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Neighbours Episode 2899 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2899
Australian airdate: 17/07/97
UK airdate: 09/12/97
UK Gold: 09/12/03
Writer: Scott Taylor
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Iris Pepper: Judith Graham
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Martin Pike: Fletcher Humphrys (uncredited)
Summary/Images by: Emily
Toadie finds a jukebox and intends to get his hands on it.
Phil and Karl propose a fishing trip to Lou
Martin warns Darren to leave Libby alone.
Darren advises Libby to stay away from Martin, only to realise he was with her anyway.
Coffee Shop
Toadie is shocked to see the jukebox being repossessed as the company that owns it is going bust. Deb comments that they'll just have to use the radio for music from now on.
Toadie is getting impatient as he waits for Hannah to arrive and starts talking about food. At that moment, she arrives back without plaster cast and Phil warns Toadie not to get her into any trouble. He heads off to see Lou and Karl about the fishing trip, leaving the two to chat.
Toadie tells Hannah about his great plan for the jukebox - to go and find the old one in the random shed, gain possession of it, do it up and then rent it to the coffee shop to make some money. Hannah agrees to join in but only on the basis that he knows what he's doing and will make some money out of it.
Lou's Place
Lou has the drinks covered while Phil will be organising the food and Karl confirms that they are able to borrow his friend's boat at the marina. Lou asks who will be driving it and Karl agrees that Lou should if they want it to stay unharmed. He addresses his crew and confirms that they shall depart at the crack of dawn the next morning.
Lou arrives at the crack of dawn and a sleepy Hannah opens the door. Phil arrives putting on his shoes and confirms that he is ready to go. The girls ask what is going on, and they explain they are going fishing; by which time Karl has collapsed on the sofa and fallen asleep again. Lou gets his troops aroused and out the door, leaving the girls in peace.
As they trek through some bushes, Karl explains that his mate's boat should be up ahead moored up in the marina.
Further up the walk, they begin to realise that the marina is still quite a distance. As they come over the brow of the hill they find what appears to be an empty marina, though over on the edge is a tiny marina with a tiny boat attached to it. Karl reminds them that his mate is just an ordinary bloke!
Toadie tells Hannah that they've got to lay it on thick to the 'old bag' down in the Coffee Shop when they go to meet her about the juke-box. Libby informs him that he can't go around calling women 'old bags', but he doesn't seem to bothered. Hannah asks what she should do, so Toadie tells her to look cute. Hannah isn't so keen on the idea, which they continue to discuss as they leave.
Darren arrives and starts inquiring into Libby and Martin. He isn't so keen on the idea of her missing uni classes to be with him. She tells him it's none of his business and that she loves Martin. Darren doesn't seem to understand and tells her how Martin told him to back off in the pub the other night. Libby comments that maybe he should take some notice of what Martin said.
Coffee Shop
Toadie adds up that they have $120 from the three of them. Hannah is shocked that Lance only contributed $20 when he's the one with the job. An elderly lady arrives into the shop and Toadie goes to meet her. It turns out to be the lady with the juke-box, she tells them that she was delighted with their call as she's been meaning to sort it out for ages and was waiting for the boy scouts to come along with their bob-a-job cause. Toadie asks if they can get to business and offers her $50 to take it off her hands. She comments that it is too high and instead gives $20 as he final offer. Toadie agrees to take it.
The three men in their tiny little boat aren't having much luck fishing wise. Phil recons he's got something and then suddenly so does Karl but after a bit of tugging they realise they must have caught each others!
Coffee Shop
While Hannah is forced to listen to dear old Mrs Pepper, Toadie has arranged for Darren to come and help him collect the juke-box from her garage. Iris is delighted to hear that they will be coming to take it away later that day and gives Toadie the $20. Toadie is surprised that she is paying him, but keeps quiet about it as she thanks him for doing the job of clearing it out for her. She starts telling them about the bob-a-job programme that the scouts ran. They agree to listen to her story about it.
Phil wonders if they'd catch more fish by using the sandwiches as bait. Karl seems to have completely given up on the idea and suggests they head to the pub for fish 'n' chips. Lou doesn't understand why they have such little faith and suggests they pick a different spot. Karl is keen to have a go at driving, but isn't able to start the motor up. Lou has a go and gets it going fine, encouraging Karl to sit back and enjoy the ride.
Coffee Shop
Darren asks Deb if she'd talk to Libby about Martin and persuade her to stop seeing him, as she is ignoring him. She tells him that he sounds jealous, but Darren claims he's just worried about her. Deb says they sound like friends to her, but Darren isn't so sure. She tells him it's her business not his.
The men have trouble lifting the anchor, so Lou tries to steer over it as Karl lifts it out. They manage to release it, but Karl only pulls up the broken piece of string leaving the anchor somewhere down the bottom of the marina. They fire up the engine and drive on again.
Ramsay Street
Darren helps Toadie shift the juke-box off the back of his truck and into the Kennedy house, but is soon distracted as he spots Martin and Libby getting into a car over of the opposite side of the road.
Darren asks what the plan is as Toadie rifles through a box of odds and ends of wires. Toadie explains that the plan is to turn it into a CD juke-box, but Darren laughs off his chances. Toadie is stunned when Hannah asks for her money back. He recons with now $220 to work with he can get it up and running with no troubles. Darren isn't so convinced, and neither is Hannah, but Toadie warns her not to jump out too soon as once it is up and running, profits could equal $100 a day. Darren warns him he has to get it going first.
Coffee Shop
Martin thanks Libby for helping to organise with the dance party, as with her media links they'll get great coverage. She goes to get some coffee's, and Deb asks if that is 'the' Martin that Darren was so concerned about. She asks Libby if she'll talk to Darren and explain things, but Libby hopes that he'll either work it out for himself or spontaneously combust so that she doesn't have to tell him.
Still having had no luck with the fishing, Karl wonders how he's going to explain the fact that they've lost the anchor of the boat. Phil seems more concerned about heading to the pub before it gets dark, and Lou agrees. He goes to start the motor, but the handle of the pulley comes off, leaving them stranded out in the middle of the marina.
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