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Neighbours Episode 2986 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2986
Australian airdate: 17/11/97
UK airdate: 30/04/98
UK Gold: 29/03/04
Writer: Jon Hanlon
Director: Steve Conway
Guests: Steve Van Eck: Daniel Tobias
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Chloe
- Sarah worried about her dream she had where Ben crashes during a race
- Lou telling Ben not to let Sarah's dream get in the way of his racing dreams
- Billy telling Toadie he has feelings for Caitlin
- Caitlin and Mandy inviting Billy to try out for the swimming team that are going to Sydney
Number 28
Billy is talking to Anne about the possible swim meet in Sydney - he's worried that if he did get into the team that it would bother Anne. Karl walks in and Anne tells Karl that Billy might be in with a chance of going to Sydney for the swimming meet. Karl thinks he should go for it and that he'd have great fun.
Number 30
Caitlin is talking to Sarah and doesn't understand why Billy would be reluctant to go to Sydney. Sarah tell her not to play dumb - she knows exactly why. And if Sarah was Anne she'd be worried about Billy going as well.
Lou and Ben come in. Lou winds Sarah up about her dream about Ben crashing his car during a race. Sarah is upset that they won't take her seriously. Ben reassures her not to worry - nothing will happen.
Number 26
Hannah is on the computer and there's a knock at the door, Phil gets it and it's Ruth. Ruth says hello to Hannah, who is too engrossed in the computer to respond. Ruth comments that she hasn't been able to get hold of Phil all afternoon because his phoneline has been engaged. Phil thinks this is odd as he hasn't used the phone, but then remembers that Hannah has spent a lot of time on the computer today (hello dial- up internet!) which would take up the phone line. Him and Ruth agree to go out to the pub before dinner. Phil thinks it's a great idea and he asks Hannah to do the veggies, set the table and to get off the internet. She doesn't want to because her and her internet friend Mike are talking. Phil insists she gets off the internet and leaves. It doesn't look like Hannah is moving any time soon.
Number 30
Sarah and Ben are still arguing about whether dreams are important or not. Lou comes in with some advertising for Ben for his car, sponsoring his pub. It reads 'Lou's Place is Ace'.
Number 28
Billy and Anne are discussing Sydney. Billy is reluctant because he knows it may upset Anne if he spends time in Sydney with Caitlin. Anne says that as long as he isn't actually interested in Caitlin then she will support him 100%. Billy reassures her that he is not.
ANNE: We had a deal about being totally honest. I guess even if you were slightly interested, you'd have told me by now.
Billy smiles but looks very nervous!
Number 26
Ruth and Phil are home and Hannah's still on the computer. Phil is not happy as the phoneline has been tied up all day - what if he had clients?
Ruth looks at the photo Hannah has printed out and tells her he's a spunk!
RUTH: Where did you find him?
HANNAH: Oh, just hanging out in cyberspace.
Phil tells Ruth to stop encouraging her. He isn't happy and doesn't think it's healthy to look at a computer screen looking at messages from strangers. Hannah tells Phil he's not a stranger, he's a friend and she's not giving him up.
Number 32
Anne encourages Billy to go for it and do his best to get into the team.
Number 30
Sarah and Caitlin are mocking Lou's sponsorship. Ben thinks he's going to look ridiculous - he's trying to be a professional driver. He asks Caitlin how she would feel if she had to put Lou's face on the back of her swimming cap. Caitlin says she'd be happy to - you have to look after your sponsors.
Number 32
Anne is talking to Ruth about how she's worried about Billy going to Sydney with Caitlin. She trusts Billy but she doesn't trust Caitlin. Ruth reassues her that Anne and Billy are strong and Caitlin knows that and isn't the boyfriend stealing type. She reminds Anne that trust is really important.
RUTH: You and Billyh ave a lovely relationship. You have a lot of wonderful things to experience together yet.
ANNE: Thanks mum. I probably couldn't have talked to anyone else about this.
They hug.
There's a knock at the dooe and its Ben. He's there to remind Ruth about the race tomorrow. Ruth reminds hm to take care of himself and he has nothing to prove to her - he needs to take it easy.
Number 26
Next morning. It's 7am and Phil is annoyed that Hannah is on the computer. She said her and Mike arranged to talk early so she didn't tie up the phoneline. Phil bans all computer- usage.
Ruth is at the door and Hannah tells her that Phil is extra grumpy. Ruth invites Phil to the race track with her as she's really nervous about Ben's race. Phil reassures her that Ben will be fine - he's sensible when it comes to cars and he'll follow all the safety guidelines. Ruth hugs him as he has made her feel a lot better about it all.
They kiss.
RUTH: I love you.
PHIL: You do?
RUTH: Yeah, is that alright?
PHIL: Alright? It's fantastic. I'm very much in love with you.
They kiss some more.
Number 30
Billy and Caitlin head off to the pool and wish Ben luck for his race. As they leave Hannah comes in to see Sarah for a girl talk. Ben promptly leaves.
Hannah sits down and tells Sarah about Mike. She wants to send him a photo but needs to 'glam up' for it. Sarah agrees to help.
Swimming Pool
Caitlin is timing Billy and reckons he'll definitely make the squad. Anne appers - she's come to see how Billy is getting on and he tells her that he's doing really well and it looks like he'll make the team. Anne has an idea. If he does go to Sydney, she is going to come! Billy is happy, but Caitlin looks on, annoyed.
Number 28
Susan is talking on the phone happily. Karl walks in and she shares her news with him - she's been offered a Principal's job in Wangaratta. She's delighted, and although she hasn't accepted yet she needs to let them know by the end of the day. Karl is really proud of her, but looks upset and is very quiet. Susan knew he'd do this - try and guilt- trip her out of it.
KARL: Susan, Susan. You're going to Wangaratta, I'm entitled to be a little bit sad about it.
SUSAN: I want you to be happy for me.
KARL: I am. I am. I'm sad for the family, that's all.
Susan is sure they'll make it work - she'll be back at the weekends.
Number 26
Sarah is taking Hannah's photo and asks her about Mike. Sarah wants to know how Hannah knows she likes him so much. Hannah gushes about how intelligent and good looking he is and wants him to be as keen on her as she is on him. They contiue taking very posey photos.
Swimming Pool
Caitlin tells Billy that the Swimming meet is a serious competition and no- one brings their partners. They shoud be focusing on swimming and the team hang out to gether for morale. Caitlin tells Billy that it's Anne who will feel left out. Billy goes to tell Anne. Anne understands why it would be difficult, but she doesn't look very happy about it.
Number 26
Hannah's looking at the photos and has a message come through. She asks Sarah to read her message from Mike as she can't. Sarah reads it and Mike thinks Hannah looks gorgeous. Hannah is worried that it won't last because Phil has banned her from the computer. She then has a great idea - she'll buy a phoneline just for the internet!
Racing Track
Ben is having some friendly competitive banter with one of the other drivers, Steve. Phil and Ruth wish him luck and he gets in the car and to the start line. Ben looks nervous as the lights turn from red to green!
Phil and Ruth cheer from the sidelines as the race gets underway. The cars line up and all the drivers are tense. The light turns to green and they're off. The cars speed down the course with Ben and his rival neck and neck. As they complete the first lap, Ben is in control and Lou is cheering from the sidelines.
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