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Neighbours Episode 2898 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<2897 - 2899>>
Episode title: 2898
Australian airdate: 16/07/97
UK airdate: 29/12/97
UK Gold: 09/12/03
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Amy Greenwood Jacinta Stapleton
Martin Pike Fletcher Humphrys
Summary/Images by: Chloe
Phil and Ruth both being called to the meeting
Libby assuring Debbie that her and Darren are just good friends
Lance telling Ruth he won't be leaving - he wants to stay with Ben.
Outside Number 30
Ruth and Lance have come round - Ruth wants to know exactly what Ben said. Ruth and Lance argue, Ruth thinks Ben wasn't very responsible but Lance quips that he is 16 and not 6 - he can choose where he wants to live. Ben opens the door and lets Ruth in. They all go into the kitchen and Ruth confronts Ben about what he said. Ben admits that is what he'd said and Ruth thinks that they should have discussed it first.
BEN: What I actually said is that Lance could stay here if it was OK with you. I guess he didn't tell you that bit.
Ruth and Lance argue again. Ruth wants to know why he didn't tell her everything. Lance shouts that he's desperate and he doesn't want to go and then runs out of the backdoor.
Ruth apologises to Ben for jumping the gun. Ben thinks that if everyone is so upset about moving then maybe they should talk about it more but Ruth doesn't think that would make any difference. Ben simply replies that Lance and Anne are old enough to want some input into what's happened. Ruth says they'll talk.
Number 32
Anne and Billy are discussing moving. Anne doesn't think it's fair because lance will probably get his way, although Billy doesn't think that is the case. Lance storms through the backdoor, through the kitchen and out again. Billy comments that it looks as though it didn't go to well. Anne hopes Ruth isn't angry as she doesn't want another lecture about her trying to get her and Phil back together. Billy tells Anne to try and relax and Ruth comes through the door after Lance. Anne asks if Lance is staying with Ben, to which Ruth explains the deal was only if it was OK with her - which it's not and so he isn't.
ANNE: Oh, so that's the end of it isn't it? We al have to do what you want.
Ruth chooses to ignore her and says it's getting late, which cues Billy to leave Ruth says to Billy that Susan will have something to say to him when he gets in and she won't be any happier than Ruth is. Billy apologises and leaves.
Anne complains that Ruth has just chased Billy off now, which isn't fair because they're hardly going to see one another any more - perhaps once or twice a year. Ruth reasons, saying that she wants to make the move as a family. Anne points out that Ruth wants Lance and Anne's support but she isn't willing to listen to them - if they were truly making the move as a family then all their feelings should be taken into consideration.
Ramsay Street
It's the morning. Darren asks if Libby wants a lift to uni. Libby doesn't want to put him out but Darren explains that he now has a job there temporarily as they need some urgent work done. Darren asks if that's OK to which Libby says it is, it's just a bit of a shock. He offers her a lift again and Libby accepts.
Number 32
Ruth tells Anne and Lance over breakfast that she is considering their feelings. She has to weigh up a lot of things and the fact that Anne and Lance don't want to go is a big part of what she's considering. She tells them not to get too excited, she's just giving it more thought, it doesn't mean that they're not going anymore. There's a knock on the door, which Ruth goes to answer. Anne and Lance discuss that they're pleased and now they just have to push her in the right direction - not the wrong one.
Ruth comes in telling Lance that someone wants to walk to school with him - it's Amy. He jumps up and practically runs out of the house saying that he's had enough for breakfast. Him and Amy leave and Ruth gets excited, tells Anne it's so sweet. Anne reminds her not to tell Lance that. Anne thanks Ruth for considering what her and Lance want. Ruth tells her not to try and pull another stunt like the one at the meeting and Anne promises that they will be angels.
Uni car park
Darren drops Libby off and asks her what she has for the day and if she wants to meet up for lunch. Libby says she usually eats with others and as she says that along comes Martin, a friend of hers. She introduces them and Martin doesn't seem overly impresses with Darren's line of work. Martin persuades Libby to skip her first lecture in favour of seeing Casablanca in the union theatre. Libby isn't sure, but Martin eventually persuades her that he did the course last year and she can have his notes - plus she's a bright girl. Libby gives in and thanks Darren for the lift. Martin tells Darren to keep up the good work.
Number 32
Ben has visited Ruth and apologises for last night. Ruth thinks that any ideas she has the kids are against on principle anyway. Ben thinks it's just because they like living here and they like their school etc and so they really don't want to leave. Ruth wonders whose side he's on! Ben says he isn't, but he'll be disappointed if they went - he moved to Erinsborough to get to know her.
Ruth suggests that Ben comes with them, but he says he's only just got settled and so wouldn't want to go again. She says he can visit any time though. Ben comments that it sounds like she's already decided to go. Ruth says she thinks she has and the kids will get over it in time. Ruth continues that she thinks the country will do them good - Anne and Lance have been in and out of trouble since they arrived. Ben thinks that's their age, not Erinsborough - he was a handful when he was 16. Ruth looks a bit sad for a moment but then says that he's turned out alright so there's hope for Anne and Lance as yet.
