing the odd morning or afternoon shift but Sarah is away on a nursing course, so he'll be there all day.
Madge explains that Harold's double-booked himself - he should be collecting some stuff for the Salvation Army. Philip correctly guesses that they want him to pick the stuff up instead.
PHILIP: It doesn't sound that traumatic.
MADGE: There's a bit of a complication.
MADGE: They've got to be picked up from Corryong.
PHILIP: Which is a 6 day drive over unsealed roads?
MADGE: (laughing) No, not quite but it is a bit of a trek.
Philip wonders how much of a trek - Madge reckons he can make it there and back in an afternoon. She says a truck has been hired and the petrol will be taken care of. Madge says that she understands if Philip won't do it, as it's a big ask but she's worried about Harold. She explains that Harold's intending to work a full day at the surgery and then drive up to Corryong - where he's never been before.
MADGE: I can just see him now - road map in one hand, steering wheel in the other. I mean, if he doesn't run off the road, I'll probably end up back in hospital due to stress.
Philip is sympathetic.
MADGE: If you could help me out I'd be very grateful. ...you'd never have to pay for another sticky bun as long as you lived.
That gets Philip's attention! He readily agrees, and thinks that he'll ask Ruth along so that they can have lunch at a country pub. Madge thinks he's a lifesaver.
PHILIP: There is one thing I need to ask.
MADGE: What's that?
PHILIP: How do I go about getting my hands on those sticky buns?
They laugh.
Number 30
Ben has come over to see Caitlin. She frets over him, but he reminds her he's only come from next door! He's worried about her, and then sees the living room full of boxes (and Josh is there too). Caitlin picks up a book from one of the boxes.
CAITLIN: (reading the title) Your First Million, Made Easy.
BEN: Sounds like Toadie all right.
CAITLIN: Yeah, I couldn't believe that you agreed to let him move in.
BEN: Well, I don't know that I actually did. He just twisted around everything I said and I think he was so persistent, I just gave in.
Josh tells Ben that Caitlin is quitting swimming. Caitlin says that her teenage years are the best years of her life - there's no point in wasting them on something she's never going to be good at.
BEN: Who says?
CAITLIN: Only a bronze medallist at the Commonwealth Games.
BEN: Bronze! That would be the guy that came third.
JOSH: And that would be a good point.
Ben tells Caitlin that he knows how good she could be. He suggests her attitude might be to blame, and says that only one person can do anything about that.
Number 32
Philip and Ruth walk in from walking Bonnie. Philip has asked Ruth on the drive, and she's taken a flexi day from work already, so she's free. Philip beams that everything's working out well.
RUTH: Just between you and me, to tell you the truth, I want to keep out of the crossfire between Karl and Harold tomorrow. I think I can foresee a few teething problems there.
PHILIP: (mock injured) I thought the big appeal was to have a day in the country with the man of your dreams?
RUTH: Well, that goes without saying!
Ruth says she hasn't been to the country for ages.
PHILIP: Let's make a pact though - no more hitch-hiking snakes, all right? Let's not collect any of them.
Ruth agrees! She suggests that she make a picnic hamper so they can stop off somewhere romantic along the way. Philip says the day is getting better and better!
Ben walks in. Ruth asks how it went with Caitlin, and they quickly explain to Philip what's been going on with Caitlin and Geoff.
BEN: I gave her one of those 'can't afford to lie around feeling sorry for yourself' numbers.
PHILIP: They're always good value!
BEN: Yeah, yeah. I seem to recall someone (he indicates to Ruth) saying something similar to me recently.
RUTH: How did she react?
BEN: About as badly as I did!
Ben says they'll have to wait and see. Ruth thinks it'll be a shame if Caitlin does give up.
Surgery - Reception
Karl arrives at work to find Harold there already. Karl is surprised.
HAROLD: A full day's work for a full day's pay, that's always been my motto.
KARL: How did you get in?!
Harold explains that he used Sarah's keys. Karl jokes that he's pleased Harold didn't try crawling through the bathroom window, as he might have got stuck! They laugh.
