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Neighbours Episode 2947 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2947
Australian airdate: 23/09/97
UK airdate: 06/03/1998
UK Gold: 03/02/04
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Claire Girard: Adele Schober
Amy Greenwood: Jacinta Stapleton
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Bonnie: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Noel/Sal
Lou telling Debbie and Madge that Gavin has the final say on what goes on in the kitchen.
Hannah bringing home the television, Phil telling her it has to go back and her refusing.
No. 32
Hannah is telling Lance and Amy about Philip wanting her to take the TV back and Claire is saying it is unfair. When Amy finds out how much money Hannah has made from the jukebox in only a couple of weeks and that Lance has made the same, she wants to know what he is spending his share on. He says a games console, but she would rather he spent the money on her so he talks about lunch in the Bahamas and a trip to Disneyland.
No. 26
Ruth suggests to Phil that he should let Hannah keep the TV, but not allow her to put it in her room where it would interfere with her studies. Instead it should be in the living room where there is already a TV, so she will lose interest and take it back voluntarily. He thinks it's a good idea, except that she will probably go and spend the money on something equally frivolous.
No. 24
Madge and Harold are home from work and Harold is giving Madge a massage on the sofa. Madge has had a rotten day, but Harold thinks it will be better tomorrow since Gavin was just establishing his ground rules over the menu, and Lou isn't bothered what happens as long as she and Debbie aren't at each other's throats. Harold offers to make a Madge a vegetable casserole, but she falls asleep on him.
No. 26
Debbie is telling Phil about the problems with Gavin but he isn't really listening. Instead he is concerned about what Ruth said about dealing with Hannah. Just then Hannah and Claire come in through the door laughing and when they see Phil decided to go to her room. Phil stops them and tells Hannah he has changed his mind about taking the TV back, but the new rules including that she has to set some money aside for her savings account. Hannah is annoyed but then Claire tells her she will still have $300 she can do what she likes with.
No. 32
Lance and Amy are watching TV. Ruth shouts that it's time for bed and then realises Amy is still there. Amy tells her it's OK because her parents trust her when staying out late.
RUTH: "We've got a great trust thing happening here to, but we get to bed before midnight when we've got school the next morning. Lance, call Amy a taxi."
LANCE: "Sure... Amy, you're a taxi!"
Ruth lets her stay to the end of the movie, and after she's gone Amy reminds Lance that it's their 10 week anniversary and they need to do something to celebrate like buy each other presents. Lance doesn't think it's a big deal, but then he says he's never been with anyone for more than 2 weeks before.
Pub kitchen
Madge, Debbie and Harold are working well together now that Gavin isn't interfering and Lou is having a talk with him. Harold is feeling tired as a result of Madge having a 3 hour snooze the night before and keeping him up. After finishing up, Madge checks her rings on the bench and searches around. She doesn't tell them what she is looking for, but it appears she has lost one of her rings during the food preparation.
No. 26
Phil opens the door to Ruth while about to go to a business meeting. She tells him that Lance is going to blow his share of the jukebox profits on a games console, and he suggests maybe she should try the same pep talk she wanted him to use on Hannah. It worked on her and she was taking the TV back. Ruth wonders if they were like that when they were kids, but Phil realises they never had the business sense to make so much money at that age... and still don't.
The classroom
Claire catches Hannah after class and tries to persuade her to go clothes shopping with the $300 she got from taking the TV back. She says Hannah needs new clothes to look like a businesswoman and to make other people jealous. Meanwhile in the corridor Amy is telling Lance they need to go shopping too to buy anniversary presents for each other.
Lou's Place
Madge is sitting at a table alone and looking concerned. Debbie comes over and asks what's wrong, and Madge tells her she has lost her wedding ring. They try to work out where it could have gone, then realise it could be in one of the food items. Harold is in the process of selling Philip a muffin and they stop him from eating any more and take them all away.
No. 26
Hannah is trying on a padded orange jacket she bought in the sales in front of Claire after they have come home for lunch. As they are leaving Philip arrives and asks how much she paid for it. He thinks $50 or $60 but she tells him $250 more than that, but it's OK because she still had a couple of dollars left over to put in her savings account like he said, so she isn't breaking any rules. He says he can't really object because there isn't a rule about being pig-headed, because he didn't think he needed one before now.
No. 32
Lance and Amy bring home their respective presents and are about to open them when there is a knock on the door. It's Phil and Lance tells her Ruth isn't home, except she then appears from the kitchen having been hanging washing out. Phil wants her advice on the latest Hannah development, and Ruth tells Lance and Amy they should really be getting back to school and must leave the present opening until later.
Pub kitchen ('Tease Me' playing muffled in the background?)
Madge and Debbie are still pulling the sandwiches apart looking for the ring. Harold wants to know why they are checking for mustard in the egg sandwiches that don't have mustard on, and just then Debbie finds the missing ring. Madge gives him the tray back and tells him to get a move on selling them because he's behind schedule. When he has gone, Madge thanks Debbie for not being furious with her, but Debbie says accidents happen and she had trouble not laughing about it in front of Harold.
No. 32
Phil is getting Ruth's advice. She suggests instead of stopping her taking responsibility, he should make her have more responsibilities.
No. 26
Hannah comes home and asks what her friends at school thought of her jacket since he would hate her not to get value for money from it. He tells her he isn't going to set rules on how she can spend her money from now on, then as she is getting excited he tells her about all the expenses she will have to pay including her share of the electricity and petrol costs etc. The total is around $140 a week and she is making $150 a week from the jukebox.
Back garden of No. 32
Lance brings out the presents and they finally get to open them. Amy has bought Lance a ring, then Amy opens her box and inside is a CD and some chocolates. She is disappointed since her parents run a CD store and she thought he would have bought her something more. She storms off asking if that's all he thinks she is worth.
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