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Neighbours Episode 2948 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2948
Australian airdate: 24/09/1997
UK airdate: 09/03/1998
UK Gold: 04/02/04
Writer: E.W. Johnston
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Amy Greenwood: Jacinta Stapleton
Jacinta: Caroline Morgan
Cara: Siho Ellsmore
Mitch: Simon Adler
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Bonnie: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Elise/Sal
Hannah and Claire buying lots of things.
Ruth telling Phil not to tell her what Hannah can and can't spend her money, to teach them a lesson.
Phil telling Hannah that she has to buy her own food, electricity.
Lance and Amy talking about their anniversary.
Ramsay Street
Lance and Amy are arguing over their anniversary gifts and what they should get each other. Amy wants it to be meaningful but Lance has other ideas. She tells him she wants a boyfriend who knows her well enough than what to ask her what she wants.
Toadie comes over and Lance starts to tell him what's gone on with him and Amy. Toadies laughs at him. They start to talk about a party.
Ruth and Phil talking about how Hannah reacted. He tells her that he really appreciates having these little chats with her. Phil asks Ruth out for dinner, she agrees and is very excited. Phil leaves and Lance begins to laugh at Ruth over her and Phil.
Hannah is telling Debbie that she has to take her coat back, Hannah is not impressed. Phil comes in and tells them that they are going to have a fabulous meal. He then tells them about the meal he is going to have with Ruth, they begin to make 'love' noises at Phil.
Marlene is showing Lou her outfits for the bowls. Lou is meanwhile stressing out over the tax bills. Marlene tries to calm him down by giving him hope.
Ruth is on the phone to her mum who is ill with the flu. Lance tells her to go and see nana but Ruth says no (she tries to hide that she wants to stay and have her meal with Phil). She then begins to think that Phil wouldn't mind too much.
All the family are all eating their dinner. Hannah is still going on at Phil about the jacket but he still tells her to take it back. Lou knocks at the door and Phil answers, he comes in and starts to talk about the tax bills, he is very worried because Phil tells him that if he cannot track every bill down that he has paid, he will be in big trouble.
Erinsborough High
Lance is telling Toadie about his mum going away. Toadie wants him to have a party but Lance is still not in on the idea, he says he isn't in the mood for a party. Toadie warns Lance before he leaves, that he WILL be having a party at his house if it's the last thing he does. Lance looks worried.
Erinsborough High
Lance and Toadie walk into the classroom talking about the party. Lance is still not keen. Toadie asks Amy if it's a good idea. Mrs Kennedy walks in and tells Toadie to get out of the class and go back to yr 12.
Ruth knocks at the door and Phil tells her what he is cooking for their meal. Ruth tells him that she has to go and see her mum, they talk about it for a while and Phil seems to be fine by this. Phil says he will keep an eye on the kids for her. She leaves to go and pack. Phil looks gutted.
Erinsborough High
Lance apologises to Amy about the present he bought her, he tells him he has never been any good at buying presents. Amy tells him that she is sorry she was so hard on him. Toadie then comes in and hassles Lance about the party, Amy then tells him she thinks it would be a fib idea.
Lou's Pub
Lou is looking for his old receipts. Marlene comes in and asks him what he is doing, she tells him she needs help in the bar put he tells her to carry on, she tells him she has to go the surgery.
Ruth is giving Lance and number of phone number, he is taking the **** out of her and she begins to laugh. Phil knocks at the door and helps Ruth with her bags, she looks pleased.
Cutting between Ruth's and the Kennedys
Lance is on the phone to Toadie telling him that his mums gone, he tells him he is going to call round.
Lou's Pub
Karl comes in skitting Lou about his tax receipts, he is still stressed at not being able to find them.
Lou has made up and excuse to tell the tax people, Phil just laughs at it and says they will never believe that. Phil tells him to look EVERYWHERE.
Lance and Amy are trying out the new cd. He is still very nervous. Toadie knocks and comes in and has a whole crowd of people behind him, he turns the music up and Lance looks sick.
Lou is telling Marlene that he still can't find the receipts, she turns round and tells him that she's found them. He picks up the box and kisses the receipts, he says he can't hand them in, in that state.
The party is getting very loud and wild and Toadie falls over and knocks into something. Lance comes in, Toadie has moved the couch over the room to hide a spilt drink mark, he gets a crowd of people and begins to do the conga.
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