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Neighbours Episode 3029 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3029
Australian airdate: 05/03/98
UK airdate: 02/07/98
Writer: Don Battye
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Kim Howard: Paul Dawber
Ed McKeon: Christopher White
- "The Colour Of Her Scarf Was Red" by Dorian Mode
- "Buddha Baby" by Leonardo's Bride
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Libby and Susan think that Kim is keen on Sarah. Karl overhears.
- Lou offers Paul and Hannah $10 to clear out his garage.
- Harold, Madge and Phil aren't impressed at Lou leaving Paul and Hannah unsupervised. Lou thinks there's nothing dangerous in the boxes.
- Phil spots Lolly playing with a live shell.
Ramsay Street
Harold, Madge, Phil, Lou, Hannah, Paul and Lolly all evacuate out of Number 24. They bicker about whose fault it is that the kids got hold of the shell. Phil persists in rebuking Lou, and calls the police to 'defuse the damn thing'. Everyone looks disapprovingly at Lou!
Number 24
Lou shows the disposal expert where the shell is. Lou's extremely nervy, and hides by the door!
Erinsborough Medical Centre - Reception
Karl comes out and passes on an invite from Susan to Sarah for a meal at Number 28. He mentions that Kim will be there. They have an awkward conversation about whether Karl wants her to attend. He says that he's fine with it, and Susan will be pleased that she's accepted. They almost walk into each other as Karl goes back into his office.
Ramsay Street
Number 24 has been cordoned off and the expert is on the phone. Everyone is tensely standing nearby. Madge asks Harold if he remembered to pay the insurance. He laughs...and then asks to borrow Phil's mobile! Madge gives him a look!
Number 24
Lou peers in to see what the verdict is. Apparently it's just a paperweight - there's no gunpowder in it. Suddenly, Lou stops being nervous and walks around like a jack-the-lad!
LOU: Ah, I knew that! Still, better to be safe than sorry, eh? Some of the neighbours got a bit hysterical. I thought I'd better put their minds at rest.
Number 24
Madge, however, is less impressed and continues to tear strips off Lou for not checking through the boxes! Paul points out that they're ok, but Madge tells him that it isn't the point. Harold gets off the phone - he's got a job at Karl's surgery to cover Sarah's study absence. Harold is made up. They talk about Harold's experience in the Scouts with first aid.
MADGE: We might all have needed first aid after Lou's little fiasco.
LOU: All right, Madge, you've made your point!
HAROLD: By jove, you know what, I feel like celebrating! It's not every day you get offered a demanding and challenging job, is it, eh?
LOU: Or the chance to dress up in a nurse's uniform(!)
Harold asks Madge to remind him to launder his whites for the bowling club. He mentions that they're having an open day, and asks if Madge fancies it. Hannah tells Madge that she's too young for bowls! Madge hugs Hannah for the compliment!
Paul sneers, and thinks that there's not much skill in rolling a few balls down a patch of grass - although it might be good for Harold's back! Harold witters on about how much skill is involved, so Hannah and Paul offer to take him on at a game.
LOU: Harold, it seems to me, you're scared at being shown up by a couple of kids.
HAROLD: Me?! Noooo! I, I, I thrive on competition!
Harold suggests that they need a fourth player, and invites Lou to join them - unless Lou's too worried to put his reputation on the line! Lou grins.
Number 28
Kim has arrive for the meal. He, Karl and Susan are chatting about school, and reveal that one teacher - Neil Watkins - collects lightbulbs and had to build a new extension to house them in!
KARL: I'd love to see his power bill!
Sarah comes over, and she and Susan compliment each other. Sarah sits with Kim, whilst Susan fixes dinner... and Karl glares at the couple from the kitchen.
Number 28 (later)
Kim and Sarah are having quite an in-depth conversation about her course and studying techniques. Eventually, Karl interrupts and suggests that Susan could help her but Susan reckons that Kim is doing just fine!
Kim apologises for the corniest line in the book - but mentions that he thinks he knows Sarah from somewhere, but he can't place her. Susan mentions Sarah's overseas modelling career and Kim suddenly realises that it was in London - she was on a giant billboard outside his bedroom.
SARAH: I hope I didn't keep you awake at night.
KIM: No, I slept like a baby.
Susan and Karl move to get dessert, leaving Kim and Sarah happily chatting. Susan is pleased that Kim and Sarah are getting on so well, but Karl is clearly annoyed.
Number 24
Lou gives Madge and Harold the shell paperweight as a present.
MADGE: What on earth would I do with an old artillery shell?
LOU: Well, that's it, you could use it as a paperweight.
MADGE: I can think of another use for it!
LOU: Madge, be nice!
Harold and Lou sit down to talk about the bowling tournament. Paul and Hannah think that they should get a trophy if they win! Harold and Lou bicker about almost everything to do with bowls.
LOU: Any sport that doesn't require barracking is no fun in my eyes!