BEN: They're good kids, I wish they could stick around - I wish you would too.
Ben says that she has her practice now and that there are people that need her.
BEN: Don't go.
Erinsborough High
Anne and Lance walk into the classroom discussing that they think Ruth might come round. Lance goes to join Amy who is angry that he didn't tell her that they were going to move. Lance tries to explain that it wasn't finalised but Amy says they're a couple - they should share everything. Lance apologises and promises to tell her everything in future.
Darren is wandering around and we hear Libby and Martin talking about the film. Libby thinks it was a sad ending and that they should have got together at the end of the film. Martin laughs - she would have cried even if they had have got together! Darren asks if he can join them for a late lunch but Libby was about to head off to a tutorial. However, Martin tries to work his charm again - saying that they need to organise the dance party, and there's a committee meeting now about it. She should come instead of going to her tute. Libby admits it does sound like fun but she should go to her tute. Darren laughs - he didn't realise this was how slack uni was!
MARTIN: Libby's smart enough to be able to cut a class or two and still come through her exams with flying colours, aren't you Lib?
Libby thinks she probably is and asks where the meeting is. Darren doesn't look impressed.
Erinsborough High - corridor
Amy gives Lance a list of questions to ensure that they don't have any secrets from each other - he has to answer them. Lance isn't sure he wants to do it, there are some weird questions - how old was he when he first kissed a girl, what does he find sexy in a girl in 50 words or less, what size are his boxer shorts. Amy says it's in case she wants to buy him a present, but Lance says his mum would freak if she did that. Amy tells him to fill it out when he gets home but Lance says he has enough homework to do without more. Amy admits it's a bit like a test but he doesn't have to write it down, he could just tell her. Lance protests to telling her now. When Amy whines about whether he loves her or not he stands up for himself. He will tell her these things, but in his own time and not like this. Go Lance! Amy agrees to meet him at the Coffee Shop later, kisses him and leaves.
Anne comes skipping up to him and looks over his shoulder. She laughs asking what it is. Lance tells her to go away and walks to his locker. Anne wonders if it's a secret love note.
ANNE: Wait a minute, what is the most romantic thing you've ever done for a girl? I'd say...when I caught you pashing your pillow when you were 13!
Lance pins her against the locker and tells her she promised never to mention it again! She apologises. Lance reminds her that he still has a letter that she wrote to the lead singer of a band asking to be in it. The two of them stare one another out and sort of have a play argument - it's very brotherly/sisterly.
ANNE: I hate you.
LANCE: Good. I'll strike a deal. I'll keep my mouth shut if you keep yours shut.
ANNE: Deal.
LANCE: Good.
They both move off in different directions - I've no idea how the actors managed to do that without laughing.
Number 32
Ruth has asked Marlene around to see if her place is still for rent. Marlene is confused, she thought that Ruth was moving out of the area? Ruth explains that she's changed her mind but she feels a bit awkward renting the house from Phil. Marlene says Phil is a nice man - he wouldn't make things difficult for her. Ruth knows that but would prefer to be out of there anyway. Marlene breaks the news that her house is no longer for rent - Harold Bishop is coming down for a few weeks and Marlene has offered it to him.
Ruth wonders if perhaps when he's gone they could discuss it again - to which Marlene agrees. Marlene is pleased that she's staying.
Coffee Shop
Billy, Anne, Lance and Amy are at a table. Billy says she hates the classes with his mum. Anne thinks Susan is a great teacher, to which Billy agrees but says she's he's mum so it's too weird. Lance says Billy is lucking Susan didn't take over Lisa's class. Billy admits he still feels bad about that - he didn't want her to quit, he just wanted his work marked properly. Anne reassures him that it wasn't his fault. Lance leaves the table to get Amy a doughnut.
Amy strikes up conversation with Anne and asks her how long Lance has had a girlfriend before. Anne isn't sure and after a bit more pushing from Amy says that she doesn't think he's had a proper girlfriend before. Lance returns with Amy's doughnut - he favourite and Billy and Anne leave. Amy thinks he should have told her that he's never had a serious girlfriend before. Lance says he's had plenty but Amy says it's OK - she's just glad it's her. Lance wants to know how she knows and she says Anne told her. Lance is annoyed and tells Amy that he doesn't care how 'cute' it is - he doesn't want anyone to know.
Number 32
Billy and Anne walk in. Ruth is making a shopping list, which Anne says is a good sign. Ruth tells her not to keep going on about it because she's made up her mind. They're staying. Anne is so pleased and her and Ruth hug. Ruth says she realises that her reasons for going didn't outweigh Lance and Anne's objections and she's decided they should stay. Anne jumps around and Billy looks pleased too. It's all really happy until Lance storms in, throwing his bag on the ground.
