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Neighbours Episode 2912 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2912
Australian airdate: 05/08/97
UK airdate: 16/01/98
UK Gold: 18/12/03
Writer: Scott Taylor
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Coach Garfield: Peter Farago
"Tiny" McWhinney: Luke Jackson
Bruce Hay: Martin Hopkins
Joel Zammit: Gene Lomas
Paul Campbell: Marty Copping
Bonnie & Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Emily
Debbie decides to run a pizza eating competition to bring more business to the Coffee Shop.
Billy is not happy about Karl becoming the footie umpire, and his argument costs them the game.
Playing Field
Karl is wondering if he was a bit mean with his call, but Susan reminds him rules are rules and Billy has to accept it.
Changing Rooms
Billy is very quiet in the shower, but Toadie is already thinking about the pizza eating competition. He plans to win it; the coach is pleased with his attitude, but wishes he'd applied it in the game too. Billy remains quiet.
Playing Field
As the boys come out of the changing rooms, Billy isn't so keen on the idea of going to the Coffee Shop. Toadie tries to persuade him, but the other guys don't help. Billy apologises for letting them down. Susan tries to offer him a lift home, but he'd rather walk.
Anne is surprised to hear that Billy argued with the ref. She suggests going down to the Coffee Shop, but he informs her that the rest of the team is there and he'd rather not see them.
Coffee Shop
The place is bustling as everyone prepares for the competition to start. Debbie brings out a slice of pizza for Helen, but Ruth informs her that they'll have to head home soon. The coach is surprised not to see Billy about and asks Toadie to go home and fetch him. Toadie isn't so impressed at the idea, but goes ahead anyway. On the way out he bumps into Tiny; his main rival in the competition.
Karl comments that he only took the umpiring position to try and get more involved in Billy's activities, but now isn't sure it was a good idea. Toadie arrives looking for Billy as the coach sent him. Susan is pleased to hear that they want Billy down with them, but he is yet to arrive home. Libby asks if the comp has started yet as she is to report on it for the paper. Susan suggests trying to find Billy at Anne's place.
KARL: Toadie, don't you go eating too much pizza at this competition.
TOADIE: At a more appropriate time, we shall sit down and discuss the concept of 'Competition', alright?
He heads out the door.
Billy is still feeling sorry for himself, as Anne tries again to persuade him to head down the CS. Toadie arrives looking for him, and tells him to stop moaning and get moving. It appears Billy is holding a grudge against Karl for the bad call that he made.
TOADIE: You are amazing. My dad works out in the country, flat out. I'd love for him to come to just one game, but no, he can't. Your dad comes to everything; he even volunteered to be an umpire. I mean, sure that's embarrassing and everything, but hey, at least he's there.
BILLY: You don't understand.
TOADIE: Yes, I, do. You stuffed up and you're blaming the doc for it. Even I reckon he doesn't deserve that.
Toadie suggests that he talks to Karl again and let him know how he feels. Billy doesn't think it'll work as it didn't last time, but Toadie tells him to try again. Billy agrees and says he'll do it now, and meet them down at the CS.
Billy apologises to Karl for arguing with him, and asks why he can't just be like the other parents and be a spectator. Karl doesn't think the ball was out, but Billy tells him it's embarrassing. Ruth rushes around for Karl, and Helen isn't good. Susan tells Billy, she hopes Karl won't embarrass them in front of Helen.
Karl and Ruth arrive back to find Helen in the bedroom. Ruth contacts Phil.
Coffee Shop
With the pizza competition well under way, another contestant falls leaving just Toadie and Tiny left. As the fifth pizza is brought out, Toadie is unable to manage another mouthful and falls, leaving Tiny the winner. Libby reckons the biggest story is Toadie refusing pizza.
Karl comments that Helen doesn't look good and it's something gastro related. He decides to ring for an ambulance.
Susan comes over to Billy who is sitting thinking on the sofa. She comments that Karl is probably thinking too, but Billy reckons he cares more about his patients than his kids. Susan tells him he thinks the world of him, and perhaps he went the wrong way about things. Billy agrees to talk to Karl again. Susan gives him a mumsy hug and picks up the video camera. She shows him a clip of the game where he caught the ball.
BILLY: It was out.
Coffee Shop
Toadie is not feeling very good, as the others tease him about the pizza. Karl arrives and informs Debbie and Hannah that Helen is in hospital under observation, probably linked to the fact she had pizza at the Coffee Shop earlier in the day. Toadie admits he too isn't feeling well, as he rushes off to be sick. Karl warns Debbie they could have a big problem on their hands.
Karl returns back with news of the food poisoning incident. Libby too has heard the news as she is asked by the paper to cover the story, which aparently is now very big after lots of parents have complained. Karl reckons it will probably get bigger before it gets better. Just as he is about to relax and talk to Billy, the phone goes again. It's Ruth; Anne and Lance are sick after the pizza.
Karl tells Ruth to let the kids get some rest, after which they should be fine. She thanks him for being so local, and able to ring up. Billy asks if he can go in and see Anne, and Ruth says he can, but only for a short time.
Coffee Shop
Debbie wonders how on earth the pizza's could have caused the problem as everything was properly cooked, and fresh. They realise that neither of them had any pizza as they were to busy making it. Hannah points out that Lance and Anne had some and walked out okay. Debbie seems relieved that they were fine.
Billy tries to apologise to Karl for earlier, but Karl points out that he meant what he said. Billy admits he did, but that he does like him taking an interest in what he does. He points out how good he was as a doctor today and is impressed at how he stays calm in a situation. Karl tells him it's part of being a doctor. Billy asks if he'll come and watch some more of his matches, as he'd like it. Karl agrees, as the girls arrive home. Libby is unsure how to write the article on the food poisoning as she doesn't want to hurt Debbie. Karl tells her just to state the facts.
Coffee Shop
With a food inspector picking over the kitchen, Debbie wonders how long it's going to be until she gets the results back. He informs her it could be anything up to 4 days, and that's a fast turnaround. She comments that she'll run the place without the pizza till then, but he tells her that with so many people affected, she'll have to shut down until she's been given the all clear.
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