When Lou decides that he's not going to wear the full bowling whites, Harold gets a bit upset and wants to call the whole thing off. Madge reminds him that it's open day, so full whites probably won't be a requirement - and Lou says that they don't need fancy dress to beat a couple of kids. Hannah and Paul are very indignant. Harold giggles to himself(!)
Number 28
Kim and Sarah are very chummy. Karl looks bored. Kim leaves, and Susan walks with him to the car. Karl remarks to Sarah about how well she and Kim got on. They start to argue about whether or not Sarah's rushing into a new relationship. Susan returns, cheerfully telling about how Kim had a good time - and that Sarah looks like she enjoyed herself too. Sarah thanks her and leaves. Susan is a bit surprised at how quickly she made her exit - and at Karl's 'it's none of our business' reaction!
Number 24
Lou and Hannah arrive to pick up Harold and Paul for the bowling game. Harold is in full whites.
LOU: Hahahahah, you look like an ad for laundry detergent!
Harold says that he hopes Paul and Hannah are ready.
HANNAH: Yeah, we're ready to beat the pants off you, Harold!
Harold tells her off for being unsporting! Harold starts talking about how they should be professional and treat each other how they wish to be treated, and Lou looks sulky! He says that he's not going to get his knickers in a twist about some "balls" and a bit of grass.
Harold thinks that if they have this attitude, they shouldn't go through with it but Paul tells him to chill out - it should be fun. Madge exasperatedly tells them to take Harold out of her hair!
Coffee Shop
Sarah is sitting down. Karl approaches her and apologises for his behaviour the night before. He insists that he worries about her as a friend, and he believes that she's the sort of person who feels that she needs to be in a relationship. Sarah tells him that she didn't realise he'd psychoanalysed her! Sarah thanks him for his concern, but reminds him that she's capable of looking after herself.
KARL: There's no harm in having someone around to help you see things objectively, is there?
SARAH: And is that all that you're doing?
KARL: Yes.
SARAH: Well, I might be misinterpreting things, but that's not what it looks like to me.
Der-der-der! Looks like she's got your number, Karlyboy.
Bowling Club
Harold starts talking about the basics of bowls, and Lou interrupts him making jokes. Harold warns him that if he's not going to take it seriously, he'll ask him not to play! Harold witters on endlessly about how you roll the jack and bowl the bowl but you can't bowl the jack, or roll the bowl.
HAROLD: Now we bowl our bowls from this movable mat.
HANNAH: Well, what's the mat called?
LOU: Arthur.
HAROLD: (coldly) The mat is known as 'the mat'.
LOU: That's original(!)
Harold warns Lou that if he persists, he won't carry on! Lou thinks the game all sounds very simple, but Harold tells them that it's not - and it's taken him many years to master it! They start to play.
Cue musical montage of them playing bowls!
Number 28
Karl returns home from 'getting milk' and mentions that he bumped into Sarah. Susan wonders what had been wrong to make her rush off the night before. Karl suggests that it was just because it was late on. Susan thinks there's more to it - to her, Sarah seemed upset.
KARL: Well, I didn't want to appear nosy.
SUSAN: That's not like you(!)
They discuss Libby's comments about Sarah falling for a man who couldn't give her the commitment she wanted. Karl is positive that Sarah's over that man, but Susan isn't - and tells Karl that he doesn't know everything! Luckily for Karl, the phone rings..it's Madge, who wants him to pop over about a medical matter. Susan worries about it being serious, but Karl tells her he'll only be a minute.
Bowling Club
The game is still going on. Lou suggests that they could have more fun playing for money - he suggests that if Paul wins, he'll give him 3 times the amount he was going to for cleaning the garage. If Paul loses, he'll get no recompense for the work at all. Paul seems pleased at this. Harold does not! Hannah isn't impressed either, but Paul and Lou cheerfully shake hands.
Number 24
Karl is checking Madge over but reckons that her dizzyness is due to her doing too much, too soon. Karl tells her to be patient and that being too keen will only hold back her recovery. Madge apologises for wasting his time, but Karl says she hasn't - and he's always available to come over any time she needs him (bloody hell, I wish I had a doctor like Karl. ....actually, maybe not, given how many people he kills...).
Number 28
Susan arrives in with Sarah, who she's invited for coffee. Susan comments on how Sarah left in a hurry the night before, so she thought there was something wrong - but Sarah allays her fears, and says that she had a great time and that she liked Kim's company.
SUSAN: Look, um, I know it's none of my business but Libby was worried about you so she told me in confidence about um, the problem you had.
SARAH: What problem?
SUSAN: She told me about the man you were involved with.
SARAH: It's no big deal.
SUSAN: Oh, Sarah, he's married - he shouldn't have led you on like that.
SARAH: I'll get over it.
SUSAN: Look, I'm just saying, you know, we're friends. If you ever want to talk about anything, I'm available.
SARAH: Thanks.
Unsurprisingly, Sarah looks incredibly guilty!
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