ANNE: Hey Lance! You'll never guess...
LANCE: What the hell did you think you were doing?!
Anne doesn't know. Lance tells her that she made him look ridiculous in front of Amy by telling her personal things - what kind of a sister is she?
Uni car park
Darren is packing up his ute and Libby and Martin approach laughing and joking. He offers Libby a lift home but Libby says Martin has already offered and they're going to head to the pub and meet some friends. Darren says he might see them there then and Libby and Martin leave Darren watching on.
Martin asks who Darren is, because it looks as though he wants to be more than a neighbour to her! Libby explains he's an ex-boyfriend but it's a long story. Martin wants to hear it on the way to the pub.
Number 32
Ruth is trying to tell Lance off but he's still angry with Anne. He tells her she should have kept her mouth shut about his private life. Anne quips that it isn't her fault that he's keeping things from Amy. Lance tells Anne to get stuffed. Ruth isn't impressed with that. She goes over to where Anne is and tells her that it's not her place to speak to Amy. Anne explains that Amy asked her and she could hardly lie about it.
RUTH: I can see you were put in an awkward position but you should have told Amy that she should ask Lance those sort of questions herself.
LANCE: But you had to go and blab didn't you!
There a knock at the door, but it's barely audible over the shouting. Ruth asks Billy to get it. Anne reminds Lance that he's the one who should be being honest with Amy anyway. Lance thinks he should decide what he tells Amy and what he doesn't. Anne goes to shout some more but Ruth stops them - telling them that they've both had their say and no harm has been done. Lance says it has, Amy thinks he's a complete...
But in walks Amy! She thinks it's probably a bad time but would he like to do some homework together? Ruth says it's a very good time because she has some news.
RUTH: We're staying in Erinsborough.
Lance hugs Ruth and then Amy.
Lou's Place
Darren is playing pool with Ben, but misses. Ben thinks he should keep his eyes on what he's doing and not on the group at the other table. Darren explains he doesn't like who Libby is hanging around with at the moment. Ben asks who they are. Darren said he doesn't really know many of them, but, the guy in the green shirt (Martin) keeps telling Libby she can skip classes. Ben reminds Darren that it's up to Libby who her friends are.
Darren goes to speak to Libby - who's buying the drinks. Darren asks if she's going to invite him over with her - or is he not good enough. Libby doesn't think that he needs to make an issue out of everything. Darren explains that he's not sure that the people are good for her that's all. Libby tells him that what she does and who with has nothing to do with Darren. Martin comes over to check that everything is OK. Libby says it's fine and Martin thinks they should play a game of pool. Darren says he'll have to play either him or Ben as they have the table at the moment. Martin agrees.
Number 28
Billy's lying with his head on Anne's lap on the sofa. She asks if he's glad she's not leaving but Billy says he's not sure - a really hot girl might have moved in! She hits him. Anne says she's glad it got Lance off her back but he's right that she shouldn't have spoken to Amy. Billy doesn't think it's so bad, he'd like to ask Lance about all the things that she hasn't told him that he doesn't know about. Anne says she's a woman of mystery and would like to now all Billy's little secrets too! Billy says he doesn't have any but Anne says she has ways of making him talk - she kisses him. However the door interrupts them. Billy gets up to get it - it's Lance.
Anne asks what he wants - they're busy. Lance apologises for before and Anne apologises as well. Lance just hopes that she doesn't tell all her friends about them, she seems to have to share every single thought. Anne tells him that's what a relationship is about - he'll have to get over the fact that he doesn't want to tell her things because that's what you do in a relationship.
Lou's Place
Darren is playing pool against Martin and says he was surprised to discover today that university is such a 'bludge'. Martin says they take it easy now and again, you can't work all the time. Darren tells Martin that Libby worked hard to get there and he expected her to take it more seriously. Martin thinks she takes it too seriously, she needs to relax. Darren wins the game and Martin says he just had a few lucky shots, he'd win next time. Darren says he won't be playing any more.
MARTIN: Look if you're the type who likes to quit while he's ahead, why not do it with Libby?
Darren doesn't understand but Martin says he knows all about him, that he's the ex that won't let go. He doesn't have to worry about Libby and him - they're just friends. Libby chooses to spend time with him and his friends and doesn't want to be around him - he should back off. Both voices are raised and Darren asks who he thinks he is and Martin says he's a friend of Libby's but Darren can't call himself the same. Martin leaves Darren and Ben stops him going after him. Ben wonders if he's right though - he has got to let go of her.
Number 28
Darren has come to see Libby. She says he's a little busy but Darren persists. He knows Martin is a friend of hers but so is he and he's really worried about her - Martin isn't good for her. And as if by magic Martin appears from behind her saying it's rude to talk about someone when they're not in the room. Darren didn't realise and Libby tells him that she did say that she was busy. Darren though it was with more important things and leaves. Martin sarcastically thanks him for dropping by.
<<2897 - 2899>>
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