Surgery - Karl's Room
Harold has filled the place with flowers. Karl sits down and Harold brings him the newspapers. Harold tells Karl that his first patient isn't for half an hour, so he'll bring him a muffin and a coffee whilst he relaxes! Harold mentions that he doesn't normally agree with caffeine, but in the interests of them having a harmonious workplace, he's going along with it!
Surgery - Reception
Harold walks out of Karl's room and Karl buzzes the intercom.
KARL: Harold, just one question?
Harold looks a bit flustered.
Surgery - Karl's Room
Harold opens the door to face Karl's question.
KARL: I am in the right office?
HAROLD: Oh! (he laughs and leaves)
Karl shakes his head and laughs.
Ramsay Street
Geoff is getting out of his car and Caitlin walks past. Geoff wonders if she's ok after what he said. Caitlin said that she asked for his honest opinion, and she got it. He spies her kitbag and asks if she's off to training. Caitlin explains that she thought she'd really push herself.
CAITLIN: Opinions can change, can't they?
GEOFF: Yeah. Good for you.
Caitlin walks down the street, and we see Ruth come out of her house. Philip drives up in an ancient truck and parks in Number 32's driveway.
RUTH: You can't be serious?
PHILIP: Why not?
RUTH: You have to ask?
PHILIP: Where's your sense of adventure?
RUTH: It disappeared when I saw the dinosaur?
Geoff wonders how far they're planning on going in the ancient truck. Philip says it's an hour or so each way. Ruth thinks that if it's more than 5kms they're going to be in deep trouble! Geoff says that they're already in trouble by the sound of the engine! Philip laughs it off.
Surgery - Karl's Room
There's a knock on the door. Karl yells them in, but there's no reply. Eventually, Karl hits the intercom.
KARL: (via intercom) Harold, are you there?
HAROLD: (via intercom) Yes.
KARL: Was that you knocking on the door just then?
HAROLD: Yes, but I didn't want to interrupt you.
KARL: (trying not to laugh) Riiight. Has the next patient arrived?
HAROLD: Yes and no.
KARL: Yes OR no, Harold?
Harold walks into Karl's room and explains that there was a gap in the appointment book so he pencilled himself in! Karl wonders what the problem is, but it turns out that Harold wants to iron out problems in the surgery! Karl tells him that it's not necessary. Harold insists that it is - it's all part of a healthy working relationship.
KARL: I tell you what, if anything extraordinary happens, how about I pop out and discuss it with you. Would that be ok?
Karl walks off into reception to get away from Harold!
Surgery - Reception
Harold is yelling to Karl from his office about why it's a good idea to have a chat from time to time. Karl has his back to the door, and Harold starts yelling about client confidentiality and a case he read whilst filing. A woman walks through the door just as he's yelling. Karl manages to shut Harold up before he reveals anything.
Surgery - Karl's Room
Karl walks back in and shuts the door. He tells Harold that it's unavoidable that he'll learn things whilst he's filing. He tells Harold just to keep it to himself. Harold is troubled, as he thought he wasn't supposed to know anything about the patients. Karl tells him that it won't be a problem if he just keeps it to himself.
HAROLD: Oh well, you see, there we go. That almost proves my point, eh? We've had our little chat, we've discussed what could've been a very tricky situation, yes - and nipped it in the bud, eh?
Harold offers to pop in later so that they can have another little chat. Karl looks like he's lost the will to live already.
Number 32
Philip is hunting for the destination on the map but can't find it. Geoff asks where they're after, and is surprised when Philip says Corryong. Geoff shows him that it's on the NSW border and not close to Erinsborough (it's about 5 hours from Melbourne).
RUTH: Oh, no wonder Madge was worried about Harold over doing it!
GEOFF: You don't think she's trying to pull one over on you, do you?
Philip is a bit stunned and doesn't think so. Ruth wants to pull out but Philip reckons he can't - he's given Madge and Harold his word. He reckons it could still be fun. Ruth doesn't look so sure!
Swimming Pool
The coach, Simon, sees Caitlin timing Josh. Simon guesses that they weren't expecting him there - and when Josh pulls over to the side, he rebukes him over lying about his shoulder. He also starts on Caitlin, for being in on the situation.
SIMON: The physio was dead right. You're more than capable of a few laps. I think you've both got a lot of explaining to do.
Country Road
Philip and Ruth are on the road. Ruth thinks it's like being on a trampoline on wheels! Ruth tries to find some music to put on (to drown out the sound of the truck falling apart), but they only come across some thrash metal, which they describe as being like the German band Lance likes! Ruth thinks they're out of range. Philip says that proves one thing - they're getting closer to their destination!
RUTH: Oh, Phil, you're the eternal optimist! According to my calculations, we're about a tenth of the way there.
PHILIP: A tenth?!
RUTH: If we're lucky!
Philip admits that the truck was a bit difficult to get the hang of at first, but he's cracked it now - he reckons they must be eating up the miles. As he says it, they're passed by a cyclist!
RUTH: (mouth open in shock) How fast did you say we were going?
PHILIP: You just concentrate on the map. Let me worry about the driving.
Swimming Pool
Simon is ranting at Josh for feigning an injury instead of dealing with his problems. Josh thinks he didn't have another choice. Josh talks about all of the pressure getting too much for him, and he couldn't hack it anymore. Simon tells him that's why the Institute is there - pressure affects everyone, and Josh is no special case. Josh wonders what's going to happen next, and Simon tells both Josh and Caitlin to have serious thoughts about their futures.
Country Road
Philip and Ruth are still driving. Ruth is worried that she didn't tell the kids that she might be late. Philip says they'll be fine, but apologises for dragging her into it. They both agree that it seemed like a good idea at first.
RUTH: We don't have much luck with our country excursions, do we?
PHILIP: Maybe it'll be a case of third time lucky!
RUTH: Don't even joke about a third time - not now!
Ruth wonders what they're picking up. Philip says he doesn't know - it's part of an estate from someone who has died. Ruth hopes they get there before dark!
PHILIP: It can't be a lot further. ...I hope.
Number 32
The phone goes and Lance picks it up - it's Ruth telling the boys that they'll be late as Philip took the wrong road(!) Lance says they'll be ok to get some food.
LANCE: One more thing, Mum - buy Phil a compass, won't you? Haha!
Ben rebukes Lance for making Ruth think they were both starving when they've just polished off a pizza. Lance says he is - he could eat another one easily!
Madge and Harold knock at the door and wonder if Lance has heard from Philip and Ruth. Lance tells them that he has - but Corryong is a lot further than Madge and Harold thought. Harold gets annoyed with Madge for going behind his back and sending Philip in the first place. Madge tells Lance to apologise to Ruth and Philip when he speaks to them next. Harold says that he'll be keeping an eye out for them and will speak to them as soon as they get back. When Lance shuts the door, they stand on the doorstep and continue to argue about the rights and wrongs of Madge going behind Harold's back.
Lance walks back into the living room.
LANCE: Ooo, I'd love to be a fly on the wall when they get home!
Number 32 - Doorstep
A man walks up and asks if Ben Atkins lives at 32. Madge and Harold say that he does.
Number 32
Lance gets up to answer the door.
BEN: (yelling) Friend or foe?
Nick walks in.
NICK: You tell me!
Ben and Nick hug. Lance guesses that Nick's a foe!
BEN: Lance, this is my brother, Nicholas. Nick, this is my brother, Lance.
Nick wonders where Caitlin is. Ben explains she's next door and upon finding that Nick has nowhere to stay, Ben gives Nick his keys and tells him to sleep in his old room whilst he's at Ruth's.
BEN: Drop your stuff, grab Caitlin, come back here - we're ordering more pizza.
NICK: Great!
Number 30
Caitlin is stunned when Nick walks in. He says he's come to keep an eye on her. He tells her that Ben's getting pizzas in, and invites her around.
CAITLIN: Maybe later.
NICK: Later? Come on, Cait - it's my first night here. Don't tell me you've got something better planned.
Josh walks in, bare chested.
JOSH: Caitlin? What's going on?
NICK: (unimpressed) That's a good question. Caitlin? What's going on?
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