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Neighbours Episode 2950 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2950
Australian airdate: 26/09/97
UK airdate: 11/03/98
UK Gold: 06/02/04
Writer: David Allen
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Matt Compton: Jonathan Kovac
Jimmy Drane: Peter Hardy
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Sarah tells Ben that she and Matt are together. He is not impressed.
Matt tells Ben that he really cares about Sarah and wants him and Ben to be mates.
Lance has a party while Ruth is away and damage is done in the form of a hole in the wall. Toadie says that he'll fix it!
Karl is shocked to hear that Libby may be failing the year at Uni.
Susan wants to know what Toadie is doing with a piece of sandpaper. She is extremely suspicious, so Toadie makes a sharp exit(!)
Karl comes in and tells Libby that he's heard she's on the verge of failing the year at Uni. He feels very disappointed - she's always assured him she has things under control.
LIBBY: Who told you that?
KARL: Darren.
LIBBY: Darren?!
KARL: It's ironic, isn't it, that I should hear it from him.
Libby is angry with Darren for talking to Karl about her problems. Lou says it was him that let it slip - he overheard Libby and Darren talking and didn't realise it was confidential. Then Karl grilled Darren.
Libby tells Darren that he should have played things down to Karl. He tells her straight that she does have a problem and she'd better face up to things.
LIBBY: Listen to me, Mr Perfect, you get your own future sorted out before you start messing with mine, OK?
She stomps off. Truth hurts, Libby.
Toadie has done a shocking job on the wall repair - it's not even the right colour! Anne says they'll just have to confess to Ruth, but Toadie says all they need is a power sander! He goes off to hunt one down. In the meantime, Anne should get some matching paint.
Ben and Matt are working on the car. It is going very well and Ben is stoked. He suggests they take the car down the park to give it a test run. Matt says he can't because he has to go and look for new accommodation(!) so Ben very reluctantly relents and says he can stay - as long as they limit the lovey- dovey stuff around the house.
Marlene makes Darren a cup of tea. Darren says he really wants to help Libby - he just doesn't want her to stuff up her whole future. Libby is really smart and talented, and he's upset that she's throwing it away.
Toadie and Lance comes around and address Marlene as "Mrs Kratz". They are on their best behaviour because they want to borrow Darren's power sander. He says he will have to see why they want it.
Darren is inspecting Toadie's "repair" work and pronounces it absolutely shocking. He says it'll have to replastered and the paint aged to match the rest of the wall. Toadie, Lance and Anne beg Darren to do the work.
Darren is finishing up the repair - it looks really good. They tell Darren he should go back into business, but he says he can't - when he sold his business he sold the right to work in the area. Anne isn't sure that Ruth will be fooled - she has an eagle eye and never missed a trick!
Ben and Matt come in, raving about the car. Matt tells Sarah that Ben says they can stay as long as they cut back on lovey- dovey stuff. Ben comes back and says his parents have phoned - they're going overseas and they want Ben's sister to stay with him while they're away.
Darren comes to see Libby. He says he's only trying to preserve her future - she's got something to offer. He was a waster at school and doesn't want her to go the same way. Libby admits that she's made a hole for herself and she doesn't know how to get out of it. Darren says Libby will just have to be a total nerd for a while, but he knows she has it in her(!) Libby thanks him and says she's grateful that he's so concerned about her.
Ben's sister, Caitlin, is apparently sixteen. Sarah isn't sure about the situation, but Ben says Caitlin is a big swimmer and will be training a lot of the time. He'll clear out the spare room for her.
BEN: Look, Sarah. I'm not going to say no to my parents. Not after everything they've done for me.
SARAH: What about you, Matt? Do you think it'll work?
MATT: Well, if Ben thinks it's OK, it's alright by me. Give and take, Sarah.
SARAH: Yeah, yeah, I know. Anyway, she's just a kid. I mean, how much trouble can she be?
No.32, the following morning
Lance and Anne welcome Ruth home rather nervously. They sit down for a chat and Ruth picks up on their nervousness. She asks them what's going on and they nervously tell her they had a few friends over with some loud music. Ruth laughs and says it's OK as long as there was not damage. Suddenly Ruth notices something, and they think she's noticed the (former) hole in the wall, but she's only noticed a vase of flowers. Lance and Anne sigh with relief.
Libby is already studying hard when Karl and Susan get up. Karl is impressed. Libby tells him that Darren helped her see that she needed to change her attitude. Susan says it doesn't matter who said what, and they promise to support her.
Sarah asks Ben what Caitlin is like, other than a swimming freak. Sarah says she was a nightmare at that age and says Caitlin may act out without parental influence.
Sarah suggests a day of shopping and lunch to Matt, but he says he's going down the speedway with Ben! Sarah is not impressed. But she suggests she comes down the Speedway with them.
Ruth is grilling Anne about the number of people who were at the party. Anne and Lance start bickering about the ring Amy gave Lance. She tries to show the ring to Ruth, grabbing Lance's hang. Unfortunately, the bag of rubbish Lance is holding falls out of his hand and opens, revealing the pieces of the wall inside!
RUTH: What's all this? Looks like someone's been doing some repairs. Alright you two, what happened? Come on, you're going to have to tell me sometime, it might as well be now!
Ben is showing the car to bloke at the Speedway. He suggests that Ben does an advanced driving course to get a racing licence. He says Ben can have an unofficial drive on the track, though, but not as a race. Sarah gets in with bloke.
Ruth is inspecting the former hole in the wall and is impressed with the job. She says they should have told her straightaway though. There won't be a punishment - accidents do happen. They can do a few chores though!
Ben and Matt are following the race track manager around the track. The race track manager picks up speed, and Ben picks up speed to follow him. But Ben skids at the corner